pvc coil mat/roll, 2014 3g pvc loop mat,3m nomad

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Product Description:

3G Coil Mat PVC Roll Flooring Area Rug

Quick Details

  • Material: PVC

  • Style: coil mat

  • Pattern: fashion

  • Technics: machine made

  • Age Group: adult,children,old

  • Design: waterproof,anti-slip

  • Feature: Waterproof, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Slip

  • Use: Door, Floor, Bath, Outdoor, hall stairs ,supmarket,hotel , school

  • Size: 40x60cm, 50x70cm,50x80cm and so on

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • material: PVC

  • feature: waterproof,anti-slip,easy to clean

  • backing: foam.firm,plain,spike

  • color: red,black,beige,grey,brown

  • weight:2kg/2.5kg/2.7kg/3.0kg/3.5kg/4kg/5kg/sqm

  • thickness: 9mm, 10mm,12mm, 13mm,15mm and so on

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:In carton box or plastic bag
Delivery Detail:in 20 days


1. PVC material
2.waterproof,anti-slip,with different backing
5.cheap price

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Q:The floor mats below the floor are not to be glued together
Avoid building on the floor when the worker moves on and lets the floor cushion move or fold.
Q:Is foam floor balcony harmful?
For foam pad quality and safety issues, the municipal quality supervision departments responsible person, at present our country has not formulated such products identification standards, the foam pad product quality can not distinguish. "The security level of foam products is very complicated, some can be in direct contact with the food, although the quality and safety of foam pad without identification standards, but if the use of two recycled raw materials to produce products, harmful substances contained will increase." He suggested that the foam mats should be used with caution if they have a sharp odor and a drop color.
Q:What's the price of the floor mat?
There are 2 kinds of standard: 1200*600 and 1800*600. The thickness is different, the price is different, the thickness is 1.8, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, etc., the price is 9.5 yuan, 11.5 yuan, 12.5 yuan, 13.5 yuan, and so on. Ground pad treasure is good, mainly depends on its role, the role of the general pad Bao is damp and dust, but also can do the ground leveling.
Q:What should be done under the laminate flooring? Cement leveling or ground pad treasure?
There is a flaw in this, that is, you consider whether you will change the solid wood flooring later?
Q:Is the silk ring foot mat easy to use? Silk ring mat what brand is good?
If the wire ring pad laying inside the car, can give a person a kind of high-grade feeling, and silk padded foot ring. Besides, the silk structure of the silk ring mat can effectively control the dust and the stolen goods, and the interior of the mat does not need to be taken care of every day, and the car can also be kept clean. Another advantage is that the silk ring pads are easy to clean.
Q:What material is good for floor mats? Plastic is not environmentally friendly?
Plastic, I certainly do not want the wife to be pregnant at that time, we checked very long, just found cork ground mat this thing, also be to install below the floor, we need to warm ground in the west! So online to buy a very cheap, not expensive, I do not know if you want this thing pro?
Q:Do cars have to be ground mats?
In order to maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle, best shop on, don't trouble with it, the original car carpet will not have loss, not so easy to dirty, can also shop glue, more convenient cleaning, hoping to help you
Q:Floor decoration of the first floor, must do moistureproof floor mat, moistureproof layer, waterproof glue?
The mat is sure to shop, the best in the joints do not overlap with the tape bonding pad on the back, because there is a layer of thin film, if the ground is dry, you do not need to add a layer of moisture-proof layer, moisture-proof layer pavement or need (i.e. agricultural film), the interface with overlapping 2cm tape bonding, prevent moisture into the ground.
Q:Do you have a pad made of old wool? Does the old woollen rug look good?
Women's handmade carpets, home fashion, there are beautiful, but also waste, we will tell you some of the old cotton pad mats. In addition to it, like the old, old pants ah what can be compiled, very useful ah, there are old clothes at home and sisters begin it! Home pile of old wool too much, just want to use what method can take advantage of this? A lot of people experience and not to use this method and finally come up with a very simple old wool series mats to make beautiful cushion. It is a good use of waste, but also do not know whether the home also has a lot of not wearing the old sweater? If can also use this method to make good use of. The. Should pay attention to before, teach old wool mat series: when editing plait try not too tight, or like a hat like sewing up.
Q:What kind of material is good for the lobby?
The mat has good decorative effect, also has health function, to ensure a good general, for indoor floor mats, material mainly choose acrylic, cotton, superfine fiber, used for outdoor mats, material selection should be based on rubber flocking, coconut fiber material and other synthetic fiber materials.

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