Qingdao Supply Platform Folding Hand Truck PH150 PH300

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30000 PCS/month

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Qingdao Supply Platform Folding Hand Truck PH150 PH300


Own Weight


Tray0.7-0.9mm thickness
Wheel TypePU Castor
Wheel Size5"
Package      in bundle or in carton


11 years manufacturer

Complete produce equipments

Help customers develop and improve wheelbarrow according to request.

Rich models can be produced according to clients request.

8 independent QC guarantee the goods  in accordance with the order.

6 Monthes Quality Warrant

Our Service:

1. As wheelbarrow and parts factory, rich manufacturing experiences can satified clients' any requirement about products, like models, thickness, load, dimension, parts, quality, usage, brand.. Any demands can be produced in here.

2. Outstanding and experienced technician and skilled workers play important roles in our controled quality products.

3. Professional sale team will supply exact product guide and overall subsequent servise particularly and fervidly.  

4. MRC adheres "GOOD FAITH", keen to make sincere cooperation with our partners and friends.

5. Welcome every friends visit our factory from anywhere in anytime:)

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Q:What does "tf12/72" mean?
Your lock valve is broken, should be between the valve spool and valve sleeve is a gap fit
Q:How to remove the child cart moldy?
As long as the good high temperature boiling water or alcohol disinfect the sun at noon on a few hours to prevent mold spread, so that the baby even if nothing to bite, also keep the cart dry wet dry in time can prevent the.
Q:How many kilos of sand and stones can be loaded by a cart on a construction site?
Carts may vary from place to place. The 2 wheeled carts used in Hubei carry about 170kg of sand and about 180kg of stones.
Q:What is the correct name for the earth, sand, cart on the construction site?
In the lever balance, the power arm is several times the resistance arm, the power is a few parts of the resistance.
Q:Where can I find an electric trolley?
For use in the city, forests, sand, and snowSafety features: hand brake handle, 5 point safety belt, safety WristbandLockable rotating wheels and adjustable suspension wheelsDurable, foam filled tires, flat relief or pop-up tiresBaby carriers can be used separatelyWaterproof sun awning, rain cover, mosquito netAll fabrics can be machine washed
Q:Why is the fulcrum on the axle and the wheelbarrow cart pivot in the car and the ground contact points?
On this question the fulcrum of the choice is casual space at any point can be used as a fulcrum and the wheelbarrow pivot in the wheel center, moving pulley fulcrum on the side, it is easy to solve, so don't know say you didn't understand.
Q:About the wheels of a trolley
If you are pushing less heavy goods, then the wheel diameter is about 200mm, the tire is rubber or PU material, the axle is best to have bearings, so pushing up more labor-saving.
Q:What are the cooling measures for Modern Greenhouses?
Water supply, drainage and water and fertilizer irrigation equipment can be regarded as another kind of equipment for crop growth, climate and environment regulation. It can provide nutrition and control for crops to meet the needs of crop growth and nutrition. At present, the more common use in greenhouse are CO2 supplement and application equipment, drip irrigation equipment, fixed sprinkler irrigation equipment, walking sprinkler irrigation equipment, etc.. The purpose of the equipment is to precisely use and manage water and fertilizer for crop growth.
Q:Hui Zhi and child cart cart which is good
1, the traditional closing, will be standing before and after folding, usually sitting and lying double handcart, after folding is square type.2, or so, folding up and down, usually umbrella car, after the closure is a slender shape, smaller size, drawback is usually can not stand.3, before and after folding, and then about 50%, after the closure of the appropriate size, can be carried on the shoulder, is currently a popular design, but the disadvantage is that the frame is not stable, the use of more attention to concave and convex road.Mom, watch out!In terms of safety, the folding structure of baby carriage which is very important, there are quite a lot of security because of sudden failure of the folding structure, so do harm to the baby; so at this point, the test for this structure are quite serious, and one of the most important is second safety lock settings, i.e. when the protein unit normal improper failure, still not to have folded risk income.
Q:Why use stainless steel tubes instead of solid poles?
This mainly considers the load question, generally uses the square tube to be many

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