hyaluronic acid for eye-drop,ophthalmic grade

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hyaluronic acid for eye-drop,ophthalmic grade

hyaluronic acid for eye-drop,ophthalmic grade

1.High Safety

 (1)Bacteria and raw materials for fermentation are safe.

      Non animal sources: It is produced by bacterial fermentation. All the ingredients of medium are non animal sources.

      Non GMO: The strain is widely accepted as safe and is included in EP, JP, and China National Standard.

  (2) Products are safe

      Products has been tested and proven safe and non toxic.

 2.High Purity

     Product quality is much higher than European Pharmacopoeia standard and China National Standard, with much lower impurities.

     The endotoxin of Products tested by Charles River is less than 0.0025IU/mg.

 3.High Stability

     Stability tests were conducted to prove that our products quality is stable under its recommended storage and transportation conditions.



Product Catagory




Medical Grade

Sodium Hyaluronate

Lubricating,moisturizing,improving efficacy of drugs, relieving dry eye syndrome, and promote healing of corneal and conjunctival injury

Eye drops, eye lotions,

contact lens solutions,

medical lubricants, etc.

Wound healing

Topical preparations

(formulations of gel, film, etc.)

Drug or cell carrier/matrix

Eye drops, cell culture, etc.

Repairing damaged mucous membrane or cartilage, etc.

Oral pharmaceutical preparations

Injection Grade

Sodium Hyaluronate

Viscoelasticity, protecting corneal endothelium

Ophthalmic viscosurgical devices (OVD)

Lubricating, viscoelasticity, repairing damage cartilage, inhibition of inflammation, pain relief, etc.

Intra-articular injection

Properties of good  biocompatibility and degradability of HA and its derivatives

Anti-adhesive products,

dermal filler, scaffold materials in tissue engineering, etc.

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