PVC Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Tiles in China

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1000000 m²/month

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Name- embossed relievo decor  gypsum ceiling board tile 

This embossed Relievo and Fireproof Series are made of high quality gypsum board. The surface is painted by imported paint. The products have a variety of three-dimensional pattern. They have more decorative effect.

Product Advantages:

Quality paint and unique technology
Dustproof, environmental and healthy
Embossed relieve and three-dimensional effect
Economic utility and essay installation


Product Specifications:

PVC Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Tiles in China




PVC Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Tiles in China

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Q:Surrounded by the ceiling
Wood keel gypsum board ceiling, you this amount of work, I will be estimated by the big, the process ceiling (that is, around the ceiling), 160 yuan a square, look at the effect of thinking around the bucket lights (two), the price of 120 or so One to count, light with T5 lights, a set of 1, 2 meters, the price of 50 or so, latex paint 35 a square, the difference between the largest price of the middle of the process, ranging from 300-3000, look at your own bargain. The specific number and area to calculate their own.
Q:Gypsum board ceiling scraping putty treatment and preparation work
Ready to work: 1, wall decoration inspection wall decoration In the decoration of the wall before the treatment, the most important thing is to check the wall to see if it is solid, flat. If the wall there is a crack or hole is required to use plaster to repair the first flat. 2, the decoration of the wall to deal with the material preparation The room furniture to protect the material, cleaning the room dust. And then even roll the side of the concrete side of the paint, until it is dry, you can start scratching putty. If it is a new wall, you need to wait for 28 days of cement conservation period, before scratching putty.
Q:what is the cost for gypsum false ceiling in CANADA?
get a professional in to get you a quote
Q:My family living room ceiling on the fixed gypsum board did not hit the tapping screw how to do
Construction reasons: A: ceiling construction is not smooth, mainly keel height varies, causing the gypsum board cracking. B: screw fixation is not standardized, mainly the depth of the screw is too deep or too close to the edge, causing the gypsum board after damp down, deformation cracking. C: gypsum board through the slot to install, easy to produce cracks (between the board and the plate field patchwork). D: the main dragon, vice-joint in the same horizontal position, prone to cracking or local sagging. E: gypsum slit joints unreasonable structure: man-made damage to the edge of paper and cutting edge (for the increase in slitting with art cutting). F: The main keel connection should increase the boom. 2, the choice of material factors Seam material selection in the construction of the dominant role, the majority of improper selection or their own preparation caused by cracking.
Q:Corridor gypsum ceiling calculation area method
Long by the width is
Q:Wood keel gypsum board ceiling price is the number of a flat artificial?
Not so much trouble, directly count how much money a day to complete the.
Q:Gypsum board ceiling, how to fill the bandage it?
Senior bandage plastic .. access. Seam. Tuo .. city .. go. Days. Under the oil .. paint .. auxiliary. Material. Tools factory
Q:How do you handle the plaster slabs?
Now there are lines of finished products to sell, there are yin and yang angle of the right angle lines, as well as T-type lines, specifically used to fill the gypsum board seal, the construction is very simple, the card into the gap inside the putty just like.
Q:Gypsum line how much money one meter? What is the standard size of gypsum line?
Gypsum line price According to the plaster line width, the complexity of the pattern to decide, the general plain gypsum line (width 7cm), gypsum line price of 5 yuan a meter or so, of course, a lot cheaper, but the quality is not very good of. In general, just buy, install their own words, gypsum line prices generally less than 10 yuan a meter, if the package is installed, then the price of gypsum line will be more expensive.
Q:What kind of material is the interior of the ceiling?
Gypsum because of cheap and wall fusion

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