China nonwoven fabric waste recycling of CNBM in China

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China main port
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1 m²
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1 m²/month

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100% Polypropylene,pp non woven fabric

Nonwoven Technics:











Home Textile,Hospital,Agriculture,Hygiene,Garment,Interlining





Place of Origin:

Fujian China (Mainland)

Brand Name:


Model Number:



White & Black


Less than 3.2m


Supply disposable non woven fabric






Reasonable price







Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:China nonwoven fabric waste recycling Usually rolls with paper tube in clean and tight PE bags ( for free ), or as you request
Delivery Detail:7-15 days after receiving your deposit.


China nonwoven fabric waste recycling
1.Competitive price
2.Free sample
3.Prompt delivery
4.Good service


Product: non woven fabric

Weight range: 8---260g/m2  

Width of fabric: less than3200mm, can be cut into any size, minimum is 20mm wide.

Colors: Various color

Pattern: anti-ultraviolet & normal

Compostion: 100% polypropylene or as you required

Package: rolled with paper tube in PE film



1) for home textile

2) for agriculture

3) for hygiene or etc


Sample Policy:

We offer samples on hand for free but in customers' express charge. If buyers have any special requirements, they need to pay the sample charge before shipping.


Trade Terms:

Production lead time: 07-15 days.


Samples can be delivered in 7 day.


Shipping freight are quoted under your requests.



FOB price are quoted under inquiry.



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Q:Simmons mattress fabric is knitted brocade good or good ah what are the difference between
What are the same on the fabric, I feel a little bit better not jump wire knitting without breaking a small piece of a large and you may not be directly implicated lying on the mattress. I shop something what are the same is mainly to see the mattress core do not understand what to ask.
Q:Fabric washing processing, there are several processing methods
Garment washing (Garment Wash) is also called wash, in short, is we usually familiar with knitted fabric washing to mechanization, the water temperature fixed at a certain temperature, and then add some detergent, after 15 minutes or so ordinary washing, clean water and soft agent can make the fabric more soft. In the visual, comfortable, more natural and more clean. The appearance is more plain and natural. As a result of the special washing of clothing, so that each clothing has become a unique art.
Q:What are the characteristics of bast fiber fabrics?
Ramie fabric bleaching, dyeing, printing and other varieties. Warp and weft yarn is generally 25 or 36 branches of the public, woven fabric, and then printing and dyeing. Bleaching of ramie cloth is adopted after scouring and bleaching, fluorescent whitening agent, so the color white and beautiful luster. Variegated ramie cloth is generally pale mottled, wide range of bright colors. The dye used for soluble vat dyes, and dyeing color fastness is good, can adapt to the summer sun to wash. Ramie cloth for printing light colored cloth, mostly white printing, suitable for summer wear.
Q:What does "F.Poliamm" mean in fabric ingredients?
Polyamides are polymers that are polymerized by amide bonds of monomers containing carboxyl and amino groups. They may be naturally generated proteins such as wool, silk, and so forth, and may also be artificially polymerized by stepwise polymerization or solid phase polymerization, for example nylon, aromatic polyamide and sodium poly (aspartic acid). Because of its extreme durability and strength, artificial polyamide polymers are often used in auto parts, textiles, carpets, sportswear, food packaging, eyeglass frames, lenses, aircraft, bicycle tires, armor, protective gloves, fireproof clothes, fire helmets etc..
Q:How to wash silk fabrics will not fade
Also note that, after washing silk clothes can not be screwed, should be careful to pick up the clothes neatly in a clean towel on the floor, with a towel, from one end of the clothes slowly rolled up, to absorb most of the water.
Q:What kind of fabric is the quality of washing cloth and nylon cloth better?
Weave fabrics include: woven fabrics and knitted fabrics, our clothing with the vast majority of woven fabrics, woven fabrics of the most common are plain, twill cloth, yarn structure refers to the organized intertwined relationship, the fabric texture, weight and feel.
Q:Peach skin and comfortable cashmere and rayon 2WAY pillow fabric that is better
Peach skin: popular and affordable fabric in China at presentFeatures: fabric surface is very delicate, good material elasticity, because of soft anti wrinkle, printing precision is very high, soft feel, very slippery, no obvious reflection, skin plush, in fact, no plush, sun, wash, do not fade.
Q:What's the difference between silk and mulberry silk?
The fabric of mulberry silk has the feeling of cool in summer and warm in winter, and it is the main raw material for silk weaving. Is the silk silk as raw material, with thousands of filaments and hold a stalemate for reeling filament fabric. Silk contains amino acid was affectionately known as "the second skin of human skin it is helpful, so we usually do when maintenance and washing should also pay attention to, it is best to use hand washing liquid neutral wash, dry it.
Q:What cloth does not fade?
If you use the same kind of fabric, blue and white stitching, then recommend you use polyester bar, definitely not bleaching, stained above the white to go. Others are difficult to say, cotton, linen, silk, hair, and even nylon, this synthetic fiber can not fully guarantee not fade stained.
Q:What are the features of Korean suede fabrics?
Korean velvet, also known as "washed velvet", "Chiffon", "velvet Chiffon", is a combination of washed velvet and chiffon, both washed cashmere velvet and chiffon of the light, vertical sense. Suitable for making spring summer dresses, clothes and so on, this year overall sales of this fabric is good.

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