Patio Furniture Garden Furniture Rattan Furniture Wicker Furniture

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Rattan dining room set
1. Aluminum frame with powder coating.
2. UV-Resistant, Weatherproof, color fast rattan.







1. Frame: Aluminum frame with high quality powder coating.
2. Rattan: UV-Resistant, Weatherproof, color fast, SGS certificate.
3. Cushion: High density foam and fabric material, removable and washable.
4. Material: No toxic and environment friendly.
9. OEM: Your style and color are welcomed.


The rattan / wicker we use is preminum synthetic polyethylene fiber with high flexibility, high tensile strength as well as UV and 

weather resistance. It is 100% recyclable and perfect safe for outdoor furniture used for beach, backyards, swing pools and 

garden. Water Sun creams and lotions are not a problem for the material. No maintenance is required. Simply use a wet coth

 to clean the furniture. Soap and some mild detergent are also recommended to use.
Detailed performance as below:
--UV and weather resistance
--Not toxic and environmental friendly
--Stronge and Durable
--Maintenamce free
--Available at different colors

Weaving is available at different styles which cost differently. 

The spun polyester fabric with coating on surface is designed for outdoor furniture cushions. Water and UV resistance. Durable 

and strength, washable and easy to clean. There is zipper for all cushions so that covers can be taken off. Cushions measure 

10cm in thickness. 

Powder coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish to frame of our furniture. The powder used

 for the process is a mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and resin, which is sprayed onto a surface to be coated. The 

charged powder particles adhere to the electrically grounded surfaces until heated and fused into a smooth coating in a curing 

oven. The result is a uniform, durable and attractive finish which has unsurpassed long lasting quality and resistance to corrosion, 

abrasion and blistering

Patio Furniture Garden Furniture Rattan Furniture Wicker Furniture

Patio Furniture Garden Furniture Rattan Furniture Wicker Furniture

Patio Furniture Garden Furniture Rattan Furniture Wicker Furniture

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Q:What is the selling point of To furniture. How do you put forward the selling point of your product?
Can be given a new concept of old products (such as Rejoice), can also be through marketing innovation (such as advertising, promotional activities, and refine the concept and so on).
Q:The quality of synthetic plastic imitation rattan chair? Is it cooler than cloth on summer?
As for the durable strong points to use different places and determine its life, long-term outdoor use of manufacturers warranty for 3 years or so, the indoor relative long 4-5 years; such as the choice of ordinary PVC plastic woven rattan is generally about a year. So, Maito furniture (whether it is true rattan or imitation rattan), or choose good quality, not cheap figure has become cumbersome.
Q:Is the basket PE, good?
Good indoor rattan, outdoor imitation vine good.Is the natural rattan rattan, natural rattan has more pastoral style, and rattan can be either from the myriads of changes in color, shape and really good, rattan needs a surface layer of paint to prevent brittle fracture, does not need rattan.
Q:Will the PE cane furniture fade or paint off
PE, like a cane, is like a sewer pipe. It won't be so bad. As the outdoor furniture is waterproof sunscreen moth. Good quality Oh, there is a need to ask oh!
Q:How about imitation rattan chair sofa rattan chair sofa is good
Imitation rattan sofa features:Although the imitation rattan sofa is not really a natural material, it is also very healthy and environmentally friendly. The imitation rattan sofa is very breathable and comfortable, and a relaxing atmosphere at home. To furniture is not afraid of sunshine and water. Even outdoors, it can be used as usual, with a wider range of applications.
Q:Why is China vine business so bad now? It's good for vine business
The natural growth of natural things, these certainly difficult to do, and many people do not consider the benefits of natural things on the human body. There are also many differences in price.
Q:However, the utility model is generally used for a longer year. To furniture modelling is unique, the price is relatively cheap, durability is not high.
In simple terms, Mado is equivalent to solid wood furniture, imitation of some synthetic materials.
Q:Imitation rattan plastic rattan rocking chair quality is good, and anti-corrosion wood shake rocking chair quality is good, which durable?
Wooden rocking chair is good and durable, plastic rattan rattan rocking chair for a long time aging easily rot.
Q:Is a swing chair good vine and a good imitation?
Similar vine better care, do not deliberately control the air moderate, not afraid of direct sunlight. But the beauty is worse!
Q:How about rattan furniture, How about the rattan furniture? What is the price?
However, the utility model is generally used for a longer year. To furniture modelling is unique, the price is relatively cheap, durability is not high.

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