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Q:How do you remove the yellow stains on white furniture?
Toothpaste: toothpaste can make furniture whitening. White furniture used for a long time will become yellow, if you use toothpaste to wipe, it will be changed, but not too hard to operate, otherwise it will damage the paint film.4 pine oil: this can clean pen stains, oil stains, as well as difficult to wash stains, but also play a bactericidal role.
Q:Dining a lot of families, what is the difference?
She is fat, to feed two treasure juice, put the tray down, can use the cup holder card in the chair, there is no barrier, especially fed up easily. To feed the Dabao, the interval of a plate, Dabao and naughty, and feed back and forth, especially tired, two chairs should be the most satisfactory treasure is my mother.
Q:Love the sound and what is the difference between the c002s C002 chair
1, the back of the seat 3 files adjustment, can lie low2, seat height 6 gear kit, 5 point safety belt3, double deck dishes, single hand regulation, front and rear 3 files telescopic4, the tray is equipped with a glass hole, easy to place bottles and cups5, two seat sets can be removed, easy to clean6, Oxford cloth seat cover, good air permeability7, a small cushion of absorbent cotton.8, seats are equipped with oversized baskets9 、 universal independent pulley with brake, more convenient to move10, foldable, easy to accommodate, carry, save space
Q:In the end it is necessary to buy baby products
After the independent sat put on the chair, you can develop a good eating habit, not everywhere chasing him to feed, more relaxed.
Q:What material is the best time to buy children's chairs? Why
Or plastic steel frame good, I use aing, really good use, there are universal wheel can drive, sitting and lying dual-use, you can also fold up, save space, too practical, like a! Where, which design is very humane, too in place, like ah!
Q:Which is better, the chbaby and the love menu seats?
Highchairs can help children develop the habit of eating and sitting chair, baby hands can be liberated their grip tableware, coordination ability, exercise the baby's hand eye, brain.
Q:What brand of chair?
I bought a baby seat chair AING love the sound speed adjustable backrest, three adjustable, adjustable foot plate gear, three adjustable chair legs, four small wheels can push the brake, five point safety belt. Very practical and intimate, sometimes my baby on the table when taking a nap, pushing for. The seats are large and luxurious.
Q:When eating dirty dirty chairs sponge cushion how to do
It's clean, and you can change it directly to leather, so you don't have to worry about getting dirty later. Dvaco furniture sofa renovation, dining chair for leather for cloth, soft bed renovation. Customized sofa sponge pad, pad window.
Q:Which brand is better for an electric table?
The high-quality imported leather first layer of leather, color rich, smooth texture fold, texture delicate, flexible and powerful touch. Its suture needle suture uniform, exquisite workmanship, suture edge, nail suture to create, style luxury, increase the firmness. Take the brain into the European micro arch design, the legs are arranged between the pot incisors, European flower type pure Dongyang hand carved vivid, smooth lines and exquisite classical, elegant, leg interval calculation by science, to achieve the most stable state, large bearing capacity, strong and durable.
Q:What about the desk chairs that touch off the paint?
If the wood floor for placing a boiling water cup appeared white hot streak, you can use a soft cloth dipped in tea water or toilet water on the floor clean and dry cloth. If only on the surface of furniture at the edge of a slight falling film can be painted with pencil, with colorless nail polish can also achieve remedial effect. To avoid paint with paint in the normal use of solid wood furniture, not a cup of hot water directly on the bedside table or on the floor; after home don't put heavier if lost in the wood on porch ark; home scissors and other sharp objects should have closed, not easy to fall height, side hung on the wood floor.

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