Factory NBR/PVC Foam Board Building Acoustic Material Foam Insulation

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10000 pc/month

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Item specifice:

Thickness: 1-33mm Size: "1220mm × 2440mm; 1560mm × 3050mm; 2050mm × 3050mm ; or as your request ." Color: White,black
Application: Wall cladding, decorating shelf, etc Production Capacity: 10000pcs per month Usage Life: 50 years
Density: 0.43mm-0.9mm

Product Description:

1.Factory NBR/PVC Foam Board Building Acoustic Material  Foam Insulation 


1.Apply in construction, buildings

2.ROHS, ISO, Certify

3.Closed-cell structure

4.Fire safe

Foam Insulation  , Insulation Foam . Insulation Foam, EVA Foam Insulation .

Heat Resistant foam . Thermal Insulation Foam.Fexible Insulation Foam , Insulation Board. Insulation Sheet.

2.Foam Insulation Features:

1) Product structure: closed cell structure

2) Excellent ability to prevent the spread of flames

3) good ability to control heat release

4) Flame retardant B1 level

5) Easily install

6) Low thermal conductivity

7) High water permeability resistance

8) elastomeric and flexible material , Soft and anti-bending

9) Cold-resistant and heat-resisting

10) Shake reduction and sound absorption

11) Good fire-blocking and water proof

12) Vibration and resonate resistance

13) Beautiful appearance, easy and fast to install

14) Safety (neither stimulates the skin nor harm health)

15) Prevent mould from growing

16) Acid-resisting and alkali-resisting

17) service life: above 50 years


BOLNFLEX insulation sheet roll is widely used in heat preservation and insulation of HVAC system, and its chilled water pipes, condensate pipes, air ducts and hot-water pipes of air-condition equipments, and other industrial system. It’s the preferred material for low temperature. And it also can be used for mining system. pipelines because of the best moisture-proof property. Furthermore,it's also widely used in high lustration environments of tobacco ,medicine,electronic,car,foodstuff industry etc.


Factory NBR/PVC Foam Board Building Acoustic Material Foam Insulation

Factory NBR/PVC Foam Board Building Acoustic Material Foam Insulation

Factory NBR/PVC Foam Board Building Acoustic Material Foam Insulation

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