hyaluronic acid for eye-drop,ophthalmic grade

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Product Description:

hyaluronic acid for eye-drop,ophthalmic grade

hyaluronic acid for eye-drop,ophthalmic grade

1.High Safety

 (1)Bacteria and raw materials for fermentation are safe.

      Non animal sources: It is produced by bacterial fermentation. All the ingredients of medium are non animal sources.

      Non GMO: The strain is widely accepted as safe and is included in EP, JP, and China National Standard.

  (2) Products are safe

      Products has been tested and proven safe and non toxic.

 2.High Purity

     Product quality is much higher than European Pharmacopoeia standard and China National Standard, with much lower impurities.

     The endotoxin of Products tested by Charles River is less than 0.0025IU/mg.

 3.High Stability

     Stability tests were conducted to prove that our products quality is stable under its recommended storage and transportation conditions.



Product Catagory




Medical Grade

Sodium Hyaluronate

Lubricating,moisturizing,improving efficacy of drugs, relieving dry eye syndrome, and promote healing of corneal and conjunctival injury

Eye drops, eye lotions,

contact lens solutions,

medical lubricants, etc.

Wound healing

Topical preparations

(formulations of gel, film, etc.)

Drug or cell carrier/matrix

Eye drops, cell culture, etc.

Repairing damaged mucous membrane or cartilage, etc.

Oral pharmaceutical preparations

Injection Grade

Sodium Hyaluronate

Viscoelasticity, protecting corneal endothelium

Ophthalmic viscosurgical devices (OVD)

Lubricating, viscoelasticity, repairing damage cartilage, inhibition of inflammation, pain relief, etc.

Intra-articular injection

Properties of good  biocompatibility and degradability of HA and its derivatives

Anti-adhesive products,

dermal filler, scaffold materials in tissue engineering, etc.

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Q:whats the additive inverse of 12.?
Between $45.00 and $175.00 depending on where you buy the tire and which shop you go to and their labor rates.
Q:I have a 1983 Series 3 Land rover (Lightweight), should it run on unleaded or does it need the additive?
it will run on un leaded .may need small adjustment to ignition timing?,
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They are basically fuel injector cleaners. AND YES they work to improve your MPG (if your injectors are clogged). But nobody uses those fuel additive for every tank (I often add about 1 or 2 tankful before the inspection). Forget all those SAVE GAS scams. This was on NBC morning TV show. The difference is as much as 38% (their claim). There are very simple rules to save gas: (1) drive slow - not too much past 55 (2) accelerate slowly (3) don't brake unnecessarily (4) use cruise control - whenever it is safe to do so. Don't coast - it is NOT safe and it does NOT save gas. The above really works. Using those simple rules I was able to drive from Boston to NYC (210.5 miles) on just 5.112 gallon (94 Civic). That's 41 MPG (94 Civic 187K miles). Actually I was speeding at 72 MPH so I could do even better at 55. WOW !! Assuming you are suffering from bad MPG. Get a tune up : (1) spark plugs (2) spark plug wires (3) coils, (4) distributors, (5) PCV, etc. (6) fuel injector (carb) cleaner - important Check your tire pressure. Get the ODB II scanned to see if it is reading and engine diag code. Sometime failing MAF sensor, O2 sensor or water temp sensor can kill your MPG. The water temp sensor is particularly cheap but a big MPG problem if it fails. The computer thinks that the engine has NEVER warmed and constantly run rich. And failed water temp sensor often does NOT create check engine light. As simple as that. Good Luck.
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its the number in a set of numbers that bring a number to 0 if added or subtracted for example: the additive inverse of -10 is 10 or the AI of 41 is -41
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Additives for chemicals have different purposes. If you are studying effects of medicines, there are many class of additives. Most common are fillers - This compounds help in preparing dilution for tablating (or other forms of medicines) to help tableting exact dose. These are generally starch or salts. There are some additives being used to encapsulate the medicine. This help in delivering the medicine in the targeted zone. his compounds protect the medicine from being absorbed in region where it is not required - and in most cases it works on pH balance or presence of some specific ions. This compounds indirectly help in improving the efficiency of medicine. Some additives are made to increase the efficiency of the medicine. They are some times other medicine - combination preparations or some enzyme like compounds. It is known as synergistic effect. Increased efficiency - effect of medicines can be identified as hyper activity in body. Some additives are binders - that help tablating.
Q:Please! Help me! I‘ll give you 10 pts
You'll have more power if you replace it with an aftermarket system.
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Save your money on the additives and make sure your car is well tuned. Depending on what kind of vehicle you have , it could be a wide range of different things, or even a combination, that is making your car difficult to start. What you really want to be concentrating on is your fuel system here and not your crankcase. Make sure you are using the recommended oil viscosity as the car calls for and leave that be. Make sure your air filter is clean as well as the fuel filter. Check to see how long it's been since you changed the spark plugs and cap rotor if you have them. Are you using the correct octane fuel that the car requires ? So basically, to answer your question. No, there really isn't anything that you can put in your oil that will concentrate on your problem. It may be time for a fuel system cleaning or adjustment. Good luck to you.
Q:i have a 2003 ford ranger edge, it runs good but running better is always great, is there a engine/fuel additive that actually works
None! They are all worthless, many of the additive companies have been taken to court by the Feds and have lost! Use a good quality motor oil and filter (Wix or Purolator) at the recommended intervals and that's all you need to do. As far as fuel goes just avoid cut-rate gas stations.
Q:Where can I find a paint additive that will help with weed control?
I dont have a paint additive but 2 quarts boiling water mixed with 1/4 cup of salt will kill them. too keep them from coming back sprinkle salt down after that dries.
Q:is an additive inverse of a number always negative?
The additive inverse is only negative if you take the additive inverse of a POSITIVE number. However, if you take the additive inverse of a NEGATIVE number then the answer would be positive.

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