High-strength non shrinkage grouting material

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Product Description:

   grouting material is a kind of high strength cementitious materials, many kinds of compound admixtures and selected aggregate after the special craft preparation, special grouting material has the characteristics of high fluidity, no shrinkage, early strength and high strength etc..



Detection value

Compressive strength (MPa)

The 3 day



The 28 day



Mobility (seconds)

5 - 8

Expansion rate (3 days)%

0 - 0.040


A variety of machinery, electrical equipment (heavy equipment, high precision grinding machine) one or two grouting and equipment installed without bed piece.

Steel structure installation engineering.

Reinforcement and civil architecture.

Zhuji, rock pile, grouting fixation.

· impermeable,leak proof engineering.

Packing and storage:

Each packet of grouting material quality is 25kg ± 0.5kg,composite paper bag lined with plastic bag.

Storage note: dry, cool. From the production date, without moisture preservation storage for a period of six months. Extended need re examination, qualified before use.

Key points of construction:

Foundation treatment

· cut surface concrete foundation,and the hair clean.

· equipment base surface (grouting material contact surfaces)prior to remove rust and oil etc..

In the grouting before 4 hours, on the surface of the concrete foundation applied to moist, when water is not water.


· position adjustment device, according to the foundation construction drawing requirements in equipment floor around on the template.

· the template should support tight, to prevent leakage of slurry.


· the amount of water:each bag grouting material (25kg)with the content of 3.5 - 4.0KG, such as construction do not need large fluidity can reduce water consumption.Mixing water should be used to drinking water.The other water source, should be consistent with the "concrete mixing water standard"(JGJ63)regulations.

· mixing procedure:add a prescribed amount of water in the mixer in the mixing barrel,the grouting material (about half a bag) into the barrel stirring diluted,the remaining material into the mixing,time control from beginning to end in one minute.

· stirring note: mixing,leaves should be along the barrel periphery around move slowly,so that the bottom of the barrel and the barrel wall adhesion dry to mixing;mixing blade not to grouting material surface,in order to avoid the air into the grouting material.

· grouting material mixing well should be timely watering.The time of irrigation,as far as possible from the side of injection,to facilitate discharge device based on a concrete base and air.When necessary,can use the bamboo slice tool guide.

· grouting after the start must be continuous, can not be interrupted.Single grain filling time should be controlled within an hour.

· stirring equipment: double handle electric drill,power ≥ 450W ≥ 500r/min,speed,the blade is made of =1.2mm thick steel plate,the blade of φ 150mm, φ 12mm steel stirring rod

The other stirring mode (such as mortar mixer), if there is a piece of material, must use the other way and mash it stir.

· field use,is strictly prohibited in the grouting material mixed with any additive,additive.No grouting material mix and other manufacturers,to ensure the quality of engineering.


· after casting,not to the equipment and filling layer by vibration,collision of 24 hours.Grouting material and final setting time is 2-4 hours,shall grouting on exposed layer smooth before final set.After the final set that should be covered with wet straw bags or cloth,and water conservation, 2-6 times a day.The curing temperature is over 15 DEG C,7 days curing period.If the scene when the low temperature can prolong the maintenance period.

· construction in winter to heat preservation measures.


· removal should be completed after 24 hours in the water,after stripping continued maintenance.

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