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The new GPS touch screen test through Mu instrument with area measurement, distance measurement, positioning function, achieve walking map, can be set up to automatically save the measurement parameters, record, at the same time, can navigate to the start of measuring block.

Area measurement

A key measure of farmland, forest land area, can save 64 results and real time display field shape

Linear range

Calibration of the beginning and the end, measuring the distance between any two points a straight line

Historical data

To view detailed information on the measuring record, navigation users find the measurement plots starting position

The GPS state

You can view the coordinates, altitude, heading, accuracy and provide positioning state, the astronomical information

System settings

Set the product related parameters (for example: unit, unit price)

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Q:What is the difference between the GPS navigator and the PND portable machine, why are these two products? - 105
When we want to choose GPS, if you want to buy the rest assured that the use of peace of mind, it is necessary to take into account a number of important indicators, the following are the main factors. 1) GPS signal receiving sensitivity 2) software and hardware compatibility and stability of 3) software interface design of humanized anti electronic jamming problem question 4) 5) 6) GPS waterproof and shockproof ability of endurance 7) screen display problems
Q:Handheld GPS navigator
Handheld GPS is a small size, easy to carry, independent use of all-weather real-time positioning and navigation equipment. The utility model has the advantages of high sensitivity, large storage capacity, low cost and complete external interface, and has been widely used in many fields. Especially in recent years, the application of engineering geological mapping and small and medium scale mapping is more and more extensive, which greatly increases the scientific and technological content of geological work means.
Q:Journey portable navigator ZT520, port and baud rate respectively
Hello, please refer to the navigation instructions, detailed instructions, if my answer to your help, please set the best answer! Thank you
Q:Portable navigation FM launch how to use, what to do
Mobile phone is on it, we do not support the local network, enter the player, first put the song you, start playing, press the options on the right, the following have an FM transmitter, point after the open, next put your radio to the frequency on the line.To understand that, when the phone is a small radio transmitter frequency, you can receive FM radio
Q:What is the position of the portable navigator?
On the left side of the mirror where the attention of the small mirror on the front of the glass is not safe because if you look at the front of the GPS you can not see, of course, as far as possible not to drive GPS
Q:Car navigation price, portable navigator brand which is good 110
Car beauty can not be exposed connection can play DVD, expensive. Portable cheap 300 - $400, you can broadcast RMVB format movies, games can be played.
Q:What is the difference between a car DVD navigator and a portable navigator
To update:Navigation with the car owners should be more understanding, navigation is not allowed in the key map, if the map is not allowed, that navigation is not the same as the blind guide. While China's roads are often changing, so you need to continue to update the navigation map, in order to provide accurate road information to the owners. So, the annual general navigation map to a number of updates, Careland map 2 updates per year. Portable navigator because of convenient removal, so update the map or DSA data information is very convenient, but the car DVD navigator need to use U disk or other tools to update, very troublesome.
Q:3.5 and 4.3 inch car portable navigator with the screen will not be too small?
If the machine does not match the resolution and map, then the map is not displayed, or the map can not fill the entire screen, can not use ah.
Q:What brand of portable navigator
No need to buy Portable navigation. Portable map updates slow and upgrade maps also charges.
Q:Under the guidance of the mobile phone on the GPS and handheld GPS precision issues.
There will be a lot of difference, probably about ten meters accuracy, but the reliability of the handheld machine is higher,

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