jump starter jump starter power station Auto mate car jump starter power station / multi-function

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Item specifice:

Type: Jump Start Certification: CE,FCC,RoHS Size: 178x77x33mm(L/W/H)
Peak Current: 450A Capacity: 11000mAh Weight: 440g
Starting current: 300A Model Number: GL21

Product Description:

jump starter jump starter power station Auto mate car jump starter power station / multi-function

jump starter jump starter power station Auto mate car jump starter power station / multi-function

jump starter jump starter power station Auto mate car jump starter power station / multi-function

jump starter jump starter power station Auto mate car jump starter power station / multi-function

jump starter jump starter power station Auto mate car jump starter power station / multi-function

jump starter jump starter power station Auto mate car jump starter power station / multi-function


1.Low MOQ:We accept small orders




5.Short circuit protection,Overcurrent protetion;                 

 Integrated circuit plate,include software and hardware protection.




1.Battery Capacity:41.07Wh

   Power Bank Capacity: 11100mah


3.Output1:12V For Starting Vehicle

  Output2:5V 2.1A For Mobile Phone/Tablet/Other 5V mobile deivce

  Output3:(12V/16V/19V)/3.5A For Notebook and other device

4.Starting Current:300A

5.Peak Current: 450A


7.Charging Time:About 4 hours

8.Build-In LED Light,can offer 4 kinds of light in different situation:Light,Burst Flashing,SOS,Blue And Red Warning Light



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