large bearing capacity Food dehydrator TS-9688-3A03

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1000 kg
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6000 kg/month

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Application:dried fruit、 Dried vegetable 、dried meat、dried seafood,dried drugs etc ,Solve the traditional problem

like: dried not health, mildew, time-consuming                 

1: hot air circulation system, low energy, high efficiency                                           

2: microcomputer control,35-70°Different food temperature regulation, as control.            

3: 5 layer of large capacity large bearing capacity, easy to use                                

4: material safety: Food-grade plastic tray machine body adopts imported food-grade PS material                                             

5:double protection, Base contains temperature regulator can stays on air temperature, and the thermal fuse to prevent electric dryer overheating




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Q:High speed and low speed juicer which is good
Advantages: the fruit do not have to cut very small, squeezing speed, squeeze an apple or carrot only a few seconds, squeezed juice clear.
Q:How the screw pump is running
The screw pump must be operated in a predetermined direction to produce a certain row of suction.
Q:Third, the operation of the screw pump
If the screw pump in the work of noise, which is often due to oil temperature is too low, the oil viscosity is too high, the oil into the air, the coupling lost or excessive wear and tear caused by the pump.
Q:Will the juicer be a high-speed rotation or a low-speed rotation?
On the Internet also saw the sale of Korean imports of low-speed rotary juicer, 80 per minute, the power was only 150W, (do not know how it is turned, only 80 can be able to squeeze a very good, very thick juice)
Q:What is colloidal mill?
Colloid mill by the stainless steel, semi-stainless steel colloid mill composition, the basic principle is through the high-speed relative to the articulation between the teeth and moving teeth.
Q:The installation of colloid mill is used
1, connected to the feed hopper or feed pipe and outlet, and then connected to the discharge tube, and then connected to cooling water (JM-L50a, b no cold water pipe system) and drain pipe.
Q:Technical advantages of colloid mill
5, can produce high content of modified asphalt (SBS content ≥ 12%).
Q:What is the advantage of colloidal mill?
For example, the same equipment, in dealing with viscous paint materials and thin dairy fluid, the flow can be a difference of more than 10 times; Secondly, due to high-speed friction between the stator and material, it is easy to produce greater heat,
Q:The structure of colloid mill
Colloidal mill products in addition to the motor and some parts, where the parts and materials in contact with all the parts made of high strength stainless steel, in particular, the key moving and static disc to strengthen the treatment Therefore, with good corrosion resistance and wear resistance
Q:Fruit and vegetable processing machinery and equipment how the trend?
To say that fruit and vegetable processing equipment is currently the main classification, cleaning, peeled, cut off, sterilization, and then canned some of the ancillary equipment, you can go to look at, you can also play Shandong Ruifan free phone

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