Ductile Iron PVC Manhole Cover with High Quality and Best Selling

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Item specifice

Casting. Deburring .Drilling .threading
black, Grey, green, blue and Marble
Moulding Press
Customer's Request
OEM Service
Surface treatment:
ISO9001 2008
EN124 Standard
Product Name:
Ductile Iron Manhole Cove
Brand Name:
Extrusion molding
Place of Origin:
Hebei, China (Mainland)

Product Description

1) Designs: based on EN124 standard and according to customer's drawing or


2) Applications: water supply and drainage, fire engineering, natural

3) Inspection: in-house or the third party as per customer's request.


Double triangle ductile iron manhole cover
1.Standard:ISO 9001 EN124 D400
3.High quality
4.Made of ductile

Ductile Iron PVC Manhole Cover with High Quality and Best Selling

Advantage of ductile iron

Higher quality /higher tensile
Higher security /long life      

Possibilities of new locking systems

Packaging and Shipping

Packaging: Details Pallet with bubble film, Carton or with pallet,

Delivery Detail: 8 days if your order is 20"container

Company Information

CNBM International Corp., established in 2004, is the business entity for trade and logistic of CNBM Group.  

CNBM International is highly recognized by its business partners and clients all over the world and has established good business relationship with the customers in over 160 countries and regions all over the world.

CNBM Ductile Iron manhole cover A15-F900 complying with EN 124 Standard 


Ductile Iron PVC Manhole Cover with High Quality and Best Selling

Ductile Iron PVC Manhole Cover with High Quality and Best Selling


Why imported Composite Manhole cover/Grating fromChina?

1. Very competitive price, it will save you third or even half cost;

2.Good quality, don't worry much about the quality, actually, most of the building materials you buy from Miami, Dubai ,Italy, South Africa or your local market are imported from China. So why not buy direct from China. The key point is to find a reliable supplier who is honest and professional to take care of the quality and delivery time.

3.Chinahas full range of Manhole covers which Follow En124  for your market, like A15,B125,C250,D400.

Q:What are the requirements for casting steel castings?
2, the plane should be placed on the following.3, thin parts should be placed below.
Q:What is the reason for 304 stainless steel precision casting parts to be changed?
Mainly because of the cooling shrinkage caused by internal stress caused. There is the change of temperature distribution in materials element imbalance, is typical of surface and internal, thin wall and thick wall, bottom and top.
Q:As shown, how do I achieve the tightness test of this product, and achieve industrial production? Seek expert advice.
Precise and tight sealing of the surface to which the test piece is to be tested, equipped with an airtight test instrument, and an electrical control system. You can complete automated testing equipment
Q:When there is no flaw detection for large casting parts, is there any crack inside?
Cracks are considered serious levels of defects and should be repaired
Q:our factory now produces steel castings in the use of polishing directly after spraying processing, but the powder sprayed 15But the spray powder touched off what is the reason we are not very strict requirements not only need to peel off bubbles can also, because our products are steel castings so we use steam hole sludge put on. Do not know if this spray treatment has no effect to thank friends with us!
The pre treatment temperature and the quality of plastic powder are likely to be problems
Q:Younger brother is to do casting valve, precision casting parts, the valve internal sand serious, but the appearance is very standard, this is why, for God answers, thank you!
If is casting, internal shell mold may be not completely dry, strength is not enough, resulting in shell mold collapse into molten steel.It is also possible that the refractory is not refractory enough.
Q:The casting defects of pores, trachoma how to repair?
If the repair after the high temperature resistance, choose LT737 high temperature repair agent.
Q:For example, casting parts contain many holes, inclusions and other defects, the size and the number of holes exceed which limit is not qualified
For example, the castings shall be in accordance with the requirements of the second types of castings in the technical requirements for aluminum alloy castings of GB/T9438-1999;
Q:What is the difference between forging parts and casting parts?
The forging can guarantee the continuity of the metal fiber tissue, make the fiber structure of the forging keep the same shape as the forging, the metal streamline is complete, the tissue is compact, and the mechanical property is good. To ensure that the object has good mechanical properties and long service life, the processing of objects sharp, durable, high strength, first-class quality.
Q:It is generally said that cast iron is re smelted by pig iron. My question is..:1 pig iron for melting iron, is directly cast into products (such as bed cover, etc.); or that is just the first pig iron smelting iron casting, such as to cover, bed and other products, will once again cast iron melt to casting?2, there are many castings to the engine. Are these castings made by the engine manufacturer themselves or bought by others?There is no need to answer all. Thank you!!!
As a pig iron smelting, iron smelting belongs to physical, two belongs to the chemical refining, smelting, smelting generally not as a product after use, the product can be used as a chemical composition and casting the two refining, in general is to scrap as additional material after melting making products; engine castings have professional manufacturers making castings. You can own professional production of engine castings.

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