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Phthalic anhydride

CAS No.:85-44-9

Appearance:white flakes

Use: used in industry for the production of certain dyes

1.Product Name: Phthalic anhydride 


  MF: C8H4O3

2.CAS NO.: 85-44-9
   EINECS NO.: 85-44-9
   HS Code: 2917350000
   M.W.: 148.12

   Density: 1.527

   UN NO.: 2214   

1). White needle crystal, with slight scent. Melting point 131.6 degrees Boiling point 295 degrees

2). The relative density of 1.527

3). The flash point of 151.7 degrees Solubility slightly soluble in hot water and ethyl ether, soluble in ethanol, benzene and pyridine.

1). Phthalic anhydride has been widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic, Agriculture, coating, fine chemical industry departments.

2). It is mainly used as the plasticizer the production of phthalate.

3). Phthalic anhydride is an important organic chemical raw materials, Mainly used for the production of plastic plasticizer, alkyd resin, dyes, Unsaturated resins and some medicine and pesticides.


Phthalic Anhydride

Superior product


First grade


Qualified products



White flake or crystalline powder


The other shades of white microstrip flake or crystalline powder


Financial chrominance (chroma) ≤





Thermal stability chroma (chromaticity) ≤





Sulfuric acid chroma (chromaticity) ≤





Crystallization point ° C ≥





Purity (wt)% ≥





Free acid (mass fraction)% ≤





Ash (wt)% ≤





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Barrels are usually produced in HDPE, and as for plastic bags, these materials can be made, including polypropylene. Relatively soft is made of high pressure material, relatively hard bag is made of low pressure material, hard and quite, is PP do. Linear low density polyethylene has a strong tear resistance and is generally improved by adding a certain percentage to high pressure polyethylene. The requirements are not too high to add some recycled materials and should be appropriate to reduce the cost of filling masterbatch.
Q:What machines and materials are needed for the manufacture of disposable plastic cups?
The material required is PP, which is polypropylene.The machines needed are injection molding machines, shredders and dryers.PP plastic, chemical name: polypropylene, specific gravity: 0.9-0.91 g / cubic centimeter molding shrinkage: 1.0-2.5% molding temperature: 160-220 DEG C.
Q:Characteristics of rigid polyurethane foam made of polyurethane raw material
Characteristics of rigid polyurethane foam:Unique heat insulation performance, saving electricity, high efficiency, environmental protection, light weight, lower load;With excellent waterproof performance, heat preservation, waterproof combination;The design is simple, high efficiency, fast progress, good quality and long service life;No fluorine foaming, suitable for wide environment;
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Resin: refers to the raw materials, such as polyethylene resin, polypropylene resin, polyester resin, etc., but in general, plastic and resin two terms can be common. So, it can be said that plastic is resin, and resin is plastic. Thus, the resin is one of the raw materials of plastic, plastic is the finished product of resin. In other words, the resin is not formed and molded into plastic.
Q:What does plastic material include?
Method for identifying toxic plastic bags. Water detection method: put a plastic bag into the water, non-toxic can be surfaced, and poisonous won't rise; hand touch detection method: white or colorless transparent is non-toxic, the hand has a sense of lubrication, the surface like wax; color: color detection method of toxic haze or yellow, red and black. Feel sticky; jitter method: take a plastic bag shaking, the sound crisp sound stuffy astringent toxic and non-toxic.
Q:What plastic material is resistant to high temperature?
High temperature resistant plastic material:PPS: (PPS)Polyphenylene sulfide (abbreviated as PPS) is a new type of high performance thermoplastic resin. It has the advantages of high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, flame resistance, good thermal stability and good electrical performance. It is widely used in the fields of electronics, automobile, machinery and chemical engineering
Q:Is the tableware made of PP raw material the best of those plastic tableware?
1 polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is made up of ethylene. Used as mineral water bottles, cola beverage bottles, fruit juice bottles, etc.. Because it can only heat 120 degrees, so only suitable for cold and warm drink, if installed high temperature liquid or heating deformation.2. High density polyethylene (HDPE), suitable for food and medicine bottles, cleaning supplies and bath products, shopping bags, garbage cans.3. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is polymerized from vinyl chloride. High temperature and contact with grease, PVC easily release phthalate two formic acid and incompletely polymerized toxic vinyl chloride monomer. PVC film made of PVC, transparent, difficult to break, strong adhesion, low prices, we see in the supermarket, supermarkets on the box firmly glued to the film is it. According to its characteristics, it is only suitable for vegetables and fruits refrigerated preservation, it is not appropriate to put meat, cakes and other foods containing more fat, it should not be used as microwave heating
Q:Application of CPE in plastics industry
Resin type CPE in the product is also known as "A" material, elastic rubber type CPE has become B type material!Application: in the late 1990s, the domestic demand for high-performance flame-retardant rubber is increasing, especially the development of wire and cable industry and auto parts manufacturing industry, which has led to the consumption demand of rubber based CPE. Rubber based CPE is a kind of special synthetic rubber with good comprehensive properties, heat resistance, ozone aging and good flame retardancy.Mainly used in wire and cable (coal mine cable, UL and VDE standards such as the provisions of the wire), hydraulic hose, hose, adhesive tape, rubber sheet, PVC profiles, pipe modification, magnetic materials, ABS modification, and so on.
Q:Pollution in the production of plastic raw materials from petroleum production
Petroleum - intermediate - polymerization monomer - resin - plastic particles - plastic products, the process of the above, each will have pollutants!
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