Mini Global Locator GPS Personal Tracker GSM/GPRS/GPS

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Mini GPT06 Global Locator GPS Personal Tracker GSM/GPRS/GPS

GPT06 gps trackerWith PC/Mobile Phone/SMS GpsTracking.GPT06 has a wide range of industrial andcommercial applications, built-in high-capacity battery, bright LED flashlight,splashing waterproof, Outdoor activites Routes recorder Data logger


GPT06 portable GPS Tracker has a wide rangeof industrial and commercial applications, built-in high-capacity battery,bright LED flashlight, splashing waterproof, It can be widely used in:

PersonalTracking,Kids Tracking, Aged Tracking,Pet Tracking,Assets Tracking,VehicleTracking,Fleet Management



1. Supports quadbands,i.e. 850/900/1800/1900MHz, universal in the world.

2.DoubleModule,GPS & LBS positioning.

3. GPS precisepositioning with A-GPS and uploaded by GPRS regularly, Supports real-timetracking and history track playback.

4. Web browserplatform, Smart phone app platform and SMS query.

5.Supportsmultiple alarm, Built-in acceleration sensor with vibration, collision andfalling alarm.

6.GEO-Fence alarm.

7. Built-inhigh-capacity lithium battery, low battery alarm .

8.Built-highlightLED, can be used as a flashlight

9.Multipleprotocol support, OTA upgrade program.

10.Waterproof anddustproof, vehicle/ individual /pet are applicable


1. Vibration Alarm

2. Collision /falling Alarm

3.Speed Alarm

4. Geo-fence Alarm

5. Low batteryAlarm

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Q:Hello, not much, because it has a very low quiescent current!
There are a number of GPS locator is a remote sound, there are three ways to listen.The first is that you call the phone number on the device, you can automatically answer, there is a downside, that is, advertisers mistakenly call in, you can hear the sound of the car. Some cottage goods in order to save the cost of development, use this.
Q:Principle and application of GPS
Three, the application of GPS in car navigation and traffic managementThree dimensional navigation is the primary function of GPS, aircraft, ships, ground vehicles and pedestrians can use GPS navigation navigation. Vehicle navigation system is a new technology developed on the basis of global positioning system GPS. The vehicle navigation system is composed of GPS navigation, autonomous navigation, microprocessor, vehicle speed sensor, gyro sensor, CD-ROM driver, LCD display. GPS navigation system and electronic map, radio communication network, computer vehicle management information system can be achieved, such as vehicle tracking and traffic management and many other functions.GPS positioning system is not only used for navigation and positioning of missile, spacecraft, is widely used in automobile, ship, aircraft navigation, public security, banking, medical, fire protection, the establishment of monitoring alarm and rescue system with it, the establishment of a modern enterprise logistics management system with it, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, resource investigation, physical exploration, telecom all cannot do without navigation, especially with the integration of micro satellite navigation receiver, a personal information terminal of various financial communication, computer and GPS in one of the satellite navigation technology applied to the public from professional application, become after communications and Internet IT third new growth points. GPS as the representative of the satellite navigation and positioning industry is attracting more and more attention.
Q:GPS positioning system on the phone how to use ah?
You download a mobile phone Google map. That's pretty good
Q:GPS how to find installed
It is best to receive electricity, which is not affected by the car key switch, from the car battery directly led the power line;
Q:How to solve the GPS locator arrears
Contact you to buy gps suppliers to pay the deposit can be
Q:GPS positioning is not necessary to use a mobile phone card
GPS positioning is not necessary to use a mobile phone card
Q:Ruifeng Huizhi GPS locator forgot how to do the login password
Call 83244037 customer service hotline, or ID account and customer service contact!
Q:Personal GPS locator which crowd?
Can play the scheduling management, rescue, data collection, to bring convenience to the management of life and enjoy.
Q:GPS locator which brand is good
There are many types of GPS locator, GPS surveying and mapping instrument category, the first line of the domestic measurement, the South China sea. On the single GPS locator, Huace GPS have a stroke above in accuracy, star search speed and stability
Q:Car GPS positioning system a month how much flow enough ah
General positioning, 30 megabytes enough,Probably a dozen KB, thank you

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