IKS Kiln Shell Infrared Scanning System from China

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The system uses advanced technologies such as infrared radiation temperature measurement, quick rotation scanning, computer real-time processing and image display to realize the non-contact real-time measurement on surface temperature of the whole rotary kiln shell, quickly and intuitively display important information on the computer screen such as: kiln coating formation, ring forming, peeling-off positions of kiln coating or kiln lining, “hot spot” range and kiln coating change. It helps the operator timely know kiln inside conditions, and efficiently improves kiln operation, thus avoiding kiln lining and shell damages, greatly enhancing economic benefits and realizing economic operation of the rotary kiln.

Technical indexes

  • Max scanning angle: 90°~110°

  • Response time: <1μs

  • Space resolution:<± lmrad

  • Scanning range: whole kiln

  • Scanning gap: 6~300px

  • Position accuracy: KPE ensured to be in synchronization with kiln

  • Scanning mode: high speed linear scanning


1. It can continuously monitor kiln shell temperature for 24 hours.

2. It can discover the “hot spot” before ifs formed.

3. It can prolong kiln lining service life.

4. It can reduce kiln stoppage time needed for kiln lining maintenance

5. It can reduce clinker output loss caused by stopping kiln inspection.

Company Introduction

Hefei GoodTimes Automation Co., Ltd. is a technique oriented state-level high-tech enterprise, transformed from Hefei  Jinshan Science and Technology Industrial Company organized  on the basis of automation institute of Hefei Cement Research  & Design Institute Corporation Ltd. under of CNBM.It was  awarded the Anhui Industrial Design Center, Hefei Enterprise  Technology Center, Hefei Brand demonstration Enterprise,  Hefei Engineering Technology Research Center. The core  team is composed of the automation laboratory of construction  institute. It is a scientifific and technological enterprise with a  long history and strong technical strength, which integrates  scientifific research and development, equipment manufacturing,  engineering settings, and technical service.The company has  established a perfect quality assurance system, which has  passed the authentication of ISO9001 quality management  system certifification,ISO14001environment management  system certifification,OHSAS18001 occupational health &  safety management system certifification, level 3 work safety  standardization and Certifificate for China Compulsory product  certifification.It is engaged and specialized in the development  of the whole series of material measurement, process control,  factory power distribution and electric control, monitoring  and control devices for cement production as well as their  manufacturing and services. The company has inherited  innovative development experience from the core team for  more than 60 years. It is staffed with a professional team with  fifirm grasp of the latest technology and rich practical experience.  In product development, production and services, it adheres to  the business concept of “Customer-centered, innovation-driven,  aiming at the win-win”. The company will continue to make  customers feel “carefree, assured and content"

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