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Product Description:


1.1     Brief Introduction

   Equipment Description:

The product and process is strictly according to the advanced standard and using digital control system. The Final product is for different medium of different kind of GRP pipes

1.2        Chracteristics 

1.2.1   Lining Making:

Firstly paste the de-molding agent on the mandrels and then wrap film (PET or PP) on it. thereafter, the first plies of fiberglass reinforcements are winded and retain a very high percentage of corrosion resistant resin by resin spraying device. This operation enables a fully impermeable wall to be obtained with a high resistance to chemicals.

1.2.3   External Curing

To prevent the resin from dropping, the curing operation is carried out while the pipe is rotating in its own axis. Curing of FRP pipe is made by special infrared heating device.

1.2.4   Pipe Trimming

Before de-molding, FRP pipe is placed on the rectifying machine for rectification of the ends and for machining of the grooves for O-ring and lock joints, where required.

1.2.5   De-molding

The pipe is extracted from the mandrel; this operation takes place in a special working station controlled by a hydraulic system which allows to automatically carrying out the different working phases.

1.2.6   Hydrostatic Testing

Manufacturing of the pipes is subjected to constant checking. The checks are carried out on the raw materials, at each production phase and, lastly, on the finished product. The mechanical strength of finished products is tested periodically on lengths of pipe chosen at random from standard products. The test consists in reproducing the conditions which the pipes will have to undergo during working and also, in a dimensional check. The inspected pipe, if accepted, is indelibly marked with indications relevant to manufacturer lot, manufacturing date, diameter, pressure class and then is sent to the factory stockyard waiting for shipping.

1.2.7  Application

Design Data:  

Winding angle                                         45-90 degree,

Control mode                                          Manual / Semi automatic / Automatic

Precision of lining up filament                 ±1 mm

Filament feed speed                               85m/min max.

Winding type                                           cross and hoop direction

Resin type                                              Unsaturated polyester

Curing                                                     IR

Filament Creel                                        Tension adjustable

Digitalized display precision:                   0.01mm,

Sand adding thickens                             15mm/layer max.,

1.2.8  Finished products Specification:

Effective Length                                      12 meters

Diameter                                                 1000~2000mm

Output                                                    84 km /year of Dia.600mm pipe (6 bar and SN=5000)

1.2.9  Raw Material Resin      

Isopthalic resin                                        Viscosity=3.5~4 poises

                                                              Reactivity = medium

Good chemical inertness coupled to high mechanical strength in the laminate

Urthopthalic resin                                    Viscosity=4~5 poises

                                                              Reactivity = medium to high

Good mechanical strength in the laminate, suit for transport any kind of water

Vinyl ester Resin                                     Be suitable for hot high corrosive product to be handled and conveyed.

Glass Reinforcement

BOPET or BOPP film                              10~30um thickness, 50mm width, for fist lining layer liner

                                                              Helpful for demoulding process

E Glass tape                                           Veil type, for lining layer

                                                              200mm width, 30~35 gsm

E Glass CSM tape                                  Mat type, for second layer of liner

                                                              200mm width, 375~450gsm

E Glass direct roving                              2400 tex or 4800 tex

Auxiliary Raw Material

Accelerator                                             solution of cobalt naphtenate in styrene

Inhibitor                                                   10% solution of ter-tutyl-catechol in styrene

Silica sand                                              provide stiffness for pipe and save production cost

1.2.10        FAQ


Material Supply System                          1 person / per shift

Lining Machine                                       2 persons / per shift

Filament Winding System                       3 person / per shift

Curing System (External Curing)            1 persons / per shift

De-molding System                                 2 persons / per shift

Pipe Trimming System                            2 persons / per shift

Hydrostatic Testing Machine                   3 persons / per shift

1.2.11        The implementing standard of pipe product:  Standard AWWA C-950.

1.2.12        Providing Service:

1, Provide detail technical book for the operation on the equipment, repair and maintain handbook, circuit diagram and material matching scheme.

2, Provide with product design plan and technology.

3, To provide trainings for the operational workers and repairing technology.

4, Provide with follow-up technical support after the product is upgraded.


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