Polycarbonate Solid Sheet and Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet

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200 m²
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10000 m²/month
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Product Description


100% virgin bayer or sabic


Clear, Lake blue, Opal ,green,yellow,   ect.



Max width

2100mm(can be customized)


5800mm,12000mm,11800mm,6000mm or can be   customized.


Usually 10 year's quality guarantee   which depends on the models you ordered.


Product specifications

Item Name

polycarbonate solid sheet

Specific gravity




Application Temperature

-40 °C ~+120 °C

regular Size


Impact Strength


regular Thickness


Light transmission




Heat Conductivity

2.3-3.9 W/ m2°C

Characteristics of  Polycarbonate solid sheet

1. Light Transmission:The light transmission reaches 12% to 82%, depending upon color and thickness.  It will not get yellow, atomization, and poor transmittance. Light transmission loss only 6% after ten years.


2. Impact Resistance: Its impact strength is 250-300 times of ordinary glass, 30 times of acrylic plate with the equivalent thickness, and 2-20 times of tempered glass. It would not crack after falling down two meters with a 3KGhammer hit, known as "unbroken glass" and "ring of steel".


3. Light Weight: Only half weight of the glass, saving the costs of transportation, unloading, installation, and supporting frame

4. Fire Retardancy: Fire Retardancy grade B1 decided by the national GB8624-97 test, without fire drop nor poisonous gas. The flaming point is 580 ° C. It‘s features self-extinguishing away from fire, no toxic gases made when burned and it do not contribute to the spread of fire.


5. Weather Ability: It has good weather ability, can maintain excellent propertities in a wide temperature range from -40  ° C~120  ° C, short-term bearing temperature allow-100 ℃ ~ + 135 ℃.   Low temperature brittleness of -100 ℃, high temperature softening temperature of 146 ℃. 


6. Good workability:  It can be hand-cut, do need to warm at room temperature can be cold. Light weight, easy handling, bored. When truncated install, easy to break, easy construction process well.


7. Sound insulation:  With its good sound insulation, it is the material of best choice for highway noise barriers in the world. Noise characteristics of the material are determined by the hardness, weight and physical structure.


8. Pollution-free, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, tasteless, no radiation, no toxic substances during the production and use, is recyclable and modern new green building materials.

Application scope of  Polycarbonate solid sheet

1. roofing for swimming pool, shopping malls, commercial streets
2. sunshade for stadiums and bus stops, gazebo, open air carport
2. lighting canopy for corridors, passages and subway entries
3. flashing for bank ATMs, telephone box, gateways, garages
4. sound and heat insulation wall for expressways and houses
5. instead of glass, decoration door, curtain wall
6. sound-proof material for partitions
7. unbreakable material for glazing widows, roof glazing.
8. lighting of modern villa, rainproof lighting shed of underground garage entryway
9. front wind shields of motorcycles , airplanes ,trains ,liners, vehicles, motorboats ,submarines and police glass shield


Product Pictures

Polycarbonate Solid Sheet and Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet

Polycarbonate Solid Sheet and Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet

Polycarbonate Solid Sheet and Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet

Q:Lighting board and sunshine board which is good?
Sunshine board heat insulation effect is good but not weathering a hot one frozen to die because he is a PC. Lighting board lighting good insulation effect is poor, not afraid of acid and alkali, weathering and more useful life.
Q:How to correctly identify the quality of pc sunshine board and pc durability plate method
Pull the protective film to see the sheet. Particles or bubbles are relatively small or relatively small, indicating that the recovery of raw materials, but is a good back to the material, this board is the middle grade plate. Such as bubbles and particles more or larger, indicating that the poor raw material, this board is a low-grade plate. If the civilian particles or particles rarely, that the quality of the sun plate is very good, is ten years of quality.
Q:Can the sun board bend?
Different types of sun panels have different degrees of curvature. For example: the general car roof, rain roof there are many shopping malls outside the elevator channel that circle. If you are talking about it, it is not possible.
Q:Company pc sunshine board how to solve the problem
Two layers of waterproof treatment: sun board endurance board joints with a wide aluminum alloy bar, in the pressure below the bonding of special waterproof tape, and then use a good quality neutral sealant on both sides of the pressure to play the thickness of 5 mm width 5 -8 mm silicone.
Q:What can I do with my own sunshine board?
PC sunshine board product range 1, office buildings, department stores, hotels, villas, schools, hospitals, sports venues, entertainment centers and public facilities of the lighting ceiling 2, the highway highway viaduct noise barriers 3, agricultural greenhouse, flower greenhouse and indoor pool of the sky 4, subway entrance, station, parking lot, shopping malls, pavilions, restrooms, corridors and other canopy 5, bank anti-theft counters, jewelry store anti-theft window, police explosion shield 6, advertising light boxes, bus station panels, advertising display cards 7, office, home indoor partition, pedestrian access, fence, balcony, shower and so on
Q:PC sun board life years?
10 years warranty is 10 years, light transmission rate decreased by 6%, yellow index change is less than 6. This is the plastic is not too much of the aging indicators. Means that after 10 years of good sunshine board physical mechanical properties decline is very little, basically will not affect the use of sex. Foreign pc sun panels are basically used for more than 20 years. Good pc sunshine board is not like the above answer "is to provide", rely on equipment, technology, raw materials, testing means. Generally speaking, imported equipment uv co-extruded layer thickness is more uniform, the service life will be longer.
Q:What is the difference between PC stamina and PC sunboard?
The easiest way to do this is to compare one or more of the sun panels with the stamina. The difference is obvious, from the structural distinction, PC sun panels have a single layer, double, and even multi-layer and is hollow. PC Nai Liban is single layer solid. From the weight of the distinction, because the sun is hollow, the material is relatively small, so the same thickness and area of the endurance plate much heavier than the sun.
Q:PE sun panels and PC sun panels are different
Different materials, PC is environmentally friendly, PC temperature, PE is not temperature
Q:Sunshine board price per square meter, PC sun board how much money a square meter
Thickness of 6mm - 16mm, the general price of 25 yuan -100 yuan / ㎡, the thickness of the sunshine plate is more commonly used, the structure is divided into two layers, three, four, X type, meter type, honeycomb type.
Q:To build a sunshine shed, with Cortron PC patience board or good sun board?
1, Cortron sun board Advantages: the German Bayer new materials and co-extruded high concentrations of UV, yellowing effect is good light Light, cover the sun room effect is good 2, Cortron Nai Liban Advantages: good light transmission, up to 88% Good temperature resistance, at minus 40 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius, there will be no deterioration of quality Sound insulation is good Flame retardant, light weight, safe

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