DFIII Launching girder series

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The entire machine could work transversally, finishing assemblingside girder during one time. It adapts better to oblique (curved) bridgegirder. It weights less, and is very easy to transport, assemble and dismantlethe machine. It works safely and reliably, the longitudinal cantilever degreeis small. While moving longitudinally, the middle leg does not pass over the deck,so that we don’t need to lay longitudinal rail, reducing pressure to the deck.Each leg’s position is flexible and adjustable, so it is easier for erectingvariable-span-bridge.

Basic model and parameters:(example



Lifting capacity




Oblique bridge angle


Small cart lifting speed


Small cart longitudinal speed


Large cart longitudinal speed


Large cart transversal speed


Girder wagon’s conveying capacity


Girder wagon’s speed with heavy load


Girder wagon’s returning speed


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