Leather Strip Cutting Machine

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CNC leather strip cutting machine suitable for cloth, nonwoven fabric, tent, umbrella, sponge foam, leather, reflective material, plastic, paper, double side adhesive tape, acetate various fabric, reinforced tape, electric conductive fabric, copper foil and other materials of various width straps. The idea choice of industries of garment, bags, footwear, hats, garment subsidiary material,  reflective material factory, tent factory, umbrella factory, transformer factory, electron factory and other industries.


Product name: CNC leather strip cutting machine

Model No: CJ-170ZM

Cloth width: 1.7m (2.05m, 2.4m ... customized)

Rotating speed of cloth roll: 0-800rpm/min

Diameter of cloth axis: 37mm

Power: 0.75kw

Blade power: 1.5kw

Minimum Width of cut strap: 2mm

Voltage: 380v/220v optional

Machine measurement: 2.7m*0.75m*1.4m

Feature Details:

1. Principal axis and circular knife use stepless speed regulation system, it enable to change rotating speed and control positive/negative switching.

2. Equipped with the automatic system, can be sharpened without move blades; With dust cleaning equipment, keep fabric and strack clean.

3.Using imported high precision system to control cutting width, with precision ball screw and slide, control cutting width of 0.1mm, to achieve high precision cutting.

4.Using imported screw ball and slide track, parallel to cut, Using stepless speed regulation AC motor, steadily move without abrasion to get the best quality.

5.Using LCD screen, can be directly input kinds of cutting width, and amount; Equipped with the conversion functions of manual or automatic.

6.Using rapidly feeding design, you can operate it easily.

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Q:Safety production system of leather factory
Second of the company's production safety work must implement the "safety first, prevention first" principle, the implementation of the general manager (legal representative) responsibility, leaders at all levels should adhere to the "production must be safe" principle, production should be subject to security needs, to achieve safe and civilized production.
Q:Can the engineering company be changed into an industrial company?
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Q:Industry classification
Agriculture: grain, beans, vegetables and fruit products, and products, nuts, fruit, nuts, coffee, and cocoa products, cotton, hemp, oil nuts, nuts, seeds, edible fungi, tobacco, flowers and trees, bamboo, rattan reed, hay, charcoal, plant extract, animal extract, plant and animal oil animals and plants, seedlings, poultry,
Q:What equipment do you need to open a leather factory?
We need hydraulic cutting machine, cutter with size of customer request, high head sewing machine, sewing double needle machine, sewing machine, ironing palm, matching transformer, packing machine and small tool for turning glove.
Q:What kind of equipment do you need to open a small leather glove factory? How much money do you need to prepare?
There are gloves, small tools, this can do it yourself!
Q:Do you know the source of Wenzhou stock shoes?
Wenzhou is China's famous shoe base, producing a large number of shoes every year, including domestic shoes and foreign trade shoes. Wenzhou shoes can be said that around the world, a lot of foreign stores have we Chinese shoes production out of shoes stores, such as Italy we have China shoes stores kangnai.
Q:How tanning skins horsehide garment leather was born to
The main processes of this stage are: soaking, removing meat, removing hair, liming, degreasing, softening and pickling.
Q:What are the leather processing equipment?
embossing machine, polishing machine, buffing machine etc..
Q:How do you make leather?
all kinds of mechanical processing technology of leather finishing engineering, through a series of leather chemicals to obtain a variety of leather use value.
Q:I would like to open a leather processing plant, from raw leather to black leather kind of, how much equipment, how can I ask where to sell? Thank you
, these first check to say that the equipment

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