Low Price Automatic packaging line made in China

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Product Description:

Low Price Automatic packaging line made in China 

Description of Low Price Automatic packaging line made in China 

Robotic palletizers are suitable for chemical, beverage, food, beer, plastics, air conditioning and other manufacturing companies to box and palletize, canned, boxed, bottled, and other shapes of finished products. The structure is very simple, easy to maintain and repair; the main components of fewer parts, fewer parts, so the maintenance costs are very low; robot hand palletizing machine can be set in a narrow space, you can effectively use; all control can be operated on the control cabinet screen , the operation is very simple. Can work all day, equipped with robots can replace the workload of many workers.

Main Features of Low Price Automatic packaging line made in China 

Automatic L-type sealing and shrinking packaging machine is a fully automatic unmanned packaging machine, which can be used with automatic packaging lines. Feeding, bagging, sealing and shrinking are automatically completed. With high work efficiency, it is widely used in mass production industries such as printing, color box, greeting cards, photo albums, photo frames, medicine, electronics, daily chemicals, and cosmetics.

★ Sealing knife adopts imported special materials, the surface coating adopts DuPont FRON high-temperature resistant anti-sticking material to ensure that the sealing does not crack, and the sealing line is strong;

★ The use of horizontal and vertical two sets of photoelectric, easy to switch, for thin or small products, can easily complete the packaging;

★ Automatic feeding, the length can also be automatically adjusted by the combination of photoelectric and timer, equipped with induction motor, automatic winding waste;

★ When the package size changes, the adjustment is very simple, without changing the mold and bag device;

★ Seal cutter with automatic protection function to effectively prevent accidental cutting of packaging;

★ Sealing and cutting part is equipped with plexiglass protective cover, and has an automatic alarm function, which greatly improves operator's safety;

★ The sealing and heat shrink packaging are continuously and automatically completed. The performance is stable, the manpower is greatly saved, the quality is reliable, the contraction efficiency is high, and the applicability is strong.

Specifications of Low Price Automatic packaging line made in China 

Package SizeL500×W400×H200mm
Furnace cavity sizeL1000×W450×H250mm
Packing speed20-40 pieces/minute
Net weight185kg
Power supply380v   50/60Hz
Maximum current30A
Machine sizeL1300×W715×H1455mm

Applications of Low Price Automatic packaging line made in China 

Robotic palletizers are suitable for chemical, beverage, food, beer, plastics, air conditioning and other manufacturing companies to box and palletize, canned, boxed, bottled, and other shapes of finished products.

Robotic palletizers can be integrated in any production line to provide intelligent, robotized, and networked production sites, palletizing logistics for a wide variety of jobs in the beer, beverage and food industries. They are widely used in cartons, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and beverages. , food, beer, plastics, air conditioners, plastic boxes, bottles, bags, drums, film bags and filling products. Supporting three-in-one filling lines, etc., for all types of bottles and bags for palletizing. The automatic operation of the palletizing machine is divided into steps such as automatic feeding, transfer, sorting, stacking, shifting, stacking, feeding, down stacking, and exporting.

Images of Low Price Automatic packaging line made in China 

Low Price Automatic packaging line made in China

Low Price Automatic packaging line made in China


Q1. Does your machine fit for different volumes?

A: Yes, one machine can fill different volumes, which is based on your product information.


Q2. Can your machine reach different production?

A: Yeah, we can make machines with different of filling nozzles, and the nozzle numbers based on your production. You can adjust different filling speed within the range.

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Q:What is the general packing cost of beer beverage packaging?
In addition, according to the product's own conditions to set, the packaging machine prices are generally in the range of 3-5 yuan
Q:Predecessors please point out: what is the future of packaging machinery industry?
Hello, in recent years, Chinese packaging industry, although the annual growth rate ranked in the traditional industry for the first time, but in line with the international market, to accelerate the development of packaging technology, make its development to the economic, efficient, multi-functional direction. According to the development plan of Chinese national economy and to realize well-off life level, this year a few years for the packaging industry, the food industry to provide equipment for 100 billion yuan to 200 billion yuan, 80 billion yuan to 100 billion yuan to provide equipment for the "vegetable basket", this is a good opportunity for development of enterprises. At the same time, I learned from the relevant ministries, "95" period, will invest 10 billion yuan in the packaging industry to support and transform large and medium-sized packaging enterprises.
Q:What machine does the packing carton machine have?
Packaging equipment including: automatic strapping machine, automatic sealing machine, winding (wrapping) machine, sealing and cutting / shrink machine, vacuum packing machine, automatic strapping machine band and hand tools. Transport equipment mainly include: conveyor belt, roller conveyor, conveyor chain plate, plug-in production line, chain conveyor, conveyor belt etc..
Q:Energy saving reform of packaging machine
First, the working principle of food packaging machinePillow type automatic packaging machine of the present domestic leading and most mature and reliable design and production technology, the essence of a collection of many years of experience in the field of packaging machinery, the packing machine can be used in a variety of composite packaging film coil on the packaging of bulk food, very suitable for the majority of users need to Chinese. 1) the electrical parts of the automatic packing machine are usually made up of the following parts:
Q:Color code positioning of packaging machinery
The main products are: packaging machinery series of quantitative packing machine, vacuum packaging machine, packing machine, strapping machine, sealing machine, bag machine, carton forming machine, packing machine, winding machine, labeling machine, stacking machine, and the design of various transmission lines; at the same time, the production and sale of packing tape, stretch film and other packaging material.
Q:Three dimensional packaging machine, transparent film packaging machine, transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine industry standards
This standard applies to the use of heat sealing glass paper, BOPP, PVC film and other packaging materials, packaging machine for carton box type items or single package or bag or several stacked and wrapped sealing, widely used in food, medicine, tobacco, cosmetics, stationery, audiovisual products etc.. This standard needs to be purchased.
Q:What does the mechanical equipment include?
Rail aligning machine, rail straightening machine, grinding machineSlag shaping machine for track flat car internal combustion engine
Q:Calendering, extrusion, blow molding, pressing, plastic (vacuum forming) and what is the rotational molding
Plastic forming and processing methodPlastic molding is an engineering technology, involves the plastic into all kinds of plastic products in the process. The transformation process tends to happen in one or more of the following conditions, such as polymer rheology and physical and chemical properties of the change.
Q:Bread packing machine Product features
Product features1. double frequency control, bag length is cut, no need to adjust the empty walk, one step in place, save time and save the film.2. man-machine interface, parameter setting is convenient and quick.3. fault diagnosis function, clear failure display.
Q:A & B two sets of packaging machines, at the same time packaging quality of 500 kilograms of goods
(3) large variance, indicating that this group of data volatility, variance is small, volatility is relatively stableAnswer: (1) a = x (501+500+503+506+504+506+500+498+497+495), 10=501,B = x (503+504+502+498+499+501+505+497+502+499), 10=501;(2) S2, =1/n[(501-501) 2+ (500-501) 2+... + (495-501) 2]=12.6,S2 B, =1/n[(503-501) 2+ (504-501) 2+... + (499-501) 2]=6.4;(3) a b > S2 dreams S2,The quality of R B packaging machine 10 bags of sweets is relatively stable.Comments on the subject, mainly on the average number, variance calculation, and their significance, the correct memory formula is the key to solving problems

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