cotton plain velvet curtain fabric for upholstery and sofa cover of home textile

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1.How long is the sample lead time?

--Sample lead time:5- 7days if you don't need customized. 

---If you need the products be customized,the sample lead time will be 7 days.  

2.How long is the production lead time? 

-- Production lead time: 20-30 days for 10,000SQM-100,000SQM   

3.How many colors available?

--Color available:White,Ivory,Nutmeg,Cream,Super white,Medium to Dark, Light to Medium.

---We can also do the color according to your requirement.

4.What's the MOQ of the products? 

---MOQ is 50 SQM.

5.Which kind of certificate would you have?



1.Color and strong three dimension

Good peacock fabric should have saturated and pure color. It is rich in series including pure color, linen color, blackout series, metallic yarn series which meet market need at home and abroad. We adopt multi-layer weaving technique to make flower pattern of distinct gradation and strong three dimension.


What comes into sight for peacock blind fabric is the sequential yarn. Many doubt about the fastness of sequential yarn. Actually the material of yarn, same as that of parachute, is of excellent strength. The new shed technique allows a long service life.


The fabric can keep a good flatness even with width 2.8m.The flatness is a critical parameter to measure the quality of peacock blinds fabric. There should be no such fault as cupping, twisting or other distortion as hanging up.



100% polyester



Blinds width range


Blinds length range


Window   shape


Light   control

Diffused   light, complete privacy

Safety features


UV protection


Soil and   dust resistant

Hand soft can wash, can iron

Operation   systems options

Standard   chain


1. high quality and good price in the curtain industry.

2. morden, classical, magnificent, characteristic and various other designs

3. color, size, shape and all can be customized.

4. hot-sale not only in China markets many years, but in many foreign countries.

5. practical and multifunctional desigh.


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