interior walnut design pvc folding accordion doors

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More details of our interior interior walnut design pvc folding accordion doors as following:

1. PVC Folding door suit for living room, dinner room, stockroom, bathroom, meeting room, restaurants, hospital and so on.

2.This kinds of door is easy to install & close & extend & clear.

3.Decorative and practical, it wont deform or fade.

4.Two kinds of connection: soft-joint and hard-joint.

5.Folding design made it flexible, smooth, imaginative, elegant, space saving for small room or space.
We are able to supplier any kinds of PVC Folding door, PVC sliding door, PVC plastic folding door, with any size any colors.
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PVC Folding Doors

3.Soft& rigid connection,hinge panel
4.With hook lock & 2 magnets




Double Ply



Panel size

100mm,112mm,110mm,90mm(without edge)


Full-plastic panel connected by soft connecting axis, with handles, magnet, wheels, screws, clips, sheets


Flexible,space-saving,water(moisture)proof,fire(heat)proof,insect-proof,environmentally-friendly,durable,hygienic,non toxic, convenient, Easy to install & close & extend & clear.


PVC Folding doors in special design suit for Toilet, living room, dinner room, stockroom, bathroom, meeting room, restaurants, hospital and so on

Q:Plastic steel door expensive, generally how much money?
City price level, the quality is not the same as the price of steel doors are not the same. The general quality of only 180 yuan - 220 yuan, if the use of good quality manufacturers to produce, to 250 - $ 350, is the insulating glass, the insulation effect is better. I suggest you go to the building materials market to see, will understand more clearly,
Q:What is the bright and unsharpable steel doors?
A fixed glass that can not be opened, and a fixed part is separated from the door.
Q:Sanmen doors and windows OKorder broken bridge aluminum doors and windows brand
Plastic window is generally about 300 yuan per square, broken bridge aluminum standard in the 800 to 900 or so per square, depending on whether the window is complicated, whether the high demand for hardware, and the other about 200 yuan it ... ...
Q:Flat open plastic window a little sinking and found the screws a little loose, would like to remove the adjustment, but the hinge will not be demolished, but also in the window, bad operation, please expert guidance, be grateful
Plastic doors and windows of the hinges are generally decorated cover (direct buckle up), need to take this decorative cover to see the screws.
Q:I am in the decoration of the house, but the workers have not used the steel doors and windows to the demolition, to sell. Do not know how much to sell the price? thank you!
Generally 100 yuan a square meter
Q:I recently own decoration, but the shop said the door to hear the dizzy, please experts for my detailed explanation under the steel doors, steel doors, steel doors of the difference and advantages and disadvantages?
Steel doors are made of steel, the interior is filled with wood products, waterproof good for toilet kitchen, a small amount for the bedroom. Plastic steel door profiles are mainly steel, the internal is empty, cheap for the bathroom kitchen, steel doors style colorful and diverse than steel doors. Steel plastic: in the steel material coated with a layer of plastic, there are copper plastic, aluminum plastic.
Q:Developers installed steel hollow steel doors, the quality of fine, do not want to change, but also worried about the aging of steel doors, tangled tangled, knowledgeable friends say it Anonymous | viewed 456 times
Glass loaded sliding door look good
Q:Plastic door switch door when the door is getting bigger and bigger how to do? I was renovated in December last year, the installation of steel doors, the use of six months are better, but nearly half a year, every time the switch door, door hinge (as if) will have a very loud squeak sound. Especially at night, it is harsh. Which is any skill to teach me? Thank you Oiling will bring a troubles: more likely to fouling, leading to the impact of beauty. I would like to know whether this sound represents a fault phenomenon?
This is a common problem. Hinges lack rust-free lubrication, affecting the appearance, will issue a squeak sound, affect the rest. Meikailong and other well-known hinge brand with tiger hotolube or Krupp's hinge hinge grease, colorless and transparent, good adhesion, good durability. Panther has 130 grams of tube packaging, but also for sliding doors and so on. Grease directly applied to the hinge gap, will slowly penetrate into the hinge inside. The maintenance period is four to six months. Should not use the oil or ordinary butter, easy to lose or low temperature freeze, there will be harmful smell volatilize. Vegetable oil will soon rancid produce odor, loss of lubrication.
Q:How much money to do a plastic steel door
This is calculated according to the area,
Q:What are the specific models, and how to define
Each production profiles are not the same, the smallest 50 # series. 60 # .77 # .80 # .85 # .87 # .88 # .90 # and so on

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