glass magnesium board;Mgo Board;Magnesium oxide Board

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Formaldehyde: E0

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glass magnesium board;Mgo Board;Magnesium oxide Board

glass magnesium board;Mgo Board;Magnesium oxide Board

glass magnesium board;Mgo Board;Magnesium oxide Board

glass magnesium board;Mgo Board;Magnesium oxide Board


 Glass magnesium board(commonly known as magnesium oxide board) is created by magnesium oxide,magnesium sultate and water,the glass fiber is enhanced materials,it is a new type non-flammable decorative material made of lightweight materials.The products are fireproof,waterproof,shockproof,tasteless,non-,ice-free,dows not rot,does not crack,deformable,noncombustible,high strengh light weight,convenient construction,long service life and has a special perforance compound compare with similar products throughout the country.

   Material composition of Bo-mei board:active high-purity magnesium oxide(MgO),high-qulity magnesium sulfate(MgSO4),alkali glass fiber cloth,flexible excellent plant fiber,non-combustible lightweight perlite,polymers,high-performance modifying agent.


Specifications:1220mm X 2440mm;  915mm X 2135mm;

Thickness      :3mm;5mm;6mm;8mm;9mm;10mm;12mm;15mm;18mm;24mm;30mm;

Performance parameters:

1:   Apparent density:  0.85-1.5t/m3

2:   Moisture content:  ≤8%

3:   Shrinkage          :  ≤0.3%

4:   Swelling rate      :  ≤0.6%

5:   Screw grip force:  ≥20N/mm

6:   Brine back of anti:  No drops no damp

7:   Chloride ion content:  ≤10%

8:   Fire performance  :  A1-level non-combustible

9:   Fire resistance  :  ≥2h(6mm double-side single-layer board composed 90mm light partition)

10: Fire resistance  :  ≥4h(12mm magnesium double-side single-layer board composed 90mm light partition)

11: Environmental Safety: formaldehyde-free,no radioactive,no asbestos

12: Resitance to water permeability: there is no significant wet or water on the back

13: Smoke factor:1.8Ca


FEATURES:Fireproof performance; Superior strength;Waterproof;Environmental health;Lightearthquake;Thermal enerhgy;Economic benefits;Durable;Noise peace;Insects and mildew;Versatility......


Fireproof performance:Bolivian magnesium fire board has good fireproof performance,it ison-combustible plate,the burning duration time is zero,1200℃ without flame,achieved A1 fireproof level,partition system made of high-bilge keel,firep resistance is up to 4 hours,it can absorb a lot of heat during buring process and delay ambient temperature.







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Q:Plate furniture formaldehyde release national standard is
Formaldehyde over the standard, then governance ah, you can carry out long-term ventilation, so that the air convection to the indoor harmful gases out of the room, you can also use some activated carbon and other physical adsorption, a lot of big leaves like formaldehyde plants like. But these are these to be long-term, not all of a sudden on the good governance. Want to quickly manage formaldehyde can be used ring Kang in addition to aldehyde enzyme ah, can quickly and effectively control the formaldehyde, benzene and other indoor harmful gases.
Q:Three thousand square plate is good?
I think you still have to believe that a sub-quality goods, choose the plate, can not just look at the price, but also depends on the quality, reliable quality and stability to deal with home decoration. So I can only say that the home decoration or the need for an environmentally friendly space so I think the election three thousand square or value for money, specifically to see your needs!
Q:Jin Liyuan plate quality how
n Liyuan plate I have not used, do not know the quality of the like. I use the plate is more king coconut plate, the price is quite high.
Q:Computer tables, two kinds of sheet: particleboard / melamine board MDF / fiber board which is better material?
MDF is a plant wood fiber as the main raw material, by the hot mill, pavement, hot forming and other processes made. MDF surface smooth and smooth, fine material, stable performance, the edge of a solid, and the decorative surface of the board is good. But the density of the board is less tolerant of moisture, and in contrast, the density of the clamping force of the board less than the particle board, screw tightening if the loose, because the density of the board is not high, it is difficult to fix. Particleboard is made of natural wood crushed into pellets, and then pressed by the adhesive, because the profile similar to honeycomb, so called particleboard, environmental protection coefficient is much higher than the density board. Many manufacturers produce furniture using particleboard, but also the main material of the cabinet. Particleboard surface is often rubbed with trimethylenediamine on both sides of the finish, the edge of the treatment and MDF appearance of the same, the use of special connection assembly, removable. So recommend particleboard.
Q:Glasses and plastic glasses how to distinguish
1, strictly speaking, their raw materials are basically the same, but the difference lies in the production process is different. Plastic glasses production process for injection molding, the first production mold, and then melt the plastic into the mold to form glasses frames. Is the first plastic through the compression process to form a sheet, and then through the NC machine tool cutting the formation of glasses frame, the density is higher than the plastic glasses, so the heavier weight, and more durable, easy to wear after deformation; 2, plastic glasses, the material is relatively low, and now very few people have worn, and the pattern is also called boring, not suitable for the pursuit of fashion young people choose.As the plate is the first form of glasses, so you can produce all kinds of Pattern, beautiful fashion, is the best choice for many young people. Table glasses and plastic glasses the difference between the glasses glasses not only light and will not cause skin sensitivity, the use of materials is environmentally friendly products, our skin more no side effects, Relatively wear, the disadvantage is not easy to heat processing adjustment.
Q:What is the board for the speaker
This speaker is the stage speaker, if the home use, the speaker power is too large --- amplifier needs a lot of power (horn power 2 times) to push, have enough strength. However, the power amplifier is only 100W can also push it to listen to music, but the sound of the lack of strength, the best state of the speaker can not play out only. Plate thickness of 250MM in the MDF can, if your power amplifier is very large (400W-600W), you need more than 300MM thickness, but also the speaker is very strong, the volume of the speaker is large enough, the bass will be better. (Inside and outside the speaker inside and outside, need to use 400 * 200 wood support to strengthen the rigid, to prevent vibration, because the speaker plate can not vibrate, only the speaker inside the air and speakers with vibration, resulting in bass)
Q:Buy Yiyang plate how to do the problem?
I am also worried about this before buying the problem
Q:The difference between plate and wire
Steel plate, aluminum plate is the plate; rebar, plate round is the wire.
Q:It is said that cloud ecological sheet can be net aldehyde antibacterial, is it true?
I went to the cloud of the official website of the cloud looked, they are using the technology of China and Europe net aldehyde antibacterial patented technology, the official website has a test report and patent certificate, the patent can not do false, have a patent number can be checked, so it should be true Right now. Look at them so well, equal to white to send a 24-hour boot air purifier, I have a little heart, and back to play when the furniture to try.
Q:What is the overall cabinet?
Of course, with solid wood board, but the price is very high

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