FM UL approved fm/ul ductile iron fitting

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Product Description:


Ductile iron pipe fittings to ISO2531 / BS4772 / EN545

Ductile iron pipe fittings:
Dimensions standard: 
ISO2531: 50-1000mm, PN10/16
BS4772: 50-1000mm, PN10/16
EN545: 50-1000mm, PN10/16

Connecting mode:
Mechanical connection
Loose flanged

Inner lined with cement and outside coated with zinc plus bitumen
Inner and outside coated with epoxy resin
Inner and outside coated with fusion bonded epoxy resin




Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings 
1.Standards: ISO2531&EN545 
4. Pressure:PN10/16/25


1. Material: Ductile iron

2. Standards: ISO2531, EN545

3. Size range:DN40-2600mm

4. Working pressure: PN10/PN16/PN25

5. Gaskets:EPDM/SBR/NBR

6. Coating: epoxy paint in blue,black or red. or zinc paint+ bituminous paint

7. Packing: standard Wooden cases or wooden pallets.






1.Standard: ISO2531, EN545:2010; Class K9 and Class C 
2.Material: Ductile Iron 
3.Size: DN100-DN2600 
4.T-type Joint.

ductile iron cast iron pipe and fittings low price good quality


1. Material: Ductile Iron
2. Stanard: ISO2531, EN545:2010
1. Size: DN100 to DN2600mm

3. Size: DN100-DN2600

4. T-Type Joint

5. Finishing: Cement mortar lining internal, Metallic zinc coating+ bitumen external

6. Length: 5.8m,6m,11.6m,12m, depend on customer's requests

7. Color: Black, blue, depend on customer's requests

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