Poly carboxylic acid Jianshuiji powder

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Product Description:

Dry powder mortar special poly carboxylic acid powder is a new synthetic technology of a new generation of environmental protection special mortar based superplasticizer. The main ingredients of polycarboxylate, fluidity of powder made by special drying technology.

The properties of the product:

1 improving the construction performance. Under the premise of ensuring the mortar index, using this product can greatly improve the fluidity of mortar;

2 high early strength. The use of this product, can obtain high early strength of mortar. At the same time every age strength can also be improved greatly, shorten the construction period.

3 to improve the durability of mortar. This product has high water reducing rate, under the premise of ensuring construction quality, can greatly reduce the water cement ratio of mortar, reduce mortar forming and hardening of the shrinkage and creep, reduce shrinkage cracking mortar later.

The scope of application:

This product has a good adaptability to cement. Mainly used in cement based non shrinkage grouting material, CA mortar, repair mortar, cement based self leveling mortar, non-metallic wear-resistant flooring mortar, waterproof mortar and external thermal insulation mortar and other kinds of dry mixed mortar.

Technical indicators:

Appearance: yellow or grey white powder flowability

The bulk density: 350-500 kg/m3

The moisture content: less than 3%

The loss is greater than or equal to 85%:

The pH value (20% aqueous solution): 7-9

The fineness (0.315mm sieve): 90%

The content of Cl- is less than or equal to 0.1:

The water reducing ratio of cement mortar: 25%

We recommended dosage: 0.15-0.40% (by cementitious material weight ratio)

Transportation and packaging: 25kg double layer plastic woven bag lined with plastic film bags, or 25kg/ drum powder is easy to absorb moisture, should be kept in the original sealed bag, and placed in a dry place.

Safety: This product is non-toxic, non irritant, non combustible products, the use of the process, please be careful not to be the product of contact with eyes, mouth and skin, recommend the use of gloves and protective glasses. Such as accidentally stained, please rinse with plenty of water is fine. Dissolved in water is weakly alkaline, non-toxic, non corrosive, non polluting to the environment.

Polycarboxylate superplasticizer (Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer) is a kind of high performance water reducing agent is a kind of cement concrete in the use of dispersants, chemistry can be divided into two categories, with the backbone for methacrylic acid, as the side chain carboxylate groups and MPEG (Methoxy polyethylene glycol), polyester type structure. Another is the backbone for polyacrylic acid side chain is Vinyl alcohol polyethylene glycol, polyether structure.

Polycarboxylate superplasticizer is a new generation of high performance water reducing agent developed by the company. Mixed with this product after the concrete has high slump retention performance, in half an hour slump basically no loss, 1H slump loss is small m with external back to the low dosage of admixture, reduce the characteristics of water rate is high, small shrinkage. Mixed with this product can greatly improve the fluidity of concrete, the coagulation GUI can keep longer schedule construction performance; at the same time can improve the workability and physical mechanical performance, improve the quality of the project.

The inspection items

Performance index

The test results

As early as the formaldehyde content,%

Less than or equal to 0.05


The fluidity of cement paste,%

More than 240


The content of sodium sulfate,%

Less than or equal to 10


Chlorine ion content,%

Less than or equal to 0.2


The content of alkali (Na2O+0.658 K2O),%

More than 10


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