Launching girder for highway and railway

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This Launchinggirder is applicable for erecting railway girder of 2201, 2101, and 9753,laying 25m track panel, and highway T-girder with 180t or less, length of 40mor less. DFGT40/180 Launching girder for highway and railway could meet differentworking conditions of railway bridge construction: erecting girder at smallcurve R≥600m; at tunnel portal; inside tunnel. Wagon which carries the entiremachine meets the limit of railway.

   DFGT40/180 Launching girder for bothhighway and railway is with new structure, which could feed girder inside thegirder. While erecting girder, machine’s height is of 3.15m (height betweentrack panel surface and main beam’s bottom ), enhancing the security ofequipment greatly.

Performance and parameters

Dimension:63m(length)×4.46m(width)×9.73米(height)(while erecting girder)

Lifting height: 6m

Rated liftingcapacity:180吨


Lifting speedwith heavy load: 0-0.6 m/min;variable

Lifting speedwithout load: 0-1.2 m/min;variable

Longitudinal moving speed of crane with heavy load:0-5.0 m/min;variable

Longitudinalmoving speed of crane with no load:0-10 m/min;variable

Transversal l moving speed of crane with heavy load:0-0.8 m/min;variable

Transversalmoving speed of crane with no load:0-1.6 m/min;variable

Passing to thenext position speed: 0-5.0 m/min;variable

Transversalmoving speed: 0-2.0 m/min;variable

Transversalmoving range of crane:1.1 m

Longitudinalpassing way:  Roller drive


Total power:120kW

Operation way:By remote control

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