Trustworthy manufacturer of Spunbond nonwoven fabric of CNBM in China

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China main port
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1 m²
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1 m²/month

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100% Polypropylene,100% Pp nonwoven fabric

Nonwoven Technics:











Home Textile,Hospital,Agriculture,Bag,Hygiene,Garment


Oeko-Tex Standard 100



Place of Origin:

Fujian China (Mainland)

Brand Name:


Model Number:

nonwoven fabric


Spunbond nonwoven fabric


Customized nonwoven fabric


nonwoven home textile


Free nonwoven fabric

nonwoven fabric:


1 Ton/color nonwoven


Friendly nonwoven fabric

Nomal Weight nonwoven:

10-200 gsm nonwoven fabric

Nomal Width nonwoven:

160-240-320 CM

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:nonwoven fabric :tube 2"or3" with polybags
Delivery Detail:nonwoven fabric:2weeks days after receive your deposit.


nonwoven fabric
1.160-320CM spunbond nonwoven
2.meterial:100%PP spunbond nonwoven sample

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Q:What are the fabrics in summer?
Other clothing materials1 knitted fabric: it is made up of one or several root yarns which are continuously twisted along the weft direction or the warp direction.2, English: pelliccia, with a fur fur leather, generally used for decorative winter boots, shoes shoes or shoe.3: Leather: all kinds of tanned leather. The purpose is to prevent tanning skin deterioration, some small animals, reptiles, birds and fish skin in English is called (Skin), and in Italy or some other countries often use "Pelle" and agree with words to express this kind of leather.4, new fabrics and special fabric: batik, tie dye, space cotton etc..
Q:What fabric is Chiffon?
Joe's crepe is a kind of silk fabric made of strong twist, crepe and warp. The warp and weft S and Z twist two different twist to the yarn has, according to ZS, 2Z and white arrangement.
Q:What is Coolmax?
CoolMaX is a high-tech moisture absorbing breathable polyester fiber from DuPont Co. CoolMaX has strong breathability and good moisture control. It can absorb excessive heat and sweat from the body and transfer it to the surface of the fabric, thus evaporating rapidly.
Q:Washing method of mulberry silk fabric
Silk alkali resistance is poor, stained with sweat should be promptly washed. Silk has a natural sheen. We should use neutral detergent or detergent, advanced, dark clothing should rinse, use soap flakes or washing powder soap stains meaning prone to fading or flooding. Silk washing should be carried out in cold water or warm water, do not soak a long time, with the dip with the wash, try to shorten the washing time. You have to remember that the fabric is not to use the washing machine, to knead gently with the hand, can not use washing powder, soap, cleaning method, cleaning agent to wash the silk fabric with special ingredients, silk protein, acid washing powder, soap containing alkali, they will destroy the eggs white matter, silk fabric will become hard and yellow.
Q:What material is the Gong Duan?
Satin fabric: warp and weft yarn at least every three interwoven only once, so the satin weave the fabric density is higher, so the fabric more solid. Satin weave higher than similar products of plain, twill products cost. The cloth is smooth, delicate and lustrous. Plain, twill and satin are the three most basic weave thread. There is no specific good or bad, have their own characteristics, which must be Satin cotton fabric in the boutique.
Q:Shirt fabric. What material is good?
The most popular blends are 65% polyester and 35% cotton, which are not only very comfortable but also look very cheap. If you decide to buy blends, you should buy Fabrics with at least 50% of the cotton fabric. Generally speaking, the more cotton in the blend, the more gorgeous the shirt looks.The shirts are ideal for light, thin, soft, cool, clean and breathable, and can be divided into a wide variety of fabrics.
Q:Is dacron cloth waterproof?
Dacron fabric itself is not waterproof! Polyester fiber is hydrophobic, but not equal to polyester cloth will be waterproof, but not as absorbent as cotton cloth, infiltration.PU coating is a waterproof way, but this result, polyester cloth is no longer cloth, but artificial leather!
Q:In addition to pure cotton, what fabrics do not have static electricity?
Cotton filament four natural fiber due to its high moisture regain (cotton minimum is 8.5%) in nature, high water absorption, is a natural moisturizing products
Q:How to wash silk fabric trousers?
Silk clothing should be suspended for clothes storage box, cabinet to keep clean and dry, to prevent dust pollution, good sealing, do not sprinkle deodorant or perfume, do not put mothballs. The preservation of thin silk clothing, underwear, shirts, pants, skirts, pajamas, first wash clean, pressed and dried after collection. For the inconvenience and the autumn and winter clothing, jacket, dress to wash clean with dry cleaning, ironing, to prevent mildew and moth. After ironing, can also play the role of sterilizing, ironing clothes drying to seven or eight into dry and then evenly spray water for 3 to 5 minutes, and then hot pressing, temperature should be controlled between 130 degrees to 140 degrees, the iron should not directly touch the silk surface, so as to avoid the aurora, must be on with a layer of wet and hot, to prevent the high temperature to make the silk crisp, even burnt.
Q:What are the features of Korean suede fabrics?
Both washable velvet surface has a certain cashmere feeling, feel comfortable and chiffon sense of light and sag

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