Polysilicon ingot Furnace Heating Power Supply

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Application Scope


Polysilicon ingot furnace heating power supply plays an important role in polysilicon ingot furnace heating system to provide electricity for crystal ingot casting process and it ensures that the furnace can work under the rated temperature. The power supply can control ingot furnace heater temperature of the upper and lower layer respectively, and it is with merits of high control precision, flexible control and smaller current shock to the power grid.

Product Principle

Combining with the control concept of current international mainstream, the heating power supply adopts the digital design to make the machine run more efficiently, and the on line function can reduce the impact on power grid.



Technical Features

1. Flexible operation and convenient maintenance: It installs LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitor panel and displays operation parameters in real time. The control parameters can be modified online and fault information can be automatically recorded, etc.

2. High control accuracy and good stablity: It adopts phase-locked loop synchronous circuit and digital trigger. On sampling algorithm of the load characteristics, it has multiple software protection function. The power devices and circuit breaker etc. adopt international and domestic famous brands.

3. Advanced processing technology of transformer: Transformer adopts high-low pressure complete foil coil winding, step laminated and damping measures. It is with merits of low noise and loss, light weight with small volume, and saving installation space. It has strong heat dissipation ability to achieve 20% overload running stably under the condition of forced air cooling.

4. Double roads of output power: Two lines of output power can work in following mode or in alternate mode, which makes it easy for users to better control the output power.

5. Higher power factor and less current distortion.

Main Technical Parameters

AC InputInput voltageAC380V 土 10%
Input current300A
Working frequency50/60Hz±5%
AC OutputOutput VoltageAC 0-50V
Output currentAC 0-4500A
Output power accuracy1%
Overload capacityLong-time running with 110% rated current
Main characteristicsWork modeCP
Power factor0.98
Communication InterfaceProfibua-DP, RS485, RS232
Operation DisplayLCD Monitoring panel; Operational parameters
setting; Multiple parameters display
Type of cooling(F),Wind cooling
Output modeVoltage regulation or power regulation
ProtectionInput phase-deficientInput A、B、C three - phase Jose phase cause stop
Output overvoltage、over currentOver threshold cause stop

Three-phase current imbalance alarm
Auto-stop when higher than setting value
Power component overheating alarmAlarm and stop when higher than setting value
Feedback signal disconnect alarmAuto-stop when detection of feedback signal fail
Working environmentAmbient humidity0 - 85% No condensation
Dimension<H x W x D) Control cabinet2200 x 800 x 600mm
(H x W x D>
Transformer cabinet
1420 x1270 x900mm
RemarksAllow design and production according to customer’s request



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