faux leather morden design rounded pu bed LBD36-on sale

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Leather pu bed frame
1.Size: 4ft, 4ft6, 5ft
3.Package: 1pc/2ctns


1.OEM is offered.
2.Size of bed: 180*200cm.can be customize
3.Material: cloth fabric,wood.metal foot.
4.Economical price.

PU bed    home furniture  

ItemSizeLoading Quantity/40 HQ
Single Bed900*1900mm289pcs
Double Bed1370*1900mm239pcs
Queen Bed1520*2000mm 227 pcs
King Bed1570*2000mm197pcs

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Q:What size is your bed and what does your bedding look like?
I have a king sized bed, and It's from Anthropologie. I believe It's called Forest Canopy Bed? I'm not sure. It's a canopy bed and there are large branches and such on It. I LOVE it. I would give you a link, but I'm on my iPhone so I can't, sorry. =( My bedding is also from Anthropologie, and It's dark purple with knots tied in it- It's called Rosette bedding. It's really vintage looking. I really like both my bed frame and bedding. To answer your question; bedding for a queen sized bed is usually more expensive than bedding for a twin sized bed. There will most likely be a 20-80 dollar difference.
Q:What about the IKEA solid wood bedstead?
A price of a goods, want to buy the IKEA big in the bargain that the quality is not good, I buy in IKEA cabinets with more than a year there are cracks, and they get quite trouble, think twice before you buy.
Q:How to clean cloth art bed?
Fabric bed wear less than leather beds, it is best not to sit in the same position for a long time, to avoid wearing a bed coat. The position of sitting and lying can be changed at intervals.6, fabric bed coat used for a long time, there may be loose thread of the situation. Do not use hand to break, looking for a pair of scissors to cut.7 years, a cleaning agent can be cleaned on a soft cloth, but must put detergent thoroughly washed, otherwise more easily contaminated with dirt, remember to choose a special cleaning agent containing antifouling agent.
Q:Teen bedding?
do you have a target? I know they sell bright colors.
Q:Opinions on New Bedding?
The bed frame looks gorgeous - very mod. For the bedding i would go for number three, because although its a bit younger than the rest the dark green underside and pillows definitely makes it transitional - or if not number three then number 4 - very grown up and a pretty color.
Q:Transition for crib to toddler bed?
It was a bigger deal for us than I expected... My daughter was almost 2 and she showed signs of being ready for potty training. The natural thing was to first transition her from her crib to her toddler bed so she would be able to go to her potty during the night. We then took down the crib and put up the bed in one go. I think that was a mistake and maybe why it took long for her to get used to the bed. For almost two months I slept in her beroom with her -- she was on her bed and I was camping on the floor. Some parents just let their children cry in the bedroom until they get used to the newness of a bed (or the dark or whatever they are afraid of), but I do not believe in locking the door and leaving my child screaming inside. So I was there with her until she didn't need me there anymore. Now she is three, sleeps by herself in her bed (sometimes on the floor!) and has been completely potty trained (day for a year and night for about four months). I put a potty in her room (so she does not need to leave her room during the night to go potty ) and a gate at her door (so her door is always open). If I had to do it again, I would have set up the bed in her beroom while the crib was still up. It would have given her the chance of becoming familiar to her bed and, during the day, she could have even napped and play on the bed.
Q:Can I use rabbit bedding for...?
pine and cedar can cause asthma and other respiratory problems in rodents AND people. i use carefresh, its so SOFT!!! lol, and has almost no smell.
Q:Bed bugs, HELP!?
well yes theres bugs u cant see but u need microscopes those shouldnt harm u though and... fumigation i sugest?
Q:what does bed head shampoo do?
Bed Head shampoo is mostly used to defrizz your hair. It will make your hair much softer and silkier.
Q:Beech two bed bedstead, 1.5 meters wide, 1.2 meters to bed bedstead how much money?
Beech two bed bedstead, 1.5 meters wide, 1.2 meters to bed bedstead how much money?Answer: the general brand of words, 3000, 4000 yuan or so.

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