Mini Shoot-Shoot sterilization deodorizing spray

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Product Description:

Usage: sterilization (virus), deodorization

Capacity: 60 ml

Product Features:

(1) Efficient and active sterilization:

In a variety of commonly used health protection products, vivacelf is the fastest and most effective sterilization (virus) product. vivacelf  is the only active attack sterilization molecular will take the initiative for the bacteria, odor effect in your rooms.

(2) Wide range of applications and easy to use:

vivacelf is a sterilization molecules which has wide range of applications. vivacelf is a good sterilization effect to all pathogenic microorganisms that spread from water, and it will not make resistance. Especially for influenza, enter virus, nor virus and other infectious diseases all have a good inhibitory effect. Shoot-Shoot is very easy to use. You just need to direct spray it on the place or space where you want to sterilization, you can feel a significant effect.

(3) non-toxic, non-stimulation:

The acute oral toxicity test showed that this product is nontoxic products. The disinfection of the water does not make damage to the oral mucosa, skin and hair. It is absolutely safe in acute toxicity and genetic toxicology.

(4) safety, residue:

vivacelf  does not generated with the organic matter in the water  to make trihalomethanes or other carcinogenic substances. vivacelf  will not make mutagenic, carcinogenic, and teratogenic effect to animal cells, sperm and chromosome. Therefore, using vivacelf  for disinfection is very safe and no residual toxicity. Its safety level by the World Health Organization (WHO) is the AI level.

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Q:Which scent of air freshener most neutralizes the odor? {feet, toilet...} is not pungent?
When using a bamboo charcoal cloth placed in the room or cabinet or drawer, bamboo charcoal with super adsorption capacity and purification, and can release the far infrared rays of harmful gases in the air, such as construction and decoration materials, formaldehyde, ammonia and carbon dioxide in the life, smoke can effectively absorb. To clean and clean indoor air, and can adjust the dry, humidity, sterilization and pest control, improve people's quality of life, is a kind of indoor air purifying agent without side effects.
Q:How to make the toilet water air freshener
I see the 40:1 ratio, wash it,Put it under the nostrils of the man
Q:Why does air freshener smell when it's expired?
You'd better not use it because air freshener is a chemical, and there are other chemicals besides the scent.After expiration, although the aroma components still exist, but the chemical composition has played a chemical role, may be on furniture, human body, plants, what caused damage (may be toxic).
Q:How to make the room fresh?. Aromatherapy useful?.
Method for keeping indoor air freshWindow ventilationIt's easiest to keep indoor air clean and oxygen richThe way is to open the window ventilation. Wake up every morning and sleep at nightSleep before opening doors and windows ventilated half an hour, you can make room for airPurify。 The investigation shows that every breath can remove the airHaving 60% of microorganisms.Grow green plantsGreen plants absorb two of the sun during the dayCarbon and some poisonous gases, and give off oxygen and waterThe function of cleaning and disinfecting air and increasing air humidity. NocturnalInstead, absorb oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. Therefore, adequate nutritionGrowing grass is something that children can enjoy and do good to their healthLove is one thing at a time. Different plants act differently,In the house, planting flowers should be properly chosen, and not more and more
Q:Is indoor air freshener harmful to tank culture?
Well, the air freshener is soluble chemical composition, has a certain effect on the fish, but said the great influence is not so absolute, washing liquid like now use what, certainly have an impact on people, but we are not well hungry
Q:The air freshener can be used when space fragrance?
Although the role is to remove the odor of what, but feel stronger effect of air space and fragrance, fragrance can use pure natural essential oils, such as Muji, SERENE, HOUSE etc.
Q:What New Zealand Air Freshener, there is no more fragrant ah?
Landlord, Hello, of course, there are many people are not at ease in the bedroom with air freshener, afraid of harmful to humans.
Q:Air freshener spray more harmful to people?
Air fresheners contain aromatic compounds on the human nervous system will also be harmful to stimulate children's respiratory mucosa, etc.. One of the disadvantages of air fresheners is that they do not break down harmful gases to achieve the purpose of fresh air.
Q:What can make the air in the house better? No air freshener
Purifier is good, but to select the principle of the purifier, many purifiers work principle is not the same, according to your environmental quality characteristics, select your air purifier
Q:What are the air freshener production facilities?
Air freshener belongs to aerosol products, and the equipment needed is aerosol filling machine mainly including automatic tank liquid machine, automatic sealing machine and automatic inflator

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