Pon-pon sterilization deodorizing placed the bottleot-Shoot sterilization deodorizing spray

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Product Description:

Usage: sterilization (virus), deodorization

Capacity :160 g

Product Features:

(1) Efficient and active sterilization:

       In a variety of commonly used health protection products, vivacelf is the fastest and most effective sterilization (virus) product. vivacelf  is the only active attack sterilization molecular will take the initiative for the bacteria, odor effect in your rooms.

(2) Wide range of applications and easy to use:

     vivacelf    is a sterilization molecules which has wide range of applications. vivacelf is a good sterilization effect to all pathogenic microorganisms that spread from water, and it will not make resistance. Especially for influenza, enter virus, nor virus and other infectious diseases all have a good inhibitory effect. Shoot-Shoot is very easy to use. You just need to direct spray it on the place or space where you want to sterilization, you can feel a significant effect.

(3) safety, residue:

       vivacelf  does not generated with the organic matter in the water  to make trihalomethanes or other carcinogenic substances. vivacelf   will not make mutagenic, carcinogenic, and teratogenic effect to animal cells, sperm and chromosome. Therefore, usingvivacelf   for disinfection is very safe and no residual toxicity. Its safety level by the World Health Organization (WHO) is the AI level.

(4) Perfect defense

        When using this product, it will make a powerful shield in the space to prevent infectious agents infected by droplets or contact. For example: the cross-infection in hospitals, clinics, counters, or people work in the offices.

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Q:Which brand is good for air freshener? Is it expensive?
Some brands are expensive and inexpensive, depending on the type you like
Q:What kind of air freshener is available in the university dormitory? Well, don't taste too strong
It is better not to use air freshener, which will cause two indoor air pollution and keep it well ventilated
Q:Will the air freshener be sprayed out of the room to remove the odor?
What's the smell?. Generally open windows, ventilation is the best way.The new house was a house that had not been popular for a long time.
Q:Is indoor air freshener harmful to tank culture?
Well, the air freshener is soluble chemical composition, has a certain effect on the fish, but said the great influence is not so absolute, washing liquid like now use what, certainly have an impact on people, but we are not well hungry
Q:Can the air freshener in the car be used? Is it safe?
In the car off the air freshener, people will stay comfortable, Sealand brands are familiar with it, no security problems.
Q:Air freshener to be used with caution
Now popular on the market a lot of components of air fresheners, mostly by ether and aromatic essence and other components, these components are released into the air, it will decompose deterioration, itself is a kind of pollution. Different air freshener, just add the flavor, taste is not the same, so we should understand its hazards: environmental pollution: air freshener, is actually covered up the smell, and can not fundamentally eliminate odor, so released into the air, itself is a kind of pollution, and their decomposition. And harmful substances, and some air freshener, and some impurities, also pollute the environment material. Allergies: air fresheners contain ingredients are organic compounds, most of them will cause allergy, also can produce some strong stimulation of the respiratory tract, especially for some easy allergy or people with allergies is even more so. Lead to serious diseases: air fresheners contain aromatic substances, can stimulate the nervous system, affecting the growth and development of children. EC Consumer Association, through the survey found that air fresheners can even induce cancer and other diseases. If you choose the rainbow, Clairol, wonderful housekeeper, Grenada Wei Kang etc. these more well-known air freshener brand may be reliable, but there are some air freshener, because the product quality is inferior, itself will become a source of air pollution. If the fresh agent contains impurities (such as methanol, etc.), the air to the human health hazards. These substances can cause human respiratory and nervous system poisoning and acute adverse reactions, headache, dizziness, throat itching, stinging eyes, etc.. While some incense or incense, smoke particles generated after ignition will cause home air pollution two.
Q:What kind of air freshener does the bathroom have? Able to cover the flavor inside.
Hello! You can use solid air freshener and lasting fragrance of Sealand can lasting with fresh scent, effectively eliminate indoor smell or residual odor; uses the environmental protection formula, more secure; it also applies to a variety of places: toilet, wardrobe, kitchen, living room etc..
Q:How do you charge the gas tank to a bottle such as an air freshener? What do you use for head punching?
I just want to say that you have a lot of ideas, but your ideas are too dangerous. I don't advise you to try. Even if you want to try, you don't have these devices.
Q:How can you keep the air freshener longer?
If you want to improve the indoor air quality, you can buy an air purifier ah, my home is the forest central air purifier, purification effect is outstanding, energy-efficient, inexpensive said.
Q:Where does the air freshener fit in the car?
To have a scent in the car. On the front table, above the air outlet

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