PVC False Ceiling PVC Ceiling Design For Toilet

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Product Description:

1.Brief Description

 PVC Panel



    PVC Ceiling Panels are hollow-core Decorative panels for any part of your home or

    office interiors.

    It is waterproof and very easy to clean, which makes them also ideal for bathrooms,

    toilets, kitchens, basements, garages and all other living areas.
    Especially in damp and moist areas PVC Panel is an excellent alternative to decorate

    your ceilings effectively, aesthetically pleasing and completely waterproof, bringing

    home decoration to the next level.


      2. It is impenetrable by insects or termites, and won' t rot or rust.

      3. Resistance to weather/ special chemicals; Waterproof / Washable.

      4. The excellent rigid and superior impacted surface is without any peeling.

      5. Natural wood grain: showing authentic wood structure and artistic sense.

      6. Easy to be cut, drilled, nailed, sawed, and riveted. DIY is all right.

      7. Quick maintenance and no need of painting.

      8. The simple and fast installation can save a lot of time and manpower cost.

Products Application:

1,Household decoration:Wall and ceiling of indent independent house bathroom,basement ,living room and so on.

2,Public and management Place : Toilet or hall.

3,Common Office :Ceiling of business Place.



Products feature:

a.Easy installation ,surface is smoothness ,flatness, without gap when concatenated.


b.It can be processed by drilling ,sawing,nailing.


c.High intensity,high strength,not easy to deformation,resist erosin, sound  insulation,waterproof,fireproof,aging-resisting,durable


d.Interior decoration for ceiling.Easy clearing,heathy and enviromental.




PVC False Ceiling PVC Ceiling Design For Toilet


4.Detailed Specification


PVC False Ceiling PVC Ceiling Design For Toilet




1,Easily assembly,surface even,without gap when concatenated.


2,High intensity,corrode-resisting,aging-resisting,can be used more than 30 years.


3,Prevent fire,antibiotic,healthy and environmental.


4,The surface picture is clear and adhesive.


5,For ceiling and wall decoration.


6,More than 200 specification,3000 article picture,we can fit you many needs.


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Q:On the PVC plastic plate pressure groove
Treatment of the good, if the thin plate, toughness is better, you can consider the use of vacuum blister more beautiful, but the cost is high, no need. There is also a way, but this is not very convenient to deal with local, that is, oil after heating molding
Q:Pvc board, PS board, sun board, organic board difference
Q:Pvc plastic plate afraid of the sun?
PVC ceiling plate afraid of the sun in the UV part, easy to make plastic aging brittle If you need to be exposed to the sun, you can use the sun board. The The With anti-UV coating, to prevent plastic aging.
Q:PVC flooring and wood flooring which is better?
Of course, is a good wooden floor, PVC is only the recent popular new products; The advantages of wood flooring: fire, fitness, moisture and other advantages
Q:Does the steel pvc board have radiation?
To figure out what the meaning of radiation material, first of all should understand what is radiation?         Radiation generally contains two concepts: 1, magnetic field discharge or produce static electricity, the impact of signal interference on the human body known as radiation; 2, material composition of trace elements such as heavy metals or gas substances through the absorption of light or air formation of the composition of the damage Also known as radiation, it is generally found in natural materials such as marble, granite or stone processing of paint or tiles. The PVC plastic steel is generally synthesized through the resin, do not need these substances to do raw materials, so it is usually free of radiation!
Q:how to make a rectangle canopy for a twin bed that already has wood posts? Using Pvc pipe how would I connect?
they make what are called end caps. Drill a hole in the end of the cap and screw it into the wood post then all you have to do is fit the pipes into the caps at each end, There should be enough flexibility in the posts to let you do that.
Q:Pvc board how how sticky cement wall
You can use Wan Nengjiao, faster, Silicone glass glue can also be cured but slow.
Q:Pvc board how much a kg
Weight of PVC board = length X width X thickness X density (1.36kg / m³ ~ 2.0kg / m³) PVC sheet prices per kilogram ranging from 5-20 yuan, different grades of plate prices are different, 1cm thick PVC sheet a square meter about 18kg.
Q:PVC floor production process
PVC floor has a variety of production process A: injection molding (using injection molding machine, and then use pellets or mixed powder on the machine injection) Two: extrusion rolling molding (using a twin-screw extruder, and then use the mixed powder extrusion, rolling, cooling molding) Three: molding casting molding (using a molding machine, and then use the mixed plastic raw materials, for molding) Four: sheet metal cutting (from the outside to buy a good PVC thick plate, according to the size of the need to cut)
Q:Pvc and pvc gluing what glue is better?
PVC glue containing tetrahydrofuran, can be sticky PVC surface melting, until the solvent after the combination of volatile together. (PVC-U) adhesive with a simple operation, high bonding strength, good sealing performance, cold and heat resistance, strong resistance to media and so on. Pvc glue is the construction, electrical conduit, agricultural irrigation, industrial sewage and other projects used PVC pipe fittings bonding. PVC plastic bonding between children such as toys, such as bonding. PVC plastic products for the single-component new transparent solution of plastic, specifically for the removal of difficult to stick transparent or white PVC plastic products and research and development of special transparent PVC plastic glue products can be used in plastics and plastics, plastics and metals, Metal sticky or cross-adhesive problems.

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