Double Wall Drawer Slide ( With One Gallery) 660HG

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1.    Easy put-in and take-out at a glance with 3 fold full extension design.


2.    Adopting a silent hydraulic system, customers can enjoy the high quality life.


3.    With drawer connector, both installation and disassembling is easy and quick.


4. Our slide has been sold more than 20,000,000 sets for now already, which proves that our products have high quality and competitive price.


5.    With special adjusting device, the difficulty of installation can be reduced by adjusting the construction error.


6.    Okorder slide can soft close without power on, which is environment-friendly.

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Q:Excuse me, solid wood desk, drawer is also solid wood, that solid wood is suitable to use the guide rail? Usually not
If you put something light, make sure you use a bit of the guide rail, for example, the three stage type, the drawer can not pull directly, free of time derailed long
Q:What is single out slide rail?
Those large and small drawers can freely and smoothly push and pull, bearing, how all depends on the support of the slide rail. From the current technology, the bottom rail is better than the side rail, and the overall connection with the drawer is better than the three point connection. The material, the principle, the structure and the technology of the drawer slide are different from each other. The high quality slide rail has small resistance and long service life, and the drawer is smooth.
Q:What are the specifications for drawer slides?
According to the length of drawer slide rail, it can be divided into 27cm, 36cm, 45cm and other length slide rail. According to the material of drawer slide rail, the commonly used drawer slide rails include roller slide rail, steel ball slide rail and damping slide rail. The structure of the roller slide rail is relatively simple. It is composed of a pulley and two tracks. It can meet the needs of daily push and pull, but it has poor bearing capacity and has no rebound function. The steel ball slide rail is basically a three section metal slide rail, and the common structure is arranged on the side of the drawer, and the installation is simpler and saves space.
Q:Cabinet drawer drawer how to install, brick cabinets can install the basket?
For brick cabinets, drawer slide selection, we suggest that you go to the regular hardware market to buy, so that the purchase of brick cabinets, drawer drawers, quality is guaranteed. When installing brick cabinets, drawer slides, it is best to ask professional installation master to install, to avoid affecting the kitchen cabinet installation effect.
Q:How to ensure the durability of drawer slide
The first, of course, is to select good drawer slides;Second, if it is used in wooden drawers, please choose black galvanized track as far as possible;Third. Before you choose the track, look at the color of the zinc plating on the track, and the rigidity;Fourth, pay attention to the use of occasions (noise, dust, humidity, etc.).
Q:The drawer of the drawer is broken. How can you take out the drawer?
Steel ball slide: pull out all the drawers, then the steel slide rail on the inner rail has a plastic parts (mostly black), press and hold, then pull out.
Q:How do I use the damping rail for the wardrobe?
The slide rail comprises a fixed rail, rail, slide, fixed track, moving track set connection between the slider at fixed rail, rail, fixed rail are fixed on the bottom card; the sliding piece is provided with rollers in different planes; the damper is provided with a spring box, a hook;
Q:Furniture rail installation method
Finally, the installation of cabinet, you need to first side of the plastic hole on the side of the cabinet screw, and then installed on the track from the above, a slide, respectively, using two small screws, one after the fixed. Both sides of the cabinet should be installed and fixed.
Q:How to buy kitchen drawer slide?
The whole drawer in the design, the most important component is the slide, because of the kitchen special environment, low quality rail even in the short term feel good, a little longer time will find push and pull difficult phenomenon. Cleaning method for hardware fittings. High quality sliding door hardware is mainly embodied in the design and manufacture of the pulley system and the design of the track. The well-known brand cabinets manufacturers generally use better quality slides, such as "haifule" and "Heidi poem" etc..
Q:Why is the slide rail drawer closed? How to avoid?
In general, the damping slide at this stage in China, or belong to a high technology, high investment industry, not the accumulation of technology, with more than 10 million investment to develop mature hidden damping slide is not an easy thing.

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