CNC Flat Bed Lathe with Turning Center of 1000mm

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Metal Turning: Lathe

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CNC Flat Bed Lathe

CNC flat bed lathe is used for metal cutting. It gradually repalces the tradtional manual lathe and play a leading role in the Industrty.


High quality, high speed, ang high accuracy











Turing center1m1m1m1m
Turing length2m3m4m5m



1 How long it can be used?

10 years

2 How long it can be guranteed for free

Within 1 year

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Q:High speed low speed gear
The speed of the lathe is through the bedside cabinet gear to combine the speed!
Q:CNC lathe is always the driver alarm should be how to solve
General drive alarm or power failure, such as lack of phase, overvoltage, or undervoltage, or the drive itself is fault.
Q:Now CNC lathes, what software editing procedures, what language is used
CNC is the English Computerized Numerical Control (computer digital control) abbreviation. CNC machine tool is in accordance with the preparation of a good pre-processing procedures, automatic processing of parts to be processed. We have the parts of the processing process line,
Q:What are the main applications of machine tools?
Any product on the market can be traced back to the machine, whether it is electronic products, home appliances, military products or marine ships, railway locomotives, automobiles, chemicals, mining equipment and so on.
Q:Is the lathe machine or machine?
Machinery is a tool that can help people reduce the difficulty or effort of the work, such as chopsticks, brooms and tweezers can be called mechanical, they are simple machinery.
Q:How is the turning of the lathe?
2. Select MDI mode, enter G50 X0 Z0, start START key, set the current point to zero.
Q:Swan NC simulation FANUC oi system how to return to the lathe, to specific steps
Open the software, start the machine power, open the emergency stop switch.
Q:What parts can the general machine work?
groove (keyway, T-slot, dovetail groove, etc.), sub-tooth parts (gear, spline shaft, Shaped surface (thread, spiral groove) and a variety of curved surface. In addition, can also be used for the surface of the rotor, the hole processing and cutting work,
Q:CNC lathe thread compound cycle programming example
The first term: m for the number of finishing, can be taken between 1 to 99, depending on the size of the main pitch, 3mm pitch to take 03
Q:Who will use a hexagonal lathe
Change the wheel can be out of the four sides of the six sides, very fast!

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