Modern Design Dinning Cofee Chair

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Q:Dining table, dining chair on how to sell? What channels are the main sales channels?
Home sales (worst, most exhausting) fifth best realm: word of mouth knows you sell the table, customers automatically find you, so the best selling is not to sell products, but to sell you out! Your person's contact with you is your greatest asset!
Q:Children's good or good wood plastic chair?
The child, or use the plastic chair, the wood is too heavy, the children love their move; and the wood is easy to break the child, if there is wood cracks easily. The child's hand. Good plastic will not, and relatively light, more suitable for children to use.
Q:What are the sizes of tables and chairs?
Generally speaking, consumers buy in the table, are based on his dining room table size estimates, but estimates after all is not complete, and professional sales all know that a large area of the restaurant for the size of the table, so consumers can tell the sales staff his dining room size at the time of purchase, so they recommend suitable table size.
Q:Solid wood table and chair weight
You can't lift yourself up anyway
Q:The length, width, height, and size of the chairs correspond to the modern minimalist style.
Four table luxury 1600*900, comfortable words are 1500*800, high between 750 and 800
Q:How to master highchairs?
Two master highchairs can be divided into wood and iron. The wood is all solid wood structure, thickening material design, beautiful and novel, solid and firm;
Q:The use of baby products need to pay attention to what?
Remember when the baby on the chair sat down, must use the belt through the baby's crotch, fixed. Don't take it easy. Think that if you move your stool closer to your baby, you can make sure the baby doesn't fall off. It's dangerous. * of course, should also pay attention to the stool can not rely on the table too close, otherwise the baby will be kicking the table by force, and the stool upset. If your baby stood on the stool, the stool is likely to fall, may your baby fall off the stool.
Q:Highchairs Belivi claims to be able to use the baby adult what?
This chair can be produced in Italy and is the cradle of the cradle of collocation, can adjust the inclination of the baby to shake the yard, then the child points manually turned, chair can be used to give children to play on the swing chair can be adjusted continuously, a pedal 21 units can be adjusted, the tray can also disassemble and cushion also.
Q:What brand of baby products ten imported baby products brand rankings
I also use wood, and later for the Leinuosi baby chair, found, the old waist, the baby can sleep in it can even play ah ah, sitting on the ground with the baby interaction.
Q:Is it necessary to children's chairs
Hello, baby chair is coordination ability to help protect the baby baby habit to eat at the same time to sit on the high chair also tempered baby hands, eyes, brain.

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