glass magnesium board;Mgo Board;Magnesium oxide Board

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Formaldehyde: E0

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glass magnesium board;Mgo Board;Magnesium oxide Board

glass magnesium board;Mgo Board;Magnesium oxide Board

glass magnesium board;Mgo Board;Magnesium oxide Board

glass magnesium board;Mgo Board;Magnesium oxide Board


 Glass magnesium board(commonly known as magnesium oxide board) is created by magnesium oxide,magnesium sultate and water,the glass fiber is enhanced materials,it is a new type non-flammable decorative material made of lightweight materials.The products are fireproof,waterproof,shockproof,tasteless,non-,ice-free,dows not rot,does not crack,deformable,noncombustible,high strengh light weight,convenient construction,long service life and has a special perforance compound compare with similar products throughout the country.

   Material composition of Bo-mei board:active high-purity magnesium oxide(MgO),high-qulity magnesium sulfate(MgSO4),alkali glass fiber cloth,flexible excellent plant fiber,non-combustible lightweight perlite,polymers,high-performance modifying agent.


Specifications:1220mm X 2440mm;  915mm X 2135mm;

Thickness      :3mm;5mm;6mm;8mm;9mm;10mm;12mm;15mm;18mm;24mm;30mm;

Performance parameters:

1:   Apparent density:  0.85-1.5t/m3

2:   Moisture content:  ≤8%

3:   Shrinkage          :  ≤0.3%

4:   Swelling rate      :  ≤0.6%

5:   Screw grip force:  ≥20N/mm

6:   Brine back of anti:  No drops no damp

7:   Chloride ion content:  ≤10%

8:   Fire performance  :  A1-level non-combustible

9:   Fire resistance  :  ≥2h(6mm double-side single-layer board composed 90mm light partition)

10: Fire resistance  :  ≥4h(12mm magnesium double-side single-layer board composed 90mm light partition)

11: Environmental Safety: formaldehyde-free,no radioactive,no asbestos

12: Resitance to water permeability: there is no significant wet or water on the back

13: Smoke factor:1.8Ca


FEATURES:Fireproof performance; Superior strength;Waterproof;Environmental health;Lightearthquake;Thermal enerhgy;Economic benefits;Durable;Noise peace;Insects and mildew;Versatility......


Fireproof performance:Bolivian magnesium fire board has good fireproof performance,it ison-combustible plate,the burning duration time is zero,1200℃ without flame,achieved A1 fireproof level,partition system made of high-bilge keel,firep resistance is up to 4 hours,it can absorb a lot of heat during buring process and delay ambient temperature.







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Q:How can quickly calculate the number of panels used in the cabinet cabinet ah?
To the width of the calculation, the average of about 3 per meter.
Q:How to use a simple method to detect whether it is 316 stainless steel sheet
Third-party testing company simply to test the first nickel if there are 10 nickel and then test molybdenum, phosphorus can probably distinguish if you do not want such a trouble to measure a material analysis (all elements, including all the grades to help you analyze)
Q:Ecological board and imported incense board which light fastness
Ecological board and imported incense board which is more light, first of all we have to know that the ecological board is a man-made sheet, he is made of an environmentally friendly materials, and incense wood is a plate, from the light Aspect, it is certainly cooler wood.
Q:The advantages and disadvantages of the plate frame, what brand is better?
Material: high-tech plastic memory sheet manufacturing. Design: tailored for the majority of fashion and the pursuit of quality students. Features: simple and neat design style, the overall performance of a stable one Face, using the right color process. Emphasis on mirror legs On the three-dimensional changes. Accessories: mirror feet and feet perfect fusion, like totally natural, the lens shape is very personalized. Performance characteristics: a certain degree of flexibility, when a little hard to bend or tighten after relaxation, shape memory sheet will be restored. Cut the frame with a cellulose acetate sheet. The characteristics of the plate is not easy to burn, relatively light, almost no exposure to ultraviolet light and color, hardness greater gloss better, durable, easy to heat processing, style is more beautiful, easy to wear after deformation.
Q:Is there a sheet with a flame retardant function?
The market should still have a lot of, after all, now everyone's security awareness are put up. Before the concern of the wood industry's fire-retardant board seems to be doing this, you can see.
Q:How to get rid of formaldehyde in furniture sheet?
Formaldehyde capture agent Into the new home, the new office, the newly renovated shops, there will be dazzling, pungent, throat discomfort, which is caused by formaldehyde. Formaldehyde (HCHO) has been recognized by the World Health Organization as carcinogenic and teratogenic substances, is recognized as allergic sources, can cause respiratory diseases, women's irregular menstruation, neonatal malformations, acute mental depression, severe can lead to respiratory, , Gastrointestinal cancer. At present, the visible formaldehyde trapping agent can penetrate into the artificial plate to produce active adsorption, capture and react to formaldehyde free molecules. Once the reaction produces non-toxic polymer compounds, it will never decompose, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid and effective elimination of formaldehyde. Special Note: The product is simple to operate, sprayed on a variety of man-made sheet surface and furniture on the back and back. Price reference: 600ml loaded for 68 yuan (Tianyun licensing).
Q:What types of health music board types?
There are paint-free eco-board, blockboard, gypsum board, finger board, etc., you go to their store to see, will understand the more detailed point.
Q:What are the benefits of taking the wood in the room?
Disadvantages: Wooden houses need to deal with anti-corrosion processes. In the earthquake, moisture, fire, insulation and other aspects of short board.
Q:What plate is hard and light and not expensive?
Cement foam board The main material is cement, adding hydrogen peroxide, hard calcium, fly ash and cement foaming agent fusion foam. Foam cement insulation board is the wall insulation and wall insulation fire isolation zone with the best insulation material, its advantages are: low thermal conductivity, good insulation effect, not burning, waterproof, strong adhesion with the wall, high strength , Non-toxic radiation substances, environmental protection. Non-combustible materials, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, low-carbon. Is the country to vigorously promote a new type of material, the fire performance to reach A1 level. The product of high compressive strength (with the plastic foam ratio), low thermal conductivity, and concrete bonding firm, consistent with the expansion coefficient, the use of consistent with the building. Mainly used for roof insulation board, inside and outside the wall insulation board, bonding mortar directly with cement mortar bonding, for external wall insulation board coating surface, can be directly used waterproof cracking mortar and fiberglass mesh cloth can be protective layer. Paste the tiles, you can hang wire mesh can play plastic anchor, outside the application of anti-cracking mortar paste tiles.
Q:How to choose the wardrobe of the wardrobe?
Now do the type of wardrobe cabinet is more abundant than in previous years, customers can choose more room, a few years ago, the basic cabinet is the production of the field is more, the first is to use the wood board to do the surface of the cabinet in the paste wave soft leather , With solid wood lines closed mouth, and later with a single layer of fir board to do the cabinet, but the problem is a single layer of fir board easy to crack, and later appeared in three layers of fir board, cracking deformation problem is solved but slightly slightly rough surface, if the brush Clear water paint and feel not environmentally friendly, the scene of the cabinet with a small particle board is not because the board can not solve the problem when the arbor and edge. First in my personal preference for multi-layer board to do the cabinet box, because the advantages of multi-board is not afraid of blisters, do closet with Malacca solid wood board or fir wood, this plate production process glue less. A statement is for reference only.

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