cotton plain velvet curtain fabric for upholstery cover of home textile

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Item specifice:

Type: Roller Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Material: Fabric
Pattern: Vertical

Product Description:


1.How long is the sample lead time?

--Sample lead time:5- 7days if you don't need customized. 

---If you need the products be customized,the sample lead time will be 7 days.  

2.How long is the production lead time? 

-- Production lead time: 20-30 days for 10,000SQM-100,000SQM   

3.How many colors available?

--Color available:White,Ivory,Nutmeg,Cream,Super white,Medium to Dark, Light to Medium.

---We can also do the color according to your requirement.

4.What's the MOQ of the products? 

---MOQ is 50 SQM.

5.Which kind of certificate would you have?



1) Customized design for new order

2) Free catalogue for new customer

3) Acceptable MOQ for New customer

4) 100% polyester material

The detail of the production

1.Vertical blind top Aluminum rail .the available width is is durable and not so easy to flexible we can according the width and the hight to choose the suitable top rail .

2.Bottom design  :bottom pvc baseplate for heavy .with ball china to contain the each panel baseplate's width  for 90mm .100mm.127mm

3.The fabric polyester fabric the the use widely in daily life. Any special need is also accept.

4.Contain all accessories ,accessories according the top rail .spare accessories also available .

5.The size control in :width can not beyond 2m.

6.Color : many kind of color for choose


Product name

Blinds Zebra   Curtains


Zhejiang   province, China




can custom as   per client's colors

Clien design

Can   custom as per client's design






sample time is   in about 5-15days


15-20days after   confirm the order


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- Self introduction

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