Led Strip Light New style 24v 12w waterproof led power supply

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Product Description:


1) LED Chip Model: SMD5050

2) Input Voltage: 12v

3) Power: 14.4w/m

4) Power Source: DC

5) Length: 5m/reel

6) Size: W1cmxT0.22cm

7) Long lasting: 50000 hours
8) Number: 60 bulds/meter

9) Warranty: 2 years

10) View Angle: 120°

11) Customized: yes

12) Protection Rate: IP20

13) Colors: white, red, green, yellow, blue, warm white, orange, pink, purple, RGB 


1) Window displays 
2) Building outlines 
3) Stairway lighting 
4) Indirect cove lighting 
5) Pathway safety lighting 
6) Restaurants and bars 
7) Signs and graphics


1. Easy installation and save cost on power supply

2. Transparent PVC house, high transmittance, bent resistance

3. Flattening appearance, small volume

4. Pretty appearance as quality

5. 70%-80% energy-saving

6. Long life-span (50, 000 hours)

7. Fashion design and different types

8. Easy to install and use

9. No risk of mercury emission, environmental protection 



1) For wholesale:
5m or 10m Strip light enwind plastic roll, then put into carton with the accessories

2) For retailer:
5m, 10m on roll with controllers and cable/plugs
Buyers pay the fee for special package (color boxes, spools)


Sunrain Profile:

1) We are a large-scale lamps manufacturing enterprise

2) We founded in 2004 and already established 5 factories and 1 trading company

3) We specialize in producing novelty lights, such as LED Rope Lights, Rope Lights, Energy Saving Lamps

4) We focus on Quality manufacture our lights in accordance with CE,GS, RoHS certification

5) We meet and exceed global quality standards
6) We now ship well over half of our output to countries and regions worldwide


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Q:What is the power of the LED advertising light box?
If it is an estimate, the following methods can be used:1, each string of current by 20mA, then each string of power consumption of about 220V*0.02A=4.4W.2, the number of the number of each string of Led beads, or calculated by the average number of white and blue LEDs, each power consumption is about 3V*0.02A=0.06W; each of the red, green and yellow lamp power consumption is about 1.7V*0.02A=0.035W, and then multiplied by the total number of beads.3, according to the proportion of working on the marquee conversion, every 3 seconds on a second, namely power *1/3 full light, if the light power is 4.4W, the actual power consumption of =4.4W*1/3=1.5W.
Q:SCM control single ring advertising lights with keil software debugging warning 0 error 2 warning
No problem. Just two warnings. The execution code has been generated. When you build the project, remove the boot file, and STARTUP has no warning. It's not a very useful question.
Q:Questions about setting up advertising light boxes in residential property 10
I am a property company, in general, in this case, the property will only charge rent and electricity, the daily maintenance by your company.
Q:LED advertising lamp -- a studio what a good cool
FlycolorI am doing this for my signature is Cai, flying colorsO (a _ U) O haha
Q:Fujian light lamps Market Xinzhou District of Shangrao City, macro advertising lighting in there?
Longrand advertising lighting boss sometimes people will not be in the store you hit on the head of the mobile phone number to aIt's opposite the smooth lights cityUnder a slopeOpposite the PHILPS lightingBeautiful lighting opposite
Q:Do the transformers with advertising lights and lights work very loudly?
General transformers will have fan sound, you can remove the fan, there will be no sound
Q:Where can I get a moving advertising lamp?
They are all made to order! Where are the advertising lights?!
Q:8 outdoor advertising lamp with much to each 400W line and circuit breaker
400*8=3200W3200/220=14.5AWires 1 party can, recommend 2.5 main line (for stability, strength, etc.)Tiaokonggaokai, strict requirements on the 16, the environment is not good will often trip, suggested the use of 25A.
Q:What are the advantages of the outdoor advertising projection lamp?
3, longer life. The traditional metal halogen advertising lights live 7000-10000 hours, while the LED advertising lamp life as early as 100000 hours. Compared to the two, LED advertising lights advantage is very obvious. 4, strong stability. The traditional metal halide advertisement lamp is disturbed by the stability of the power supply, and the fluctuation of the General Assembly affects the life of the device, such as trigger, ballast, etc.. LED advertising lamp light structure is simple, through the LED drive power supply, DC conversion, instantaneous start, stability is stronger.
Q:Chengdu open roadside advertising box lights invoices need to find out what the details?
Advertising invoices are open service, can not open the production of light boxes. Processing is a tax payment management. According to the method should be, your company to the IRS invoice billing, pay vat. But most advertising businesses don't do that. You can put the contents of the light box in propaganda fees.

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