Cold drawn carbon fiber cut-off

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Product Description:

Cold drawn carbon fiber cut-off

Concrete steel fiber: to cut off the thin wire method, cold-rolled strip steel cutting, milling or steel ingot  quickly condensed into the legal aspect ratio  (the ratio of fiber length to its diameter, when the fiber non-circular cross-section, using the conversion equivalent sectional diameter area of a circle)  of 40 to 80 fibers.

Steel fiber is mainly used in the manufacture of steel fiber reinforced concrete, any method of production of steel fiber reinforced can play a role in concrete. The reinforcing effect of the fiber depends on the strength of the matrix (fm), the fiber aspect ratio (fiber length l and the diameter of the steel, the ratio d, the I / d), the volume ratio of the fiber (steel fibers of the percentage of the volume occupied by the concrete steel ), the adhesive strength between the fibers and the matrix (τ), and the fiber distribution in the matrix and orientation (η) of. When steel fiber reinforced concrete damage, mostly fibers are pulled out rather than pulled off, thus improving the bond strength between the fiber and the matrix is one of the main controlling factor in improving fiber reinforced effect.

Adding steel fiber concrete compressive strength, tensile strength, flexural strength, impact strength, toughness, toughness and other properties have been greatly improved.

Cold drawn carbon fiber cut-off

Cold drawn steel wire having a diameter of 0.4 ~ 1.0mm, and cut into a predetermined length in accordance with the short fibers.

Product Features:

Cold drawn steel wire made of steel fiber tensile strength of up to 1000 ~ 2000MPa, but its surface is smooth, the poor and the concrete or cement mortar matrix bond strength. In order to enhance the bond strength of steel fiber and the matrix, often can change the shape of steel fibers, namely, the production method of deformed steel fibers to be addressed. Its common methods are pressure ridge France, wave method, hook method.

Product specifications and models:

No.               Type                         Length (mm)                               Diameter (mm)                       Tensile strength (MPa)               shape

1            wire cutting type                20-60                                           0.4-1.0                                      ≥1100                             corrugated

2            wire cut type                      20-60                                           0.4-1.0                                     ≥1100                             straight type

3             wire cut type                    20-60                                            0.4-1.0                                     ≥1100                                  Bow


Carbon fiber cold Joan pattern type:

The basic shape and cut of the same type products are equivalent, but the tensile strength of monofilament has greatly improved, up 1100MPA more suitable for large area concrete crack key projects.

Cold-drawn steel fiber end hook:

This is the combined effect of the best products, with its high intensity (greater than 1100MPA), bending (more than ten times constantly) and riveted the best combination of the strongest end hook shape, and its products can be described as steel fiber of the family. "the boss. "

End hook steel fiber, steel fiber is a thin strip, the main features are: the middle section of steel fiber is linear, at both ends of the steel fibers have an upward tilt of the end of the hook, respectively. On the surface of both ends of the upturned end of the hook in the same horizontal plane, the ends were curled up under the surface of the end of the hook in the same horizontal plane. On the surface of both ends of the upturned end of the hook is higher than the upper surface of the middle section of the steel fibers, both ends of the lower surface of the upward tilt of the end of the hook is higher than the lower surface of the middle section of the steel fibers. Experiments show that the use of the utility model of steel fiber reinforced concrete, compressive strength, flexural strength early crack were increased by more than 27%, while the ultimate flexural strength increased by 67.7%, a 92.6% increase splitting tensile strength, resistance shear strength increased 101.6%.

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