Hotel PE Rattan Weaving Sofa HC-26

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Shenzhen, China
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50 Sets set
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300 Sets Per Month set/month

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Hotel PE rattan weaving sofa set HC-26


Competitive prices with high quality



Description of Hotel PE  Rattan Weaving Sofa Set HC-26


1.Material: Alumium and PE rattan furniture weaving funiture.


2. Color: frame and fabric color will finished depend your requirment.


3. Cushion.Mould foam and high density foam for seater and back, fabric for cover.


4. 100% hand made and weaving.


single armless seat71*81*58cm
two seats sofa145*81*58cm
single coner sofa81*81*58cm
coffee table115*65*44cm
Coffee tablewith 8mm tempered glass


Frame: Alumium tube powder coating finished


Seat & back: PE flat rattan,With cushion and pillows


The color of PE rattan seat cushion and pillows is selectable




Applications & use:  hotels, banqueting halls, homes etc.




Packaging and delivery:




Hotel PE Rattan Weaving Sofa HC-26

Hotel PE Rattan Weaving Sofa HC-26

Hotel PE Rattan Weaving Sofa HC-26




Factory View:



Hotel PE Rattan Weaving Sofa HC-26

Hotel PE Rattan Weaving Sofa HC-26

Hotel PE Rattan Weaving Sofa HC-26





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Hotel PE Rattan Weaving Sofa HC-26

Hotel PE Rattan Weaving Sofa HC-26

Hotel PE Rattan Weaving Sofa HC-26


Hotel PE Rattan Weaving Sofa HC-26

Hotel PE Rattan Weaving Sofa HC-26


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Q:The difference between a sofa skin and a leather coat
Rough leather sofa is rough, but durable and wear-resistant, soft leather sofa, lying comfortable, relative, but also easy to wear.
Q:Why do towels and rags have a layer of white hair after they have finished cleaning the table or sofa?
Because towels will drop some small villi, and towels surface easily stained with dust, so wipe the sofa dust is easy to stay on the sofa surface. Try cleaning the towels several times before you clean the sofa...
Q:Which brands are good for bed and sofa?
We recommend you directly to the manufacturers authorized stores to buy counterfeit goods, formaldehyde exceed the standard, filling the odor, great harm to the body, the sofa as other things every day in contact with the human body is not cheap, thousands of dollars can buy back to health
Q:What is engineering furniture?
Engineering furniture, usually furniture, wood finishes and so on, are mainly on-site installation or on-site construction. In contrast, movable furniture, movable furniture and factory direct production can be transported to the site.
Q:Classification and differentiation of hotel rooms
Single room: a room with an area of 16~20 square meters, with toilet and other accessories. There is a single bed in the room.Standard room: a standard room with two single beds or a double bed. This room is suitable for two guests and couples. It is suitable for living in a tourist group.Deluxe / Deluxe Room: there are two single beds or double beds in the room. The room is decorated and the facilities in the room are higher than the standard onesThe price is higher than the standard.Business room: there are two single beds or double beds in the room. The room can be connected to the Internet to meet the needs of the business guests.
Q:The sofa is not fit to sit
The three is a soft fabric is broken, the best to do, for a cover can be the best use of high density cotton or linen cloth do we wear, hotel sofa fabric is soft on wear resistance requirements 50 thousand times more expensive, the fabric density is high, no matter what the market to buy the brand sofa density not so good, good fabric sofa is more expensive than the cost of businesses will also consider the cost. These are for your reference.
Q:Hotel lobby sofa, buy leather or cloth? Do you have any idea?
If you want the atmosphere a bit, choose the cortex, want warm and casual, choose cloth art, day Lida style a lot, you can choose.
Q:What is the size of the dining room sofa?
Many people like to import the dining room sofa, should pay attention, this kind of sofa size generally is 900mmX900mm, puts them in the small unit living room, often can make the sitting room looks small.
Q:That kind of sponge is best for sofas
Buy leather sofa, leather to burnish, no scar, texture, texture delicate, live a upwards tug pinch with the finger tips, should handle flexible strong, after the nap can sit wrinkles disappear or not obvious, such fine leather leather.Attention should buy fabric sofa, sofa seat, back sets are advised to live sets structure, a high-grade cotton lining fabric sofa general, and other vulnerable parts can be obtained. Sofa fabric should be relatively thick, and its grams focus on 300 grams / square meters of more durable, and must ensure that more than 12000 times friction, surface does not pilling. Sofa fabric can be divided into domestic and imported, Europe and the United States professional manufacturers sofa fabric quality, color difference is small, high color fastness, fabrics is inclined, especially some high-grade fabrics to improve the antifouling ability, the surface of the special treatment. Imported high-grade fabric also has anti-static, flame retardant and other functions. To buy fabric sofa, choose fabric warp and weft lines, fine and smooth, without jumping silk, no exposed joints, feel the tension. Sewing to see whether even straight pins, two forced grilled seams to see if the opposite edge is tight, round and plump.
Q:What are the sizes of the sofa?
Height is the maximum distance from the ground to the top of the sofa. It is the same concept as the usual height. The height of the seat refers to the distance from the ground to the seating surface.Europe and the big sofa seat will be high in 430-470 between the height, cause Asian stature, height between 40-45 basically is OK, the total high according to the sofa style, best not to change.Because of the variety of style and style of sofa, it is difficult to have an absolute size standard, only some regular general size.The arm of the sofa is generally high 560600mmSingle type: length: 800-950mm, depth: 850-900mm; seat height: 350-420mm; back height: 700-900mmDouble type: length: 1260-1500mm; depth: 800-900mm three person: length: 1750-1960mm; depth: 800-900mmFour person: length: 2320-2520mm; depth 800-900mmThis need attention: the general import sofa or sofa, sofa, European classical American sofa more atmosphere, larger occupation space, if you put them in small units in the living room, the living room tends to look more narrow.
We specialize in producing various outdoor furniture and appliances, including aluminum wicker furniture, stainless steel furniture, teak and aluminum furniture, aluminum furniture, fabric furniture and outdoor umbrellas and extension tables.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Foshan, China
Year Established 2008
Annual Output Value Above US$1 Million
Main Markets Mid East; Europe;
Company Certifications

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a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shenzhen; Guangzhou
Export Percentage 20% - 40%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 50 People
Language Spoken: Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 20,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 8
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered; Custom offered
Product Price Range High; Average