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Measuring accurate - the latest high-precision
GPS chip, large-scale receiver Antenna to ensure
the best measurement accuracy
Clear display - a large color screen, unique
reflective technology, the sun comparable to the
clear effect of the printed
Easy to use - a key to get all operations, simplifying
to the extreme and unprecedented flow experience
The three anti-design - high reliability, to ensure
that readily available
Large-capacity lithium battery - can be replaced,
working continuously for more than 20 hours, the
standard MicroUSB interface charging and computer

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Q:Portable navigation with AV interface can be connected to the camera image
Vehicle navigation links a reversing signal, reversing, will automatically switch back to the video, I do not know how to switch your portable video source oh.
Q:Kelid portable navigation kn70
HD CE system, the configuration of the general, and now produced Android navigation system is still too big difference,
Q:Portable navigation?
Portable navigation?God Yan Huang Xuan brother 34 | browse 866Posted on 2013-10-21 18:20 best answerFirst, the effect of mobile phone camera ohHas been the use of portable navigation, two years, the overall feeling is still able to meet the needs of travel, but also feel good ahWhy is it just using the portable navigation ah, the reason is very simple, is not willing to put the original car audio equipment for the original audio equipment, I still feel very awesome, timbre and sound effect are good, especially the six disc machine, you can burn, each dish can reach up to 200 songs. Plus, after connection also can be connected to MP3, convenient ah good review; 1, can be held in hand touch at any time adjust a variety of functions, address lookup, radio and TV programs, choose search volume, convenient2, arrived at the destination, in order to travel for second days, you can take it to the hotel room, the design of a good trip for second days, not on the car after the rush to find, so you can delay things, huh, huh, huh
Q:Why portable navigator screen cannot be calibrated
Certainly, in settings look, Fuyang, near the west, South West, Xin car decorated world, professional installation, maintenance and upgrade of navigation, remote modification with the key, I hope you can help
Q:Vehicle portable navigator can not play in the car audio MP3, sound quality
First of all you have to check the navigator FM launch function, any easier, choose to use the navigation function above FM, and then transferred to a local radio station does not receive the radio frequency, to open, to the same frequency
Q:Portable navigation FM launch how to use, what to do
The launch of FM white is the navigation inside voice through the wireless transmitter to your car audio, if you want to use the FM to like you and your navigation car channel more better this partial good sound effect for example such as your car channel is FM99.6 (you can choose a variety of the channel) you in the navigation channel is transferred into the FM99.6 can be used
Q:Car navigation price, the number of portable car navigation
The price is very wide 200 to 3 thousand have
Q:Portable navigation and DVD navigation integrated machine which is good?
16, so that the quality of the original DVD navigation can compete. The car will be transformed, can withstand toss, preferably portable models, into the era of beach goers.17, don't want to do, the original DVD navigation is significant choice on tall. Today's Navigator, Bluetooth, phone, CMMB.18, FM, DVD, MP4, MP3, reading, games, and even WIFI, a lot of. More and more flat computer, super large.
Q:I would like to buy a portable car navigation, what brand is better?
Mobile navigation than professional navigation is the biggest gap between the screen, the general professional navigation is more than 4 inches of the screen, and even there are 9 inches, the phone is generally the largest is about 3.2.Other software from the difference is not big, mobile navigation is convenient.After all, you do not need to navigate every day, and occasionally go out to get used to drive, so many people do not want to invest more than a thousand dollars to buy a navigation.In addition, mobile phone navigation has the benefits of mobile phones, compact and lightweight, when walking to do handheld navigation is also good
Q:Portable car navigation can be charged with a mobile phone charger
Can be like a jack.Mobile charger output current and voltage to meet the requirements of the navigator can be charged, the navigator on the back of the general current and voltage requirements.

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