Professianl granite factory cheap granite tile stair slab

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Product Description:

1). Granite Quarrier:

 We Own the quarries G654,G603,G635,G664,China black and also directly cooperated with many other popular granite quarries.

2). Granite Manufactorier:

  We own 2 manufactories more than 15years.

3). Granite Exporter:

  We established self-owned professional trading company.

  We handle everything from order to deliver.

1.Granite Product information


granite step stone stairs


red, grey, yellow, white, blue, black, etc.


G687,G664,G635,G636,G603,G623 G439,G654,G640,G696,xili red,sanbao red,spray white,kinds of black granite,etc.

4.Steps sizes:

100-150x32-35x2-3cm or as per your request

5.Risers sizes:

100-150x15-30x2cm or as per your request

6.Surface Finish:

polished, flamed, honed, bush hammered etc.

7.Edge treatment:

full rounded,half rounded,flat polished with bevelled etc.

8.Common packing:

wooden crates or wooden pallets

9.Quality Control:

polished degree: above 85 degree

Packing:strong package

Thickness variation: +1mm-2mm

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Q:How to waterproof the marble surface
1, marble is not resistant to acid and alkali, fruit juice, coffee, tea, cola and so on with a slight acidity of the liquid can corrode the stone surface, so once found to drop, should be the firstTime to wipe clean and clean with water. Daily cleaning must use a neutral detergent (such as detergent, hand sanitizer).2, marble stone is soft, hardness is low, do not wear, sand and metal hard objects can be scratched stone surface, so the gate should be a vacuum pad, not in the groundRemove the table and chair on the surface, cleaning and maintenance should be timely gravel sand, hard objects clean, clean.
Q:What is the use of basalt?
Multi-stomatal basalt (pumice), because it is more stomatal, and quite hard, so it will be mixed with concrete, can reduce the weight of concrete, but still very strong, while noise, heat insulation and other characteristics, is high-rise building Light concrete is a good aggregate. Pumice is still a good grinding material, can be used to mill metal, grinding stone; in the industry can do filters, dryers, catalysts and so on.
Q:Natural marble and granite and artificial stone comparison with the difference between the three
A rock of metamorphosed or deposited carbonate. Organization fine, solid, polished, a wide variety of colors, there are beautiful natural colors. Due to impatience weathering, less used for outdoor. Its general durability for 150 years.
Q:Why iron ore is limestone? Chemistry
Iron ore to join the principle of limestoneIron ore used in iron ore, mainly hematite (the main component is iron oxide) and magnetite (the main component is iron oxide), iron ore also contains useless gangue, the main ingredient is Silica (SiO2). Iron, the reduced iron becomes liquid at high temperatures, and the particles with high melting point of silicon dioxide are mixed in the molten iron. In order to remove this impurity, the choice of limestone as a flux, limestone at high temperature decomposition into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide.
Q:Sand wall mural
Their manufacturers sandstone background and the effect of the background of the sandstone wall sculpture murals renderings I send you to see
Q:Granite, limestone and marble are widely used in the interior decoration of buildings
Granite: hard and corrosion resistant. And the appearance of color is not easy to change, widely used in lobby and outdoor decoration.Limestone: pure limestone is not recommended for building materials, the main component of which is calcium carbonate, corrosion, aging.
Q:How the granite is formed
Granite is igneous, formed by underground magma jet and intrusion cooling, as well as granitic metamorphic rocks, etc. It has visible crystal structure and texture, it consists of feldspar (usually potassium feldspar and amphibole) and quartz composition, Mixed with a small amount of mica (biotite or muscovite) and trace minerals, such as: zircon, apatite, magnetite, ilmenite and stone, etc. Granite is the main component of silica, its content About 65% -85%. The chemical properties of granite are weakly acidic.Often, the granite is slightly white or gray, with the dark crystal, the appearance of the spot with the addition of potassium feldspar Red or flesh. Granite is slowly cooled by the magma and crystallized, buried deep below the surface. When the cooling rate is unusually slow, it forms a very coarse texture of granite, which is called crystalline granite. Granite and other crystal rocks Constitute the basis of the continental plate, it is also exposed to the Earth's most common intrusive rocks.
Q:The difference between argillaceous sandstone and sandy mudstone?
Is a kind of mudstone clay rocks, formed from clay material after compaction, dehydration, recrystallization. The tiny mineral composition, particle size less than 1/256mm, with sheet or sheet bedding, easy to hit split into pieces with a hard object, permeability is very poor.The fracture of the argillaceous sandstone is more rough than that of the sandy mudstone, and the sand of the argillaceous sandstone is more sensitive than that of the handAfter soaking, the mudstone is easy to soften
Q:What is the difference between coalbed gas fracturing and conventional sandstone fracturing
Sandstone fracturing is generally oil extraction technology, hydraulic sand carrying, high pressure gas, high temperature water vapor fracturing, and even acid fracturing, polymer fracturing, etc.. Most of them do not take into account the protection sandstone, which is destructive.
Q:How to do the dirty marble
Clear the paste with baking powder and baking soda. When the paste is dry and hard, wipe off the paste with a wet towel, and then dry with a towel.

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