Home Decorative Hotel Feather Pillow for Cotton Linen

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Home Decorative Hotel Feather Pillow  for Cotton Linen

1.Itemfloor cushion seating sofa
2.Composition100% polyester
3.Size:40*40cm,45*45cm,40*80cm,50*50cm,50"*60"cm,60*60cm, customized
4.Weight:GW:22kgs NW:21kgs
5.Colour:Black, blue, orange, brown, green
6.Certificate:ISO9001, OEKO-TEX 100
7.Quanlity:Strict quality control system of IQC,IPQC,FQC
8.Spec:Usually 288F
9.Market:All over the world
10.Logo:Print, embroidery or jacquard
14.Use:Cushion cover ,sofa cover ,yoga cushion cover and so on
15.Design:Personalized design
16.Cabinet20'FCLAbout 5500pcs
17.Cabinet40'FCLAbout 10000pcs
18.Cabinet40'HQAbout 16000pcs
20.Loading port:Shenzhen or Shanghai

Available Options:

Home Decorative Hotel Feather Pillow  for Cotton Linen

1.Material:Fabric as your choice
2.Color:Any colours
3.Logo:make with your logo
4.Quanlity:Luxury quality, AZO Free and low Cadmium
5.Design:Over 1000 designs for you to chose, or as yours
6.Sample:Free sample
7.Certificate:Formaldehyde, tested by SGS, Meet EU Standard
8.FeatureSoft touch, durable, absorbency, AZO-free, color fastness
9.OEMOEM is available
10.Details:Talk by mail
11.Inspection:Be strict on quality control
12.Delivery Times:delivery on time

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Home Decorative Hotel Feather Pillow  for Cotton Linen

1. Inquiry-Professional quotation.
2. Confirm the price, lead time, artwork, payment term etc.
3. Please pay the deposit after recieve our Proforma Invoice
4. Pay 30% deposit, 70% balance against the BL copy
5. Will arange to production after approval the PP samples
6. Delivery time depends on after confirm all details
7. Can arrange inspection as your request
8. Clients make payment for balance before ship the goods.
9. Order can be say “finish” when you receive the goods and satisfy with them
10. Feedback to us about Quality, Service, Market Feedback & Suggestion. We can better



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Q:In the winter you can use ice silk cushion car
Ice silk material can automatically adjust humidity, high temperature weather warming up slowly, at the same time it can make we can feel cool, very comfortable in the car, as well as antistatic, anti radiation effect. In general there is no winter ice silk cushion on the principle of error, not say must not be used in the cold winter, just sitting on the ice silk cushion we will feel chilly. After all, ice silk cushion is a cool air cushion, the moisture content is most consistent with our human skin need. Ice silk cushion smooth surface, sitting above we feel cool in the summer, is the best. Then, in the winter it is best not to choose the ice suggested material cushion. After all, it is very cold in winter, although the car has air conditioning, but we got on the bus, sitting in the car, there will be a cool feeling, not only is not good for the body, but also not conducive to driving.
Q:What kind of good cushion do you use for office cushion?
The second is the cushion thickness should be moderate, not too thin nor too thick to thin, so not to hold up the role of the waist. When choosing cushion, put cushion on the waist, if there is no discomfort in the waist for ten minutes, it indicates that the cushion is thick and thin
Q:What line should I use for hook cushion?
Hook cushion method:The first method: 1. hook a long pigtail pin (the length you need). 2., from the hook to the last 6 needles, in which a long hook hook. 3. hooks, 3 stitches, 3 pins from the last sixth, and a long hook. Repeat 3 later.Second methods: 1. hook 9 pin pigtail needle, in the first holes hook a long needle, forming a square, 2. hook, 6 pin braids, from the long needle, reciprocal 3 needle, hook a long needle, forming second squares, repeat 2, hook out of a row of squares.A row of squares will hook up. The second row, the first hook, the 6 pin, the first in the last, the long needle out of a needle long needle. After 3 pins, a long needle. And so on, you complete a large square.
Q:Which kind of cushion is better in summer?
The flax cushion adopts natural flax fiber as the raw material, and has the characteristics of air permeability, cool separation, heat insulation, anti-static electricity, environmental protection and dust contamination. But linen cushions are hard to distinguish between true and false, and some businesses use cotton cotton cushions as fake linen cushions to deceive consumers. So the purchase should pay attention to some points: Generally speaking, softer than cotton linen cushion cushion; flax intensity than cotton, soft than cotton hard; in the sun starts to feel linen cushion, can feel the temperature dropped 3 to 5 degrees Celsius; another linen cushion is shiny.
Q:How many kinds of equipment are needed for producing automobile cushion?
The role of car cushion:(1) comfort. Because of the driver's special occupation, driving for a long time is easy and particularly tired. There are 1 comfortable cushions which are very important to the body,(2) protect the leather seats. As many cars are equipped with leather chairs, so the protection of the cushion is also very critical (3) health, promote blood circulation, eliminate tension fatigue, and achieve health care purposes
Q:How big is the whole body massage cushion?
A what is false, multi massage head also depends on the strength and comfort, the most important thing is to massage pad quality inside the motor, many massage pad started very comfortable, then the noise is increased, not on strike, anyway, not much massage pad can work for several years now, unless there is a guarantee the quality of thousands of tens of thousands, hundreds of pieces of it in the first half of life! Typing death, hope to adopt!
Q:The wool cushion is yellow. How do you clean it?
Wool cushion cleaning method three, professional dry cleaning shop processingAlthough a small number of dry cleaners can be dry cleaned, fur upholstery, but because the equipment is not professional, it is difficult to achieve the desired level of cleanliness. Moreover, the fur cushion, not clean can be used, with the dry cleaning suit must be professional and meticulous, visible as crisp ironing will be out of order, after dry cleaning fur cushion felting, hair dry, intertwined, must undergo professional ironing finishing, dry hair will bright, straight effect.Therefore, if you want to dry pad dry, you must carefully select dry cleaning shop, pay attention to its size and quality.
Q:Automotive silicone anti-skid cushion, how practical?
Now a lot of cushion used this slip silicone, still relatively high practicality, as long as it is for the convenience of a rear mounted, anti-skid effect is good, but this is only suitable for leather cushion, cushion cortical antiskid effect is very good, there is no effect of anti-skid cloth seats
Q:Does the car cushion come in different types?
The material classification, car seat is divided into bamboo cool mat, herbaceous cool cushion, jade cool pad, wooden bead cushion, cushion, cool cool linen silk cool pad, ice cool pad, VEKA cool pad, nano rattan cool cushion, water cowhide mat, four pad, cassia seed hawthorn seed mat, bamboo charcoal pad four seasons four, magnetic stone cushion, seat cushion, seat cushion cashmere wool, wolf cushion (generally known as the wolf dogskin seat cushion, seat cushion, raccoon, mink) leather seat cushion, seat cushion, seat cushion, badger, otter rabbit seat cushion, seat cushion, feather fox fur wool cushion etc..
Q:What's a stuffed thing in a plush toy?
Nano toys is a new type of environmentally friendly toys, also known as foam toys, particle toys, negative ion toys, soft, comfortable, flexible, and difficult to deformation. The nano toy stuffing is 0.5- 1.0MM plastic particles, and is made by the nanometer titanium dioxide and the nanometer silver ion synergistic mechanism and processed by the coated nanometer silver and titanium mother liquor.

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