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E228l Serles Double Needle Bar Warp Knitting Machines have two types: High pileplush, short pile plush(DM).
E2281 warp knitting machine is used for 18-30(60)mm high double plush which iscut to single face plush fabrics on plush fabric separating machine, thefabrics can be used for acrylic boa, blanket. car decorative fabrics. TheKnitting materials used are polyester fibre, acrylic, viscose rayon, wool, etc.
E2281DM warp knitting machine is used for 4-25 mm short double plush which iscut to single face plush fabrics. The fabrics are widely used for sofa,automobiles, curtain. decoration fabrics, etc. The knitting materials used arepolyester, polyamide, acrylic, polypropylene, viscose rayon and cotton, blendedyarn,etc.

This machine is an improvement on GE283 double needle bar warp knittingmachine, it has the character as the follows compared with GE283.
The trick plate space of E2281 warp knitting machine is 18 - 30mm, and is usedfor 4~25mm or 16~60mm high double.


High pile machine

short pile  machine

High pile  machine

short pile  machine

High pile  machine

short pile  machine)

High pile  machine)

short pile  machine

Machine type

Double needle bar


Latch needle-individually  set in 1 inch wide sections,can be shosen to uae.

Number of guide bars

High pile machine5
 short pile machine

Working widths





Trace batching diameter(mm)

High pile machine16301660
 short pile machine
4 25

Kintting speed(Max.)


Fabric batcjing diameter


Let-off range(mm/Course)

Ground bar yarn:2.2415.46
 Pile bar yarn
8.655.80(short pile  machine)
 Pile bar yarn
21.69140.68(High pile  machine)

Density range


Distance of shog


Possible range of patterning


Inching speed


Pattern drive

(Pattern disc-with the  machine)
 (Pattern chain-offering by ordering)

Sectional beam sizes

Ground bar yarn535x535(21x21)762x535(30x21)
 Pile bar yarn

Yarn let-off

Roller active yarn  feeding(with timing belt) and warp beam inactive yarn feeding are  co-operated.

Power for Main motor


Power for inching motor


Pile yarm supply device

High plie machine:Creel
 short pile machine
Warp beam support or Sectional warp beam)

Main machine weight(kg)









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Q:Why the first industrial revolution in the cotton textile industry innovation will cause the British national yarn shortage?
Since the invention of the shuttle, people have been committed to the development of new textile machinery, unfortunately, progress has been unhappy. The gift of science is prepared for those who are prepared.
Q:What is the textile process?
Card: the cotton spinning machine under the machine through the licker, Xilin cover, doffer and other processes.
Q:Is there a textile industry in the Qin Dynasty?
Han labor people is the first invention and mass production of silk use of the nation, the production of silk products is to open the world's first large-scale East-West trade exchanges, known as the "Silk Road."
Q:What are the main producing areas of Chinese textile machinery?
Qingdao Spark Textile Machinery Group and Dongjia Textile Machinery Group is the national textile industry key enterprises. Spark Group has become the nation's most complete varieties, the largest production of shuttleless loom production enterprises, in 2001 in the national textile machinery enterprises profits, profits and taxes, sales income of the three indicators ranked No. 6, No. 3 and No. 2 ; Dongjia Group ranked No. 28, No. 23 and No. 13 respectively. The town of textile machinery production enterprises a total of 5,000 major production equipment (sets), 374 imported equipment, which has the international advanced level of CNC machining center 100 (sets)
Q:What is a large hydraulic spinning wheel?
Large spinning wheel and the original spinning wheel is different, its characteristics are: the number of spindle up to dozens of pieces, and the use of hydraulic drive. These characteristics make the big spinning wheel equipped with the prototype of modern spinning machinery, to adapt to large-scale specialized production
Q:The state of the textile industry machinery revitalization, expanding domestic demand, the specific policy is what?
Textile machinery products exports will account for more than 30% of the same period output value; textile machinery industry equipment, the whole industry will reach more than 10% numerical control, of which key key enterprises will reach 15% -20%; key textile machinery products key parts , The new special-purpose pieces of finishing capacity index will reach 1-1.25. Therefore, China's textile industry development space is huge.
Q:What is the historical background of the mechanization of the British cotton textile industry?
Capital: overseas plunder and trade accumulated a lot of capital;
Q:What is the difference between yarn spinning and ring spinning?
Air spinning without spindle, mainly by the carding roller, spinning cup, false twist device and other components. The carding roller is used to grasp and card the fed sliver fiber, and the centrifugal force produced by his high-speed rotation can throw the captured fiber. Spinning cup is a small metal cup, his rotation speed than the carding roller more than 10 times higher, resulting in the centrifugal effect, the cup of air to the row;
Q:Why did the first industrial revolution begin with the sign of Jenny's textile machine rather than shuttle?
Because the first "Jenny machine" is the machine, the first to complete the transition from tool to machine, on the other hand, due to the "Jenny machine" appears, it promotes the related weaving, power, transportation and a series of industry inventions and use Machine, which opened the prelude to the British industrial revolution. That is, our history books agree with the beginning of the industrial revolution signs!
Q:What is a pedal loom?
According to the historical records contained in the history books, the number of fabrics donated between the princes of the Warring States Period was higher than that of the spring and autumn. In recent years, the figures of the Han Dynasty, such as the Han Dynasty stone carvings, Appear dating back to the Warring States period

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