New product IP65 DC 5V 5050 RGB led 2812 rgb ribbon strip light

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100000 m/month

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Product Description:


1) LED Chip Model: SMD5050

2) Input Voltage: 12v

3) Power: 14.4w/m

4) Power Source: DC

5) Length: 5m/reel

6) Size: W1cmxT0.22cm

7) Long lasting: 50000 hours
8) Number: 60 bulds/meter

9) Warranty: 2 years

10) View Angle: 120°

11) Customized: yes

12) Protection Rate: IP20

13) Colors: white, red, green, yellow, blue, warm white, orange, pink, purple, RGB 


1) Window displays 
2) Building outlines 
3) Stairway lighting 
4) Indirect cove lighting 
5) Pathway safety lighting 
6) Restaurants and bars 
7) Signs and graphics


1. Easy installation and save cost on power supply

2. Transparent PVC house, high transmittance, bent resistance

3. Flattening appearance, small volume

4. Pretty appearance as quality

5. 70%-80% energy-saving

6. Long life-span (50, 000 hours)

7. Fashion design and different types

8. Easy to install and use

9. No risk of mercury emission, environmental protection 



1) For wholesale:
5m or 10m Strip light enwind plastic roll, then put into carton with the accessories

2) For retailer:
5m, 10m on roll with controllers and cable/plugs
Buyers pay the fee for special package (color boxes, spools)


Sunrain Profile:

1) We are a large-scale lamps manufacturing enterprise

2) We founded in 2004 and already established 5 factories and 1 trading company

3) We specialize in producing novelty lights, such as LED Rope Lights, Rope Lights, Energy Saving Lamps

4) We focus on Quality manufacture our lights in accordance with CE,GS, RoHS certification

5) We meet and exceed global quality standards
6) We now ship well over half of our output to countries and regions worldwide


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Q:How can I complain about the advertising lights in Shanghai?
This is an outdoor advertising, industrial and commercial bureau, you can go to the Red Shield network complaints
Q:Where is the wholesale of advertising lamps?
In the peak state bridge 11 o'clock direction, in the card tail road has been to the direction of the peak river bridge, when the bridge is approaching, there is a big billboard on the right hand side of the road to guide you.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of exterior wall advertising lamp boxes, 2835 and 5730?
5730, the cost is relatively large, if you need to buy, you can find ultra Yi lighting consulting.
Q:Advertising lamp box contract!
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Q:I removed the 20 tandem LED lights from the advertising lights. Now how do I light them?!
DC positive and negative correspondenceSupply voltage = single LED operating voltage *20
Q:LED advertising lights how to modify subtitles, my home is to check the U disk
The U disk is inserted into the computer and clicked to open and changed via the computer PS software. Or the computer comes with a drawing tool to modify it,
Q:Outdoor advertising lamp box production
Outdoor advertising lamp box production process and standards, such as the following points:1., blanking: length and width of each four, long and wide dimensions are subtracted 0.5 cm = wood length. Two saw 2 x 1 tenons, with white latex paste and nail. Thickness dimension minus two material thickness +0.5= thickness length. Then apply the nail with white latex.2. aluminum material: aluminum alloy material, high, wide, long size unchanged. Saw into a 45 degree angle and joined with a plug-in.
Q:How do you calculate the power consumption of 4 160W fluorescent lamps in the advertising lamp box?
Each 160W, the four root is 640w, an hour is 0.64 degrees of electricity. Shenzhen lattice photoelectric professional production of advertising ultra-thin light box, light box light source. The fluorescent lamp also has led now, suggest you buy led tube. The LED light curtain is best suited for use as a light source. Led saves a lot more than the fluorescent lights you use today.
Q:Is the production of advertising light boxes painted or painted?
Upstairs said is not completely right along with the development of advertising and advertising light box picture portrait ahead can be produced if the outdoor light outdoor photo printing machine and printing cloth can be written are generally used in large advertisements because of low price so has occupied the main application of Lars --- Tianyi magic change screen box
Q:How about the advertising lights for LED?
if near the wire connection is not convenient, the best use of solar energy

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