Diesel Forklift Truck 4ton

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Diesel Forklift Truck 4ton

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:CPCD40F



Load Capacity:4000kg


Load center:500mm

Power Type:Diesel


Lifting Height:3000mm

Free Lift:80mm


Min.Turning Radius Mm:2720

Min.Right Angle Aisle Width:2190mm



Total Weight Kg:4900


Engine Model:498bpg



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Trademark:Map Power


Packing:5 Units in 40 Container



Origin:Shandong China

HS Code:84272090


Production Capacity:300units/Month

Product Description

Load capacity kg 4000
Load center mm 500
Power type Diesel
Max. Lifting speeds(with load) mm/s 300
Max. Driving speeds(with without load) km/h 18/20
Max. Towing(with without load) kN 14.2/10.5
Gradeability(with/without load) % 16/20
Lifting height mm 3000
Free lift mm 80
Tilting angles(forward-backward) 6/12
Min. Turning radius mm 2720
Min. Right angle aisle width mm 2190
Min. Under-clearance mm 135
Dimensions Overall length mm 4100
Overall width mm 1228
Overall height(mast lowered) mm 2110
Overall height(mast extend) mm 4250
Overall height to overhead guard mm 2090
Fork overhang mm 470
Wheel base mm 1900
Tread Tyre Front tread mm 1060
Rear tread mm 1000
Front tyre 250-15
Rear tyre 6.50-10
Total weight kg 4900
Fork width mm 150
Fork thickness mm 45
Backrest height mm 1195
Fork length mm 1200
Engine Engine model 498BPG
Rate power KW 45
Ratate Speed At Rate Power rpm 2500
Max. Torque Nm 193
Rotate speed at max torque rpm 1850
Type of power shift Clutch Tor-Con (Hydraulic)

Load  capacity    kg4000
Load  center    mm500
Power  typeDiesel
Max. lifting  speeds(with  load)  mm/s300
Max. Driving  speeds(with  without  load)  km/h18/20
Max. Towing(with  without  load)  kN14.2/10.5
Gradeability(with/without  load)  %16/20
Lifting  height  mm3000
Free  lift    mm80
Tilting  angles(forward-backward)6/12
Min. turning  radius  mm2720
Min. right  angle  aisle  width    mm2190
Min. under-clearance  mm135
DimensionsOverall  length  mm4100
Overall  width  mm1228
Overall  height(mast  lowered)    mm2110
Overall  height(mast  extend)    mm4250
Overall  height  to  overhead  guard    mm2090
Fork  overhang  mm470
Wheel  base  mm1900
Tread  TyreFront  tread  mm1060
Rear  tread  mm1000
Front  tyre250-15
Rear  tyre6.50-10
Total  weight  kg4900
Fork  width  mm150
Fork  thickness  mm45
Backrest  height  mm1195
Fork  length  mm1200
EngineEngine  model498BPG
Rate  power  KW45
Ratate  Speed  At  Rate  Power  rpm2500
Max. torque  Nm193
Rotate  speed  at  max  torque  rpm1850
Type  of  power  shiftClutchTor-Con  (Hydraulic)

Diesel Forklift Truck 4ton

Diesel Forklift Truck 4ton

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Q:How to test a forklift
You usually have a forklift for a vocational school. It's easy to do, but there are places where real documents can be bought.
Q:What procedures are required for a forklift licence
You need to buy the invoice and the certificate from the new car, and every car has to fail, especially if the lights are OK. Then look for the quality technical supervision bureau, fill in a form, they send someone to come and check once!
Q:The forklift truck is a motor vehicle solution
Forklift belongs to the motor vehicles: forklift industry carrying vehicles, refers to as a pallet for loading and unloading, stacking and short distance transportation of various wheeled transport vehicles. The technical parameters of the technical parameter forklift are used to indicate the structure and performance of forklift vehicles. The main technical parameters are: rated lifting weight, load, center distance, maximum lifting height, door frame, dip Angle, maximum speed, the minimum turning radius, minimum clearance from the ground and wheelbase, wheel track, etc.
Q:The photo of the forklift card is a few inches. Is it colorful?
I am engaged in this aspect, two inches, normal document photo, blue bottom
Q:What is the difference between the series of internal combustion forklifts
Together there are K, alpha Ⅱ H2000, G series, the K series 2-5 tons, alpha Ⅱ system for alpha upgrade is usually 4 -- 10 tons, the two series car belongs to the common sense of the civilians, high quality and low price. H2000 series for 1-20 tons, G series is 1-3.5 tons, 20-46 tons, belongs to the high-end car, each configuration includes the engine, transmission ratio K, alpha Ⅱ series, especially G system for the latest research and development products, and configuration of imports, the price also very similar to the imported cars, belong to large and medium-sized enterprises and export models.
Q:What if the forklift oil is burned and the oil is burned
Gas in the tubing, not oil.Have you had electricity for half a day? Electricity is not enough,
Q:Is the stack a forklift truck
It isn't. Stacking machines and forklifts are two things. Stacking vehicles refer to a variety of wheeled transports that handle loading, loading, stacking, and short-range transportation. International standardization organization ISO/TC110 is called an industrial vehicle. The structure is simple, the control is flexible, the micro motion is good, the explosion safety performance is high. Suitable for the narrow channel and limited space, it is the ideal equipment for the warehouse, workshop and unloading tray. Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, military industry, paint, paint, coal industry, and the port, railway, freight yard, warehouse, etc. The sites with explosive mixture, and can be tray into the cabin, car, and the container loading and unloading, stacking and handling of the goods.
Q:A manual forklift oil leak, what if you can't get up?
Oil leakage between body Because working oil, oil spill, oil return tao tao throughout the three monolithic between the valve body, valve body between the sealing requirements are, therefore, between the body and body oil duct installation O ring after bolting the body on the camera, to achieve the purpose of sealing. If the fastening torque of the bolt is different, it may result in the body warping. If the installation as the body damage or o-ring aging or damage, in the role of oil pressure, the valve body between the internal leakage are apt to happen. Repair, if the body damage criterion need to grinding, change the O ring, and screw down the bolt according to the requirements of sequence and torque.
Q:What are the traffic rules for forklifts
The center of gravity of the cargo - the front wheel of the forklift truck is the anchor point for the weight of the forklift and the weight of the cargo. If the goods and the weight of the forklift truck, and the focus of front wheel to the respective distance and fairly, the forklift front wheel will play the role of a seesaw strong point. If the loading of the goods to support the weight of the goods distance of the distance is far, will make the forklift and the weight of the goods is transferred to the outside of the front wheel, is likely to result in forklift truck overturned. Of course, on the other hand, if the goods to the center of gravity of the near point, will make the whole center of gravity of the forklift and goods in the back of strong point, at that time, there is no risk of forklift truck overturned
Q:The purpose of the forklift truck
High driving three to stack forklift High and low driving three similar to stacking forklift, driving three to stacking forklift is also equipped with a three-way storage head, channel width is 1.5 ~ 2.0 meters, the vertical height of 14.5 meters. The driver's cab can be improved, and the driver can clearly observe any high-altitude cargo, and he can also do the picking. High three to stacking forklift driving is better than the low efficiency and various performance in three to stacking forklift driving, so the model has been gradually replace low three-way stacking forklift driving.

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