Electromagnetic Stirrer For Bloom,EMS/EMBR for Slab,EMS for CCM,EMS for Melting Furnace,

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Product Description:

Complete EMS System Configuration(Electromagnetic Stirring  System)

EMS consists of coil, electric controller and cooling water system. Electrica l controller consists of remote IPC, local control cabinet (PLC/IPC) and frequency inverter cabinet.


Technical Features

Our EMS uses low voltage and large current, which can avoid damage of peak voltage to insulation. It shall make reduce current leakage and prolong EMS life.

Freq arrange shall be widened to choose the best freq.

Put EMS lower properly to make magnetic field around meniscus as little as possible to ensure strong magnetic field.

Optimized design shall be done for L/D. Iron Core length shall be increased properly. So stirring effect shall be improved.

We also have other software for designing F-EMS to calculate best position of F-EMS.

Electromagnetic Stirrer For Bloom,EMS/EMBR for Slab,EMS for CCM,EMS for Melting Furnace,


Features of EMS for Bloom (Round)

shall be increased properly.

EMS inside mould using mould water: EMS is installed inside the mould and uses cooling water system of the mould. It can be operated conveniently with low cost. Stirring freq: 2-8Hz.(Refer to Fig.1).

EMS inside mould using clean water: EMS is installed inside water jacket of the mould and uses a separate cooling water system. Structure is compact and life is long. Stirring freq: 2-8Hz.(Refer to Fig.2)

EMS outside mould: EMS is installed outside the mould with separate cooling water system. It is simple to change copper tube. EMS can be used for wide range of sections. Stirring freq: 2 ~ 5Hz.(Refer to Fig.3)

Inner cooling type ems:can be installed inside or out the mould.cramer windings are adopted,which has even magnetic field without polarization.But magnetic leakage is too much with electromagnetic pollution cooling water quality has to be very strict and operation cost is higher.Stirring freq is 1~6Hz.

Electromagnetic Stirrer For Bloom,EMS/EMBR for Slab,EMS for CCM,EMS for Melting Furnace,




M-EMS: EMS is installed inside or outside the mould

S-EMS: there are three modes: behind the rollers; insert the rollers; roller type

Electromagnetic Stirrer For Bloom,EMS/EMBR for Slab,EMS for CCM,EMS for Melting Furnace,


EMS For Slab

Electromagnetic Stirrer For Bloom,EMS/EMBR for Slab,EMS for CCM,EMS for Melting Furnace,


EMS For Melting Furnace

Working Principle

It’s a stirring equipment of no-touch type which adopts the principle of linear Motor. When fed two phrases AC power to EMS, it shall produce traveling wave field, which thus produces induced electromotive force and then arises induced current (right-hand rule). Under the mutual function of the current and the field, a magnetic force occurs which shall push molten metal to move.


This kind of EMS is mostly installed under or beside furnace to produce Aluminium or Al alloy. It can be also used in LF or EF furnace to mix ingredients control temperature precisely.

Electromagnetic Stirrer For Bloom,EMS/EMBR for Slab,EMS for CCM,EMS for Melting Furnace,

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