CNC Flat Bed Lathe with Turning Center of 1000mm

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Metal Turning: Lathe

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CNC Flat Bed Lathe

CNC flat bed lathe is used for metal cutting. It gradually repalces the tradtional manual lathe and play a leading role in the Industrty.


High quality, high speed, ang high accuracy











Turing center1m1m1m1m
Turing length2m3m4m5m



1 How long it can be used?

10 years

2 How long it can be guranteed for free

Within 1 year

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Q:CNC lathe with CNC punch there are some differences between CNC machine tools ah
So now the NC are generally CNC (computer numerical control), rarely use the concept of NC.
Q:Is there a difference between automatic lathe and CNC car? Which salary is higher?
Clamping the workpiece is a spring chuck; CNC lathe tray and ordinary lathe is basically similar, through the stepper motor to drive the carriage forward or backward, most of the clamping material is a three-jaw chuck.
Q:The characteristics of ordinary lathes
Ordinary lathe is a horizontal lathe that can process a variety of processes such as shaft, plate and ring. It is often used in the inner and outer rotary surfaces, end faces and various internal and external threads of the workpiece. The corresponding tool and accessories are used.
Q:What is the lathe
Spindle box: also known as the head of the box, its main task is to rotate the main motor through a series of transmission mechanism to make the required spindle to the two different steering speed, while the spindle box part of the power
Q:CNC machine tools by sports which is divided into three categories
Point control CNC machine is characterized by the machine moving parts can only be achieved from one location to another location of the precise positioning in the movement and positioning process does not carry out any processing machine CNC system only control the end of the stroke coordinates,
Q:What is the degree of taper 1:10 in the lathe drawings? How many degrees are there on the lathe?
Lookout slope is: 2.8624052261117475326933447284838 °
Q:Lathe 1 / n "what does it mean
According to the shape of the sub-cylinder, cone two; teeth by angle 55 °, 60 ° two.
Q:What is 20 lathes
20 represents the 1/10 (main parameter) of the maximum turning diameter on the lathe.
Q:Ca6140 lathe is how to work
Ordinary lathe works is the motor motor power will be passed to the wheel box and then passed to the front box, the front box speed, the spindle to drive the workpiece to do the rotary movement, to provide the main movement of cutting, driven by the feed box above the pallet box
Q:Lathe X Y Z-axis How to distinguish between positive and negative directions (attention to detail)
Specifies that the coordinates parallel to the axis of the spindle are Z coordinates.

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