Induction Cook Top CE/CB/UL/ETL/EMC/ROHS Kitchen Appliances

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Product Description:

  •  Kitchen appliance Induction Cook Top

  •  120~220V 1300~2000W, Black& Silver color      induction cooker 

  • Plate Size:280*270mm

  • Unit Size: 280*360*68

  • Gift Box Size:310*90*395

  • Carton Box Size:470*330*420

  • N.W.:2.1kg

  • G.W.:2.3kg

  • 20' / 40 '/40HQ : 2150 / 4460 / 5230  pcs


  • Detail informations for main parts:


  1. crystal black glass (Grade A);

  2. high-strengths stainless still for knob material;

  3. infrared heating,uniformity,high quality nichrome heating element;

  4. virto ceramic glass  ,Press / Knob control

  5.  4 digital LED display with multi-function

  6. 10 level of temperature and power

  7. Temperature Range   140F-464F

  8. 100% copper coil 


  • Powerful feature:


  1. outdoor travel ceramic cooker, charfing dish, quick frying,boiling,hot pot,stewing and etc;

  2. outdoor travel ceramic cooker, touch control system, LED digital display,quite easy to use;

  3. multi-function electric ceramic camping stove outdoor, it is very suitable for family and commercial specially,  high performance, stable and durable.

  4. high quality pure black crystal glass is very easy to clean and keep, just need to wipe lightly;

  5. high thermal efficiency to save energy compare with the traditional cooking method;

  6. go through strictly QC and aging-test, ensure the safety and its value;

  7. high quality components, professional assembly, giving you great value.


  • Safety


  1. overheating and boiling dry protection;

  2. anti-magnetic well;

  3. child lock to protect your baby;

  4. environmental friendly, smoke-free, do not create any poisonous and harmful gas;

  5. no electromagnetic radiation




OEM and ODM  is available!

Induction Cook Top CE/CB/UL/ETL/EMC/ROHS  Kitchen Appliances


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Q:Why can't Kang Ningguo use the induction cooker?
Suitable for pot: ferromagnetic material, pan or magnetic induction material, pan, such as enamel, cast iron, stainless steel pot. Pan bottom flat, bottom diameter greater than 12cm, less than 26cm. Not suitable for pot: ceramic, glass, aluminum, copper as a material pot; bottom flat pot; the bottom diameter of less than 12cm and greater than 26cm (using Joyoung matching pot).
Q:Which is the best electromagnetic oven?
Electronic product。 It's hard to say which is better or which is not. From material to process control, of course, the beauty of the good. Beauty has now become a monopoly. In this industry. But electronic products are really not. You may have a good time when you buy it. But when I take it home, it might be broken. Because of the electrostatic effects of electronic components. From the rate of repair and after-sales service, the United States should be better.
Q:Can the ordinary aluminum pot be put on the induction cooker?
No, aluminum is not permeance. Use only iron or stainless steel products, and the underside shall not be less than 12 cm in diameter
Q:SUPOR induction cooker is normal, not heating, why?
Is a problem with the pot, two is the fault line temperature control head plate, three is the LM339 fault. Which LM339 most likely, you put the pot right to normal heating, because the temperature is in the middle of the head, you put the pot right after the temperature sensing nature allowed, so can the normal heating. You can also put the temperature head down and away from the furnace surface distance, fault can be ruled out. Just can't automatic temperature control. Check and replace the three points, the natural fault elimination.
Q:Why can't the medical stone pan be used in the cooker?
A container that is not used in an induction cooker:1., aluminum, pure stainless steel, glass and other magnetic differential pot.2. transparent glass bottles sold in the city, if not marked electromagnetic oven applicable, even if the bottom with a metal sheet is not too easy to use, because the metal sheet is too thin, may not conduct heat.3. pan with severe deformation at the bottom.4., the pot has been used gas cooker, because the magnetic conductivity will become worse, so it is not recommended. Available and unusable cookers for induction cookerThe medical stone pot basically does not have magnetism, so it can not be heated on the induction cooker.
Q:What do you mean by energy efficiency in induction cooker?
Level 4 indicates that the energy efficiency of the product is below the market average; grade 5 is the product market access indicator; products below this level are not permitted to be manufactured and sold.
Q:Electromagnetic stove level two energy efficiency what do you mean?
China began promoting energy efficiency labeling policies in 2005, and major appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators were labeled with energy efficiency labels. Since March 1, 2010, some small appliances such as induction cooker, electric fan and rice cooker have been affixed with energy efficiency labeling.
Q:What glue does the induction cooker glass panel use?
Silicone rubber product applications:Construction industry. It is used for bonding glass and metal curtain walls, roof sealing, door and window sealing, and sealing of various water tanks and ceramic tiles.Electronic industry. For electrical and electronic components encapsulation and perfusion material, corrosion proof, shock and impact resistance, resistance to sudden changes of temperature and chemicals.Mould. Silicone rubber is widely used in soft mould industry because of its excellent simulation and good ejection performance.Automobiles, ships and aviation. Used as automotive molding gaskets, window seals, electronic appliances, connectors, corona protection, etc..
Q:Is the induction cooker waterproof? What brand of electromagnetic stove waterproof best?
The waterproof electromagnetic stove mainly aims at the damp weather, the water, the cockroach, the greasy dirt, these natural harm to the electromagnetic stove itself, and has increased the maintenance rate of the electromagnetic oven.Like wet weather, do not say that the electromagnetic oven does not use for a while, that is, most other appliances do not use, there will be problems. Such as: TV, the reaction is not fast, there is noise on the boot, ah, and so on.Water: mainly when we boil water, stir fry dishes and clean the electromagnetic oven, we accidentally throw water droplets and soup onto the main board of the electromagnetic oven, causing some phenomena such as frying machine, short circuit, no electricity and so on.Cockroaches: especially the maintenance master is aware of, open a cooker face shell, what spider net ah, dead cockroaches, cockroaches of feces and urine, dirty, very messy. Cockroaches are big and small. Cockroaches are conductors, too. They can climb everywhere. Cockroaches are the most dangerous to electromagnetic ovens. Many of them are fried IGBT.Oil: a period of time for the electromagnetic oven, whether the fan, or the motherboard, there will be a layer of grease. Oil itself is also a conductor, for a long time, covered on the motherboard, will oxidize, aging, corrosion of electronic components on the motherboard, reducing their life. Also, like a copper wire (oil is a conductor) that connects them to cause a bomb, a break, a short circuit, and so on. Now, with our patented technology has been a very good solution.
Q:What is the reason that the electromagnetic oven shows E1?
Change a pot try, and if it is still E1, open the upper cover, see the electromagnetic disk has a small tube connection, broken not broken, change one.

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