Induction Cook Top Top Selling Kitchen Appliances CE/CB/UL/ETL/EMC/ROHS

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Product Description:

  Kitchen appliance Induction Cook Top

  •  120~220V 1300~2000W, Black color      induction cooker 

  • Plate Size:318*382mm

  • Unit Size: 318*382*60

  • Gift Box Size:360*90*425

  • Carton Box Size:470*380*445

  • 20' / 40 '/40HQ : 1770 /3670  / 4300 pcs

  • N.W.: 2.8kg

  • G.W.:3.2kg


  • Detail informations for main parts:


1.  10 Levels adjustable power by "-" and "+"

2. 4 digital LED display with multi-function

3.  24 hours reservation,Timer, ,child lock  ,

4.Temperature Range   140F-464F

5.  Microcomputer touch/slip control

6.  Multiple functions like milk,soup, stew,fried,water,braize,and time setting.

7.100% copper coil, good product quantity.



1.   Portable design

2.  With Child Lock

3.  Anti-magnetic wall

4.  IGBT overheating protection

5.  Over voltage/Low voltage protection

6.  Over current protection

7.  Electro-magnetic cooking system

8.  Energy saving and environment protection

9.  Automatically shut off if lack of pot or the pot is empty.

10. Can be used in office/home

11. Available with auto off moce


  • Powerful feature:

 outdoor travel ceramic cooker, charfing dish, quick frying,boiling,hot pot,stewing and etc;

  1. outdoor travel ceramic cooker, touch control system, LED digital display,quite easy to use;

  2. multi-function electric ceramic camping stove outdoor, it is very suitable for family and commercial specially,  high performance, stable and durable.

  3. high quality pure black crystal glass is very easy to clean and keep, just need to wipe lightly;

  4. high thermal efficiency to save energy compare with the traditional cooking method;

  5. go through strictly QC and aging-test, ensure the safety and its value;

  6. high quality components, professional assembly, giving you great value.


  • Safety


  1. overheating and boiling dry protection;

  2. anti-magnetic well;

  3. child lock to protect your baby;

  4. environmental friendly, smoke-free, do not create any poisonous and harmful gas;

  5. no electromagnetic radiation




OEM and ODM is available!

Induction Cook Top Top Selling Kitchen Appliances CE/CB/UL/ETL/EMC/ROHS


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Q:Why does the electromagnetic cooker boil water for a while? It doesn't heat up. The display is normal. It needs to be shut down for a while. It can be re opened or pressed by the fixed temperature button
This is the overheating protection of electromagnetic oven, heating or boiling things, the time is relatively long, the temperature continues to rise, resulting in overheating protection of electromagnetic stove, so stop. May be the cooling system or IGBT aging, you can go to the United States to look after the sale, check out.
Q:What are the requirements of an induction cooker?
Of course, there are requirements, the pot of materials, if it is casserole, certainly not, iron, stainless steel can. And there must be the bottom of the pot is flat, and the bottom of the pot diameter is also required, as if not less than 10 cm.
Q:Temperature sensing of induction cooker
I did Hot pot business before and I often see you say grease dried condition, I have not dealt with before, there is no impact on the use of electromagnetic oven. In this case you appear now, estimate the furnace itself fails, advise you to repair it!
Q:Has the cooker been heating up for a while?
Intermittent heating function general electromagnetic oven is to prevent the material in the pot (soup, porridge) by boiling and overflow, the electromagnetic oven unique functions, but are located in the 800W file, 600W file, there is some 400W files, there are 200W files, depending on the different products. So if the heating bar is above 800W, there will be "heating for a while", then only the induction cooker is out of order.
Q:How many a inserts are used in the 2100W induction cooker?
2100W induction cooker 10A plug board can be used, generally does not malfunction. The premise is 10A's genuine inserts. As long as 1 copper wire and above can be used, of course, refers to the use of induction cooker, you can not use other high-power appliances. As long as there is no fault line, such as poor contact, etc., the use of induction cooker alone will not be a problem. Because the general induction cooker will not be used for too long, the line is too small will not be a problem, the line must be small, large capacity air switch. 1 of copper wire in the actual use of normal, there has been no use of electromagnetic furnace and burned out the line, while using other electrical appliances, as well as poor contact with the exception.
Q:How does the cooker make steamed fish?
Clean the fish, the fish can be cut off from the abdominal spine (with a knife cut off to prevent the tail), steamed fish and fish bones due to shrinkage deformation, but if your craft is unfamiliar, not to cut the line, not yet begun steaming, put the fish waste deformation. The fish will clean up after the spread of lard in the fish on both sides (you will do it), and then stained with a little liquor (can also try to stick some wine, perhaps to create a new flavor);
Q:How to solve the problem of undervoltage in Wanke electromagnetic furnace?
When the power is on standby, the measuring comparator (ICIA) is fourth feet, the input of the inverting input is normal to the earth, the voltage of the +4V is fifth, the input to the ground is +4.1V, the voltage is normal, and the output voltage of the second pin is normal to the ground, and the +5V voltage is normal. Remove the heating coil, measure the comparator (ICIA), the second pin output to the ground, the +0.2V voltage is normal, when the 0 voltage. Measure (ICIA) fifth pin input to ground 0 voltage. Causes the comparator (ICIA) to turn over rapidly, and the second pin output is changed from high to low. For high level, the comparator (ICIA) is damaged and the damaged (ICIA) is replaced and the machine returns to normal.
Q:How long does it take to cook with an electromagnetic oven? How much electricity does it consume?
The electromagnetic stove is also called the electromagnetic stove. In 1957, the first household induction cooker was born in germany. In 1972, the United States began producing electromagnetic ovens. In the early 1980s, electromagnetic ovens began to sell well in Europe, America and japan. The principle of electromagnetic oven is the electromagnetic induction phenomenon, namely the use of alternating magnetic field changing alternating current through the coil produces the direction of the conductor in an alternating magnetic field inside there will be eddy current (reasons refer to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction), this is to promote the vortex electric field conductor carrier (the pot is electronic rather than iron atoms) the movement caused by the Joule heating effect; eddy current heating of the conductor, so as to realize the heating.
Q:Is the temperature of the electromagnetic oven high or the flame temperature of the gas stove high?
The fire temperature of the gas range is high.The principle of electromagnetic oven is changing alternating magnetic field generated by coils using alternating current, the conductor in an alternating magnetic field inside the eddy current will appear, this is the vortex electric field conductor carrier (push pot is electronic rather than iron atoms) motion induced by Joule heat effect; eddy current heating of the conductor, in order to achieve heating. Its temperature can be strictly controlled, the most common electromagnetic oven for the highest grade of 240 degrees celsius.
Q:Two meters five table, how to fix two electromagnetic oven to eat hot pot? When turning, the line won't tie knot?
When rotating wire does not need knotting, electric turntable movement can be an external electromagnetic oven, the rotary movement above a plurality of reserved power line, as long as the power line of the electromagnetic oven to the reserved line in the movement of the rotation of the disk when with the electromagnetic oven wire to rotate, so that you can avoid knotting, online called electromagnetic oven turntable

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