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Material: Melamine Faced Particle Board

Size: 548*400*400mmle

CBM: 0.02m3

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Q:How to buy wardrobe? What kind of wardrobe is good?
Whether or closet doors, environmental health is the most important, if you open doors or open the drawer, pungent odor, even to tears, dizziness, showed that formaldehyde content exceed the standard wardrobe, when buying, be sure to check whether there is a qualified report of national quality supervision and inspection center. Related accessories wardrobe is also very important, the general brand wardrobe are pulleys with ball bearings, with lubricating oil, so as to push and pull, smooth and flexible easy, and load-bearing force, pressure resistance, wear and deformation.
Q:What should I notice when I buy a wardrobe?
Use a good wardrobe hardware accessories are high-grade, well-known brands of hardware accessories, hardware accessories that are printed with anti fake mark, the use of high-quality hardware accessories can prolong the service life of the wardrobe, and the quality of the hardware accessories, not only can not guarantee the service life, repeated replacement may also lead to the wardrobe use.
Q:Custom wardrobe is a particle board, multilayer board, finger board, as well as solid wood board, which is good?
Shortcoming:A, because the wood board in the production process of large use of urea formaldehyde resin, formaldehyde emissions are generally higher, environmental standards are generally low, this is why most of the wood board pungent flavor reasons.B, the current market most carpentry board production Jerry, in the splicing of solid wood when the gap is larger, there are holes in the plate generally, if the nail in the gap, then basically no nail grip.The solid wood strips in the C and the wood board are vertically spliced, so the vertical bending strength is poor, and the long-term stress will cause obvious transverse deformation of the plate.D, carpentry board inside the solid wood strip material is not the same, the density is different, only through simple drying treatment, easy to get warped deformation, structure distortion, deformation, affect the appearance and use effect.E, the board surface is rough, so when in the woodworking field processing, surface treatment is usually use a lot of glue or paint, so this plate produced furniture is not environmental protection, which is the main reason why the decoration taste is very exciting, the on-site production of furniture is carcinogenic and cause arch-criminal gene mutation and the harm to the human body is very big.
Q:How about the price of the custom-made wardrobe?
Wardrobe customization, you can choose according to the expansion area and projection area countThe projection area is very simple his cabinet inside length x height does not affect the price of a much cabinetIf the design of your cabinet is complicated, the projection will be cost-effectiveIf your wardrobe is simple few hanging clothes that can be launchedIf the furniture complex words is certainly more cost-effective projection is generally the ratio of 1:3.2
Q:The wardrobe door hinge bend small bend difference
Big bend is also called no cover, is hidden inside the door into the cabinet, the cabinet door and side flush; bending is also called semi cover can cover the side door is 0.9CM, two doors share a straight and curved side; also called full cover, is usually wood plate thickness of 1.8cm, can completely cover the side door.
Q:Bedroom wardrobe size standard
Generally, the skirting line of the cabinet is 5mm higher than the skirting line. When the skirting height is unknown, the general design is 100mm.Some decoration company in order to achieve the integrity of the wall, often used to do a cut OTC design than the high ceiling, some baseboard, so that the entire cabinet height control in less than 2400mm. It makes a whole wardrobe to the door, and not divided into two sections, but this high door, his family generally do not work outside, to build door, also must have the door frame made of alloy, to ensure that no deformation, of course, the price will be more expensive.
Q:What is the width of a house and the width of a house?
When installation should pay attention to the clothes hanging rod and the hanging rod must be taken in the actual internal standard wardrobe into the deep, and the distance above the board must have only 4 to 6 cm distance, the size must be satisfied, because the distance is too short, then put the clothes rack will be more laborious; the distance is too long, and a waste of space. The clothes hanger also belongs to the hardware series, and I still advise everyone not to take advantage of it. The clothes hanging rod on both sides there should be at least two to three screws fixed end well, when the positioning hole must pay attention to "store", the installation of three hanging rod spent an afternoon I and a naomenzi sweat.
Q:What damp proof is there in the wardrobe?
Dampproof skills in wardrobe:1, moisture absorbent articles box: This is more common in the market, generally by the granular calcium chloride as the main components, most of the products also add flavor ingredients, so set dehumidification, aromatic, anti mildew, deodorant and other functions in one, used for wardrobe, shoe moisture.2, activated carbon adsorption: the effect is also very good, but put inside the wardrobe to avoid dirty clothes; in addition, after using a period of time, remember to get the sun exposure, continue to use.
Q:Black wardrobe, want to add a little color, stickers what color looks good
Black wardrobe, want to add a little color, should stick yellow stickers look good.Black is the color of all-match, and many color collocation together have a certain degree of harmony and beauty;
Q:How to determine the picture size of wardrobe sliding door?
Long (3.6*1.7) that is your custom wardrobe, closet size is general GB 1200*650*20001600*650*20002000*650*2000, I recommend 3.6 made of the three door is good, highly recommended national standard 2M height, width 1.7 is too wide, can you suggest 80 cm!
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1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong, China
Year Established 2003
Annual Output Value US$1 to US$ 2.5 Million
Main Markets North America; Oceania; East Asia; Western Europe;
South America; Domestic Market
Company Certifications

2. Manufacturer Certificates

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Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin
Export Percentage 51-60%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 1-3 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range Average